‘the narcotic dosage suspicion’ Yoochun Park · Yellow River or cross-investigation against is hit,… truth is uncovered.

The sulfur Ha who is the whole girlfriend of the singer and actor Yoochun Park hit against the narcotic dosage charge and He of is gone out, the South Gyeonggi Province Local Police Agency Drug Investigation Division is the cross-investigation the policy in which it is rough, it calls in this week with Yoochun Park, it conducts the investigation according to the Banneun everyone.21 day authority of criminal investigation. Presently, it insists to prescribe the narcotic with Yoochun Park on the other hands, Yoochun Park is denied that there is no fact of dosage. Accordingly, it is the plan to pick out the truth through the cross-investigation. The police secured previously “when the narcotic was together taken with Yoochun Park early this year” the statement in the process where it was rough, it arrested at last fourth and investigates. CCTV image which the appearance found the things in which Yoochun Park deposited the money to the narcotic seller and which is presumed as the narcotic before is contained secured. However, the emergency interview was opened at last 10th and the Park Yu stuff was revealed “when the narcotic is medicated, it solicits”. Moreover, the great strength denied all charges in the investigation of 18 days police. Moreover, it explained. Meantime, the judgment result including the hair of Yoochun Park, requesting the thorough examination on 16th National scientific investigation researcher which the police is over and etc. is expected to come out in this week if it is early.
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‘teuroteu’ which the outcast… people of all ages and both sexes one make if it doesn’t see

“how is ‘ Miss trot ‘ concert ticket bought in advance?”The parents who is calls the hometown suddenly recently and in this way, asked. It was the question unexpected of the parents who had never been the great interest the steps on the TV program or concert so far. All Kkeonaet the friends of one organization chatting room after a few days ‘miss trot’ talk Indiscrminately the tear was not recommended to these friends all Heullyeot. It was the reaction which is hot as JTBC drama ‘SKY Castle’ which was the last winter huge popularity Kkeureot. ‘miss trot’ starting to featuring the first broadcastings took over the baton of ‘the taste of the love’, that is the dutiful son program of TV shipbuilding, on last February 28th. Naturally, all Badat the interest also ‘the taste of the love’ receives the popularity this influence against with ‘miss trot’ originally it is the Kkeureot money placeHowever, there were a lot of the program start ago and faithless reaction. As to so far, the audition program, there was innumerably lots. The public was due to be tired of this format. The genre in which the teuroteu disregarded and people of all ages and both sexes and which it passes with the public was not and the attention in which the most is negative was sent. However, ‘miss trot’ taking off the veil washed off the eye line of this kind of the concern immediately. The audience chance certain family (29) pointed the key to success of ‘miss trot’ out ‘being fresh’. Kim told E “one itself all Bureun was well the teuroteu in which the young men are not hip-hop or pop song fresh with the professional level”. After that, it explained “when it regarded as the possession of the adults and there was no interest and It became the teuroteu due to ‘ Miss trot ‘ so far to have the interest in the teuroteu”. The fan night Mao Ssi (53) “it was felt to be fresh in the features in which the young friends sing the trot to get through the taste” is interesting as much as he stands even though ” sleep comes. It told as much as 2~3 at a time was seen with the rebroadcasting. After that, fall into the singing ability which “shed the tear in figure in which it sings a song so that there can be the authenticity” ” appeal is dense. ‘miss trot’ talk was added with the friends the Nunda Na “. Another audience chance certain the family (55) “‘ Miss trot ‘ wanted to be seen and surely it wants to take part in the concert and the concert advance purchase for was asked the daughter” told “it is expected more than the Concert of Cho Yong-pil” and was the unlike other people interest the steps. Like this, the tour of the country concert news was conveyed to the reaction like the degradation of the audience. As to the tour of the country concert ticket advance purchase proceeding at last 12th, the open recorded about 7,000 seat of advance purchase in 1 hour. The total 7 city went up Incheon, 3 Daegu, quarternity Busan, 5 Kwangju, 6 Chunan, and 7 Suwon on the ranking level altogether and especially Seoul ‘the filial duty