[TF review] the terrestrial pilot and audience rating winner? … 1 ‘the child?’ ·2 ‘the ill-mannered cohabitation’

There is the New Year holidays continued from last 27th until 30th for 4 days as the holiday dish to fill abundantly. It is the feature pilot program which it will stand directly. Really what type of did program get the attention of the viewers? It owed to the scramble and good reaction and the KBS2 ‘the Happy Sunday-superman came back’ and MBC ‘1 night-mask king of singer’ ‘MI little TV’ back majority variety program got to take the formality formation train to the holidays pilot program previously. The audience rating of the pilot program attracts attention if it is a program that it gives the next that there is the honor of the regular formation in this. In this New Year holidays, eleven pilot programs met the audience in three major broadcasting networks almost. Among these, the audience rating winner is one part of MBC ‘the declaration of leaving home-corp. 10 spring season’ which MBC ‘there is the ill-mannered cohabitation empty room’ MBC ‘2,017 idol star land archery gymnastics aerobics championship’ records 10.5 % (under TNMS and national standard) 2 part and the second which record 8.4% 2 part and the third which record 6.7%. The New Year holidays and audience rating of the pilot programs giving the burst of laughter present of the impression sometimes were arranged in 2017. ◆ the program which the first place of New Year holidays first day records the highest audience rating among the pilot program which 27th, that is the first day of holidays which MBC ‘there is the ill-mannered cohabitation empty room’ will undertake, is broadcasted is MBC ‘there is the ill-mannered cohabitation empty room’. The target program on the air recorded 1 part 5.6% and audience rating of 2 part 8.4 % (TNMS standard) this day at 5:45 p.m. There is the ill-mannered cohabitation empty room, it is the reality program in which the star rents out the empty room of the home where I live actually to the other star and which draws without adjustment the everyday getting wider. It was Kim-Gu and the Bank of Korea feeling five years old interest space girl holy place Shinyeong Kim block rain spread, 7 people stars including Chinyeong Hong, and etc. appeared and it met by the relationship between ‘landlord’ and ‘room owner’ and the course of the realistic relationship and communication was shown. SBS ‘the elementary grade learning teacher’ which the same day is broadcasted the KBS2 ‘the girl group great victory honor to my family’ recorded 1 part 3.0% and audience rating of 2 part 5.1% the audience rating 3.9%. ◆ one part of MBC ‘the declaration of leaving home-corp. 10 spring season’ taking the p.m. 6 on 28th 20 minute electric wave, that is MBC ‘the declaration of leaving home-corp. 10 spring season’ Lunar New Year’s Day day, recorded the audience rating 6.7% and the standing day winner occupied the first place of audience rating among the pilot program which this day is broadcasted. The declaration of leaving home-corp. 10 spring season ‘of Sangwoo Kwon and Chung Jun Ha who is between friend to be defeated by the youth novel reality program in which the friend which the entertainment world in which it comes to 40 is intimate lays down the weight as the head of a family and which enjoys the second opinion youth in 20’ company leaving home ‘ was jollily drawn. SBS ‘the comedy survivor King of Comedy’ the same day is broadcasted 1 and 2 parts which showed 3.5% and audience rating of 4.4%. MBC ‘there is the ill-mannered cohabitation empty room’ 3 part the audience rating 4.0%, SBS ‘the unexpected mystery club’ 1, 2 parts 1.8%, and all Moat the viewer of 1.7%◆ the program which 29~30 days and last days of Lunar New Year holidays winning chance record 29 ‘the child?’ Ege Ro and pilot program broadcasted on 30th in allmost high audience rating is MBC ‘2,017 idol star land archery gymnastics aerobics championship’ (under ‘ child?’) broadcasted p.m. 5 on 30th 15 minute. This day ‘the child?’ recorded 1 part audience rating 8.3%, 2 part audience rating 10.5%. The idol singers got the love large-scale of the viewer by the special show which shed the challenge and sweat and decides fair the victory or defeat by the game of sports every year and ‘the child?’ showing the level of first as the special edition for Chuseok program was hit by this year on the round and 14 times in 2010 in 8. It started with ‘pilot program’ originally. However, because of getting 14 times already, even if it asks for ‘the holiday special show’ now, the do no harm seems to be done. The audience rating which also the KBS2 ‘the blind date of the mother’ broadcasted the day before at 10:40 p.m. is noticeable to the eyes was shown. ‘the blind date of the mother’ was loved for the new concept real variety program introducing the boyfriend to the mother of the star that becomes alone to the viewer of 5.3%. One part of MBC ‘think of older brother’ which the same day is broadcasted SBS ‘my lifetime, but, one Heaven office’ 1 and 2 parts recorded 2.5%, 3.0% the audience rating of 3.3% and 3.4% and two parts of MBC ‘think of older brother’ the KBS2 ‘the syndrome.man’ broadcasted on 30th showed the audience rating of 3.0%.
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When there is leeseunggi extramarital person. 40 disseminations of rumor the last?

After all, 46-year-old women who makes and spreads the rumor that there is the extramarital person to the singer and actor leeseunggi the military serve got the monetary penalty, 30 days channel A reported that relevant women was sentenced to the fine 1 million won for the libel crime from the court recently. It made and as to Mr.A, working as the employee in telecommunications company ‘there is the child between leeseunggi and whole make-up artist’ spread the lie to on-line community, and etc. at June last year. Mr.A made and spread the content that it is “among the selection of talented people one entertainment media this make-up artist of the home was visited the child was met leeseunggi Gunipgaeha”. The agency of leeseunggi requested the investigation at June last year, ‘the Chat child dollar the first diffuser in the milt’ the police to this. Presently, the military is serving and it is having come 10 month globals ahead.
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‘the credit beautiful face’ standing out in Girls’ Generation coolness and Spain

‘spanish credit’ came to the group Girls’ Generation coolness. The coolness hosted the Byuttippeul February issue photo shooting recently. The coolness created the mood like the fairy tale inside one scene in the illustrated magazine setting in the Spain Madrid with the loveable mood. In Madrid, this pictorial was the concept spending the winter vacation during and the shooting progressed in the various places in the city and it rained at that time and the weather was very cold. But it is the pause natural of the coolness and lingering rumors lingering rumors that it could finish the filming with the expression than the expectation more rapidly. The more pictorial oves the coolness can confirm in the Byuttippeul February issue and Byuttippeul show and SNS.
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Very close approach Sel car ‘it will eat and will go’ which it is ‘think of older brother’ water sampling vacant

While the actor Chaesubin is coming into the spotlight as ‘think of older brother’, very close approach Sel car of the Chaesubin attracts attention and there is. Chaesubin uploaded the image utilizing the smart phone application for Instagram recently. Chaesubin is sucking the direction in the image according to the movement of the chopstick picking up the instant cup ramen found on the application screen. Especially Chaesubin evokes the admiration of the clear skin which there is no one blemish in very close approach Sel car and beautiful face graceful. Moreover, the eye catches and turns off the attention. Meantime, chaesubin was donated to the pilot variety program ‘think of older brother’ which MBC will undertake on 29th.
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The coordination Vs ducking and ‘the movie rank contest which is more interesting than the movie’

The movie rank occupies the 1,2