concert’, as to the first overall and the second proved the unlike other people popularity in the Interpark concert ranking. Socially the incidents happened much at ” recent and the performance agency CFent Dongmin Kim chief officer of the tour of the country concert of the Miss trot ‘ was well received and it was tense and felt good revealed the impression. After that, it added “when the children got to plan as the filial duty concert so that there could be the number to give the gift for filial piety to the parents and it is well received”. As to miss trot ‘ filial duty concert, suwon progresses in the total 7 city come on May 4th Seoul with Incheon with Kwangju with Chunan with Daegu with Busan on May 25th on June 8th on June 22nd on June 29th on July 13th on July 20th. While chief officer Kim saw “the people buying the ticket in advance authentically were mostly the children” that looks, it felt that other show and atmosphere is quite different. It was proud in the planned position and told. However, the negative eye line is making the partial televiewers. In ‘miss trot’ viewer’s bulletin board, the qualification of the examiner and partial judgment and dissatisfaction writing about the assessment method are increasing. Moreover, roll the idea indicating the suggestive stage costume. It is this kind of costume and ‘miss Korea’ concept to become the teuroteu to have the recognition called ‘does it have the castle?’. The virtue string culture critic analyze “because the program optimized in the conservative channel came out, it went well” the reason for popularity. However, it said be difficult that feeling critic judged the success or failure of the program as the audience rating. He was commented “the concept of the adult sensibility can be considered as the limit of this program”, saying that it was “negative that ‘ Miss trot ‘ of Miss Korea concept shows the teuroteu singer” this.
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7 group idol ‘the must ratio’ and traffic accident… manager death in the Olympic highway

The idol ‘the must ratio’ who is 7 group males faced the traffic accident and the members got hurt and the manager died, the van which the must non-members were taking bumps against the roadside guardrail in the way to Jamsil Seoul Bridge and Yeoui Gyo middle point according to 21 days Yeongdeungpo police station Seoul against 40 minutes as the Seoul Olympic this day at 3 a.m. BalsaenghaetAll. The manager driving the van was badly hurt in this accident and it was transferred to Seoul Mok-Dong Hospital of Ewha-Woman’s University. However, in conclusion, it died. The mirror image was gotten and 4 group members get in the van and 1 representative of the agency were treated at the hospital at that time. Daegu show was being finished and these are returning to the lodging in Seoul. 3 members were known to get off at the accident occurrence all car. The police analyze the vehicles black box. It is the plan which it will investigate the process of accident prior to against the members. Meantime, the must ratio is the Idol group, that is the god debutting as ‘the child Wonteu Yoo (i want u)’ in last January.
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The congratulation display panel which Malee Oh girl and debut are right in the fourth anniversary, ‘miracle’ prepares

The idol daytime rank site ‘the Ppaenaen star’ which Deoppaekteu manages succeeded the congratulation support in the fourth anniversary with the group Malee Oh girl debut and the display panel which is shown at Korea was opened, Malee Oh girl debut which is shown in the Seoul 2 line subway display panel 19 days ‘the Ppaenaen star’s revealed the congratulation view image in the fourth anniversary. On the 22nd of last month, ‘the Ppaenaen star’ opened Malee Oh girl support and achieved 100%. Therefore, Seoul 2 line subway 43 alteration electric bulletin board advertising was settled. The ment of the fans participating in Malee Oh girl support and photo is listed at the revealed image. As to the nickname ‘oh miracle’, congratulate ” debut in the fourth anniversary. The miracle loved always, it told. The nickname ‘the Seunghuiegeip favor’ “the Bat street. Only the lifetime love as the name which ♡ Malee Oh girl debut 4 anniversary ♡ is loveable”It congratulated. The nickname ‘duduchi’ is always the light Na week like ” now. We would observe the lifetime, this side rooted. The nickname ‘hyung 2’ “you Huin, really, the Ohmy Girl in the fourth anniversary of eternal my fairies is congratulated”The love was expressed. The nickname ‘like the Neowana cherry blossom’ congratulates ” Malee Oh girl debut in the fourth anniversary truly. The flowery path was the calling and we expressed the love together. Meantime, it debutted in 2015 ‘cupid’ which it walks Oma.
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The visual which is sexy the teuroteu singer is stingy I, a little, “it is different”

The teuroteu singer Halee Park released the cheerful fascination with the new musical composition ‘it is different’. It was the Seoul Mapo at last 18th and it stingy, 2 album mini album ‘it is different’ showcase opened in the Dream Hall. The singer Enson Hwang appearing on the Mnet survivor program ‘ produce 101 with Halee Park had together with this day MC. ‘the credit class’ one’s figure of was made a boast with the two-piece dress of which is the peppermint and clings just the see-through style. The feeble waist, which is narrowly seen between the top cloth and high moreover, the instinct to protect was stimulated. The Deohaet Seup kneader the vitality with the pink lipstick which adds the innocent beauty with the long wave style which is the peppermint and is moreover fresh On the other hand, the point was given in the skyblue of the blue line and it added to be splendid. Meantime, the retro style sound and melody asked the perfume for the new generation trot tune of the cheerful swing rhythm with the writing the lyrics bouncing with a pat with the peppermint objection the new musical composition ‘it is different’ is the feature.
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Make a leap into the Gimhyejun and ‘minority’.

If one people can be said to be pointed out among the new actor which is noticeable to the eyes this year, the actor Gimhyejun may be not. The face was informed through Netflix original drama ‘kingdom’ with the KBS2 drama ‘the best divorce’ early this year. In 2019 real curvet was notified in advance, it was 11 days Seoul Mapo and He playing an active part in the screen as ‘minority’ met the Gimhyejun appeared on the movie ‘minority’ (the supervision Kim gloss seat) in Sangam-dong editorial office last year. He appearing as the gorgeous appearance as the obvious feel of spring revealed the editorial office brightly. It was a bit the other looks with the plucky high-school girl leg-screw which it takes care in the movie. Gimhyejun undertook 17 years old high-school girl leg-screw role which gets to witness the adultery of the dad staff (kim gloss silicon dioxide flower) in ‘minority’. The secret of the dad is known and the leg-screw gains the shock. However, it starts initiative in order to solve this case for some time rather. Ordinarily the ordinary person is not. The leg-screw seems to be the child who is mature and proud and is smart. The leg-screw of was played a role and on relationship sympathized deeply with me. The dad was to blame but those complicated feelings which it is unable to hate are realistic. However, the madam spreading the wind is visited. The Yoona who is the madam daughter (the person who the foil becomes strong) and that attitude which catches the long tress of hair up to and fights has the hard to see attitude in my life. Ha-ha. It sympathized in acting. However, it was amazing on the other hand. Yoon, Sechin Park in charge of it is the role to attract the beginning of the film and eye line. However, it is the leg-screw which Gimhyejun is in charge to drag after powerfully. There is the decisiveness. The job increases the center of the movie to the plucky looks. Gimhyejun was said “yoon, the station lusted with the fact at first. If it comes now and can be said to choose again, it is likely to be the leg-screw”. Gimhyejun met the actor Kim gloss seat and director Kim gloss seat by ‘minority’. However a bit tense method expressed him as “the person like the boy” as the new actor. Advise very warmly. The direction might be given like minister Bak role which Kim gloss seat senior plays role of in the movie ‘1987’ and it was afraid in fact, as in boy, it is bright. Ha-ha. They will play a role well I led the senior as the director as the actor. It was good. As to Gimhyejun, as to the start consolidating the foothold with ‘minority’ as the actor came. However, the bitter taste had to be watched by Netflix drama ‘kingdom’ revealed early this year. He playing a role of Queen that it appoints its own stomach child to the seat of the king when being the daughter of the prime minister of the Joseon dynasty phycology week (the Ryu Seongryong) within a drama was due to receive the panning under ‘the acting ability dispute’. For that the Gimhyejun getting kicked with the debut in 5 experienced now, it was the interest which is hard to handle a bit. By oneself was a pity. The idea about my acting and I was much done. However, for have trouble continuously, because it seems that the responsibility was not as the performer, it was trying to rob quickly and overcome. The voice of the blame is the part which I will have to endure. It was the mind that it grew quickly and has to present the good looks. It was the hardening start. The idea that it has to harden was done. Gimhyejun began to be walked for the stress relaxation at this time. One time went frequently to the coin karaoke parlor and He sang a song. The song of the bulletproof Boy Scouts was frequently sung and it seemed to laugh. In the meantime, it told “when the method of stress relief came to walk these days and do the idea about by oneself”. Appear Gimhyejun for the other face every the work in which it appears. It is the same man. It seems. This He was pointed out as the advantage of by oneself. The many people tell like that. ‘the brother was alike’ ‘the younger cousin was alike’ to the peripheral person Even, ‘the aunt was alike’ listens to the story. Ha-ha. It seems to have the image I having one or two at a time in the around. At first, it thought. It is good because it seems that it is not limited to one image. This appearance would like to be more developed. The Gimhyejun spending busy each day during is planning to keep the performance activity diligently last year this year. Start come from May Netflix drama ‘kingdom 2’ shooting beginning with ‘minority’ publicity activities. He that it was the start which it grows more and more to many arts said come to think about ‘the good adult is what, whether’ as ‘minority’ recently. How the adult and good adult be difficult to be concluded. Only, it thinks that way which It becomes the adult who all men are good on is left and there am I. Until it dies, there seems to be no complete adult. It grows. It is not weeded out. It advances to do the idea in which it is not shy. We are altogether the minority. It will become the better also good man with me in advance.
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… Deoppaekteu music awards till the steel Daniels from the bulletproof Boy Scouts and intense voteing deadline

ㄴ was young, ‘the U5G Deoppaekteu music awards’ (U5G THE FACT MUSIC AWARDS, TMA) online poll war which was more intense than this any other time, as to all online polls of about ‘U5G the Deoppaekteu music awards ‘ proceeding during 3 weeks for free 20 days ‘the U5G Deoppaekteu music awards’ organization committee can roll the act on 1st from noon on 19th until noon with ” past. It became the suitable person and the suitable person revealed. According to the results of final vote, hero made so that ‘U idol Live popularity award’, ‘the Ppaenaen star choice on singer’, ‘the Ppaenaen star choice on person’, and they of ‘the fan Ras prize’ can, cannot be covered and the sparking competition of the between candidates started to the end and it can, cannot take eyes off for a second. The bulletproof Boy Scouts moved ahead of the other candidates comfortably and the U5G Deoppaekteu music awards ‘according to the results of final vote that it is opened through the official site’ U idol Live popularity award ‘ occupied the first. ‘the Ppaenaen star choice on singer’ developed into intense 2 Green onion pancake of Super Juniors and bulletproof Boy Scouts returned to Super Juniors. By grade call for votes was paid out before the vote based upon the Ppaenaen star activity index with the gradation from last year and ‘the Ppaenaen star choice look’ succeeded when the persistence through to the last minute of Super Juniors fans who the Ppaenaen star has been doing the activity from long time ago emitted light and it protected the first place. The Ppaenaen star choice on person ‘the steel Daniels occupied the overwhelming 1 Wi. And’ fan Ras prize ‘after the intense neck-to-neck battle between the A.C.E and JBJ85 broke out, the star of the winning most votes came to A.C.E.’It goes on as the awards ceremony expanding and reorganizing on-line end of the year awards of the U5G the Deoppaekteu music awards ‘***’ the Ppaenaen star ‘ into the offline in the domestic with the festival form for the star and fans due to fan uniquely. The world till the general trend actors who while the national topmost level artists including the Tteuwaiseu, red velvet, smallpox nothing, icon, Monstar X, stray kids, dowel Ijeu, Chungha, girlfriend, Momo land, (woman) children, Super Juniors, new yeast, and etc. joins in the lineup from the bulletproof Boy Scouts, are being the pass which it is most hot every dayIt sallies into the person and the expectation of the fan toward ‘the U5G Deoppaekteu music awards’ is rising more. All Ollin the act which ‘the U5G Deoppaekteu music awards’ which in the meantime it shares with U idol Live is splendid come on April 24th Incheon Namdong gym
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Till the narcotic · group rape from the partition · Hollywood advance

The entertainment world which the cold wind blew is meeting the spring for some time. The several good newses are heard from the middle in which the incidents happens constantly. As to 4 months third weeks, there was a lot of the news which the attention goes poisonousness. The group bulletproof Boy Scouts crossed the domestic and it gained recognition from the overseas and the various records was made. The movie ‘parasite’ and ‘the bad man former’ were invited to the 72 time Canne Film Festival. The Badat Seup kneader the interest the news that it is examining the hollywood movie performance is heard from the actor Dongseok Ma and anterior heel However, the public furrow between one’s eyebrows was frowned, the things occurring in 4 months third weeks and entertainment world the narcotic dosage suspicion of the Park Yu stuff and Junyeong Chung and sexual violence suspicion of the final Korean translation of Chinese character were gone and arranged. The bulletproof Boy Scouts, ‘the video seen most much in YouTube in 24 hours’ with the bulletproof Boy Scouts according to the new record matrices 19 day Guiness world record the new musical composition ‘the city taken care of small ones’ (Boy With Luv), ‘the music video seen most much in YouTube in 24 hours’, and ‘the K-Pop music video seen most much in YouTube in 24 hours’ back 3 it comes backThe new world record of section was set. It opened the comeback performance in U.S.A NBC ‘SNL’ with the whole first in the world and the chisel the bulletproof Boy Scouts attempted the attention prior to this. In the sporty pi (Spotify), that is the world biggest music streaming company, the bulletproof Boy Scouts made Korean singer (the) best record. ‘the global top 200’ (Global Top 200) 3 Wi of the bulletproof Boy Scouts ‘the city taken care of small ones’ was occupied according to the latest chart (ja) which the sporty pi announces on 14th. As to this, Korean singer is most the formal record in the quarternity which the chart of 4 months 13 jas records with one step right rank. The Korean movie, almost, 2 volumes or the partition early the Cheongje 72 time the Canne Film Festival executive committee announced the invited work in the press interview which is held in 18 days (local time) Paris this year. This middle Korean movie 2 volume put this middle Korean movie 2 volume name. ‘parasite’ (the supervision Bong Junhoh) and ‘the bad man former’ (the supervision duality Tae) were invited to the competitive section and midnight screening section to the 72 time Canne Film Festival. As to the Canne Film Festival, the attention of the global movie fans is selected as the moreovermost high film festival. The authority is most among the international film festival of the flowing water and Is there the number in which really the Korean movie will form the splendid achievement? The movie ‘berth.man’ ‘ Rebeoneonteu the 72 time Canne Film Festival confirming the result about this takes place in France partition from May 14th to May 25th: Alrehandeuro Gonzales Inya Ri two performing the person ‘ coming back from the death ins charge of the president of examiners. In the Dongseok Ma · anterior heel, interest about Hollywood advance possibility in the Hollywood line Ganeunghakka bad luck steatite and anterior heel are hot. The American pop culture media THE WARP reported that past 17 days (local time) Dongseok Ma appeared in ‘Itteoneolseu’ which the marble studio shows. However, the agency Big punch entertainment of the Madong seat told the careful position on 18th, “there is no to give the official answer from the marble” “while wait for the reply”. The once again happy news was heard in the day whether the news of the Madong seat was known. The agency MI company in the anterior heel reveals as “the condition Chongsuh Jeon is discussing in connection with the movie ‘ Blod door ‘ performance earnestly” on 19th. The people concerned said as “in Hollywood agency, the audition offer was gotten and it thought in being the good chance and it got to take part” “the appearance on the stage decision is not”. It voluntarily appear in the police on 17th and Yoochun Park hit against the wife narcotic medication suspicion was and the investigation lasting 9 hours the Badaneun part with ▼ Park Yu stuff and narcotic dosage suspicion wife. It came home to complain of the middle of investigation fatigue and doze off. But it was exposed in this process that Park Yu cloth epilates the hair most and the destruction of evidence suspicion became a subject of discussion. CCTV image which the situation evidence in which the police can prove the narcotic dosage suspicion of the Park Yu stuff is contained was and secured. The days, when the Yoochun Park was peppily active in this periodically, all Haet the unhairing The leg hair, and etc. which it doesn’t epilate at all were collected till the hair root and the thorough examination was requested to the national scientific investigation researcher and the police denied. Yoochun Park is on 18th investigation by police, that is the next day, the Badaneun part. Because Yoochun Park taking the investigation about 8 hours is denying the charge still, the cross-investigation of Yoochun Park and Yellow River is planning to accomplish sooner or later. ▼ Junyeong Chung · final Korean translation of Chinese character, now, the group rape Uihokka magnetism 18 day Seoul Police Agency’s Metropolitan Investigation Team secured the photo · audio file, and etc. and revealed the fact relation as the confirm middle in relation to the suspicion which the rape incident happens in the Kakaotalk chatting room where Junyeong Chung, and etc. take part. Previously, the SBSfunE reported to confirm the fact that I suffered the sexual violence due to the talk, and etc. which the audio file and the female victim A Ssi that it suffered the group rape from 5 people participate in so called, ‘junyeong Chung Kakaotalk room’ is spread to the Kakaotalk room photo and these in which share by these far later. However, the final Korean translation of Chinese character is denied through its own counsel “it was right but didn’t have the sexual intercourse to sit with A Ssi”. The police is the entrance that it will start on the investigation as the small intestine of A Ssi will be taken over.
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The second film for life ‘it expects’ opened all with the diet

The group Grace singer of origin DANA succeeded almost in 20kg decrement. He whom the years old steams with the depression and insomnia till 82kg came back with the attitude with a great puff changed in just 5 months. All Yeoreot the second film for the life with him that positively it was changed till the mind the diet successThe company in charge of the weight loss of DANA posted the diet either before or after photograph of DANA on the official site on 19th. This company revealed “DANA succeeds in 20kg decrement in 82kg with 62kg and the hurt of the body and mind is overcome”. It appeared on the life time reality program ‘again, the wing DANA’ at November last year and as to DANA, ㅇ informed the diet start. He confessed at that time that it was troubled with the unexpected death of the acquaintance, who believed most after the sweetheart and parting which it meets for 3 years and leaned and etc. from the deep depression and insomnia and the weight increased. The Ji, which after DANA starts the diet in just 5 months, all Doechaat the former beautiful face DANA which “the medium ands various appearance trying with the way would like to be presented to the fans disappointed with my changed attitude” revealed the wind, debuts as the year 2001 solo singers into the news 1 appeared on MBC popularity sitcom ‘nonstop 3’ on 19th the following year in 2002 and He went side by side the singer and actor activity. The singer activity was spread to the group Grace Deo Grace member after since 2005. DANA have the recognition which is high for the solo activity led the Grace Deo Grace and the active activity was engaged. It appeared and in the several variety programs and not only, the singer and acting boasted the artistic talent. The Grace Deo Grace which becomes the album after in 2008 to walk its own way lastly DANA which gets to stand the hollow again moved the field of action into the musical. Cats ratio RE which He, as to ‘triumvirate’ ‘the catching U.S. IF Yoo can’ ‘the rock Obeu age’ ‘the Boniaenkeul ride’ ‘robean Hut’ ‘ is great: All Ssaat the location as the musical actor in the back popular work in the night’ when the BOOT’ ‘ star shinesThe masses of people He appearing in ‘radio star’ was among these captivated with the honest skill at talking in 2016. DANA made public the passionate love fact surprisingly at that time. The good feeling was gotten with the aspects of etc suggesting the noise to the protection of the animal. He who didn’t show up after all of a sudden It appeared in the front of public as the appearance which it increases the quantity till 82kg on November, 2018 and it was everyone startled all of a sudden. All Bahyeot the will that DANA which the death of the farewell and peripheral person reveals as the reason would like to recuperate mentally carnally The public threw out the message of the cheer to him. The voice that it expects the active activity to DANA finding the aspects of old days before in just 5 months is made. The netizen is the considerable work to “it lives suddenly it was surprised and it is fortunate, the management wishes to be done well in the future” (jarl****) ” try. Do the flesh management which removes on the basis of so that it wishes to maintain all the time and be happy, ” (ffre****) ” course can be anyway difficult well. And the looks was expected as the singer, ” (aya1****) “it becomes the healthy body and mind continuously all the time” (jong****) looked good just. When being the healthy weight, figure looks good the most, the reaction of ” (ksko****) back is shown.
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The netizen in ‘the bulletproof Boy Scouts hat gift dispute’ common people feeling rumbling of sea “well”

The actor common people feeling apologized on dispute related to the group bulletproof Boy Scouts hat gift but the netizens are making the still cold reaction. As to the common people feeling, the interpreter played a role at last 12th in American which the bulletproof Boy Scouts appears as the guest one internet radio. At that time, the common people feeling gave present of the hat to the bulletproof Boy Scouts. The adverse criticism was brought up if at that time, the common people feeling was not one publicizing the company of after acquaintance. The common people feeling deleted the confirmation shot with the bulletproof Boy Scouts uploading on its own Instagram on 19th at this. It explained through the comment. The leg the misunderstanding is resolved it will say be good it didn’t explain the radio program charge producer didn’t have any problem the common people feeling was trying to be offered it checked more advisedly it was the thing of on air it wanted to give an answer directly it was the thing of “it apologizes that first I, as to the elucidation is delayed” that singleIt got to be delayed. It was really truly sorry and apologized. Moreover, absolutely the acquaintance is not that I invite. I am not that location. Because the acquaintance was the radio people concerned, the acquaintance wanted to take the bulletproof Boy Scouts this time and it proposed to the broadcastig station and thereafter, my acquaintance explained to be one ” which has been being invited from the program. The bulletproof Boy Scouts the Deu Ri I and acquaintance increases the gift made in advance it presents the idea on the gift details of delivery common people feeling “even when the other artist came so that the charge producer could be the program atmosphere good, Nanwo said give the gift for the part of the program” ” acquaintance and duty producer discusses After doing to think of the beanie taking care of the minutes and send the initial, it produced and ordered and explained. In the meantime, the photo put together was uploaded with the delight in which “the broadcast the day producer was the welcome gift and it could be said to give to the beginning and I would give the sign, DJ presented as the Nanwo week then and I installed like that” ” after broadcasting ended and I and acquaintance meets the bulletproof Boy Scouts in Instagram but thereafter, the misunderstanding appears. The harm didn’t want to be to the bulletproof Boy Scouts and the posting asked to be gotten off to the acquaintance and it added. The common people feeling opened heart “it had only the mind which welcomed really and congratulates and if it apologized truly and I didn’t go to in-situ, if there was the misunderstanding the mind doing the better girl gets”, saying that it was “it is the work which it cannot imagine from me and the work that it publicizes the acquaintance product and I make money is rightly not fact”. It made a phone call to the program charge producer and bulletproof Boy Scouts management so that it could check once again after there was adverse criticism on ” controversy finally and the elucidation to was unable to be separately asked that it did that delivered gift was not prototype and the promotional was not and it didn’t become a problem and possibly I start for fear that the damage went to the bulletproof Boy Scouts or radio broadcasting station. “***” gets to mention the bulletproof Boy Scouts as this and the sorry mind is very big to the fans to the members. So, it delaid but would like to resolve a misunderstanding and in this way, screws up courage and writes. There is a lot of the bulletproof Boy Scouts with the fans that it will be loved and it added. “it know that be the hat which the acquaintance digs and lay that why the person made directly” (wind****) “it is cowardlier to make an excuse because of being not to think just in the wrong way and can apologize” (Wongwoni****) ” gift writes down and the several netizens takes a picture in on the common people definition explanation Portal site and on-line community the problem It was not and was the problem to set up the hash tag in the condition that is not discussed with the bulletproof agency on one’s instar and raise the link. Ghkd****) it is the excessive profits if ” acquaintance publicized one’s product as the bulletproof. Moreover, the comment of ” (may 0may0****) back was hung and it criticized saying that one did that he made and gave.
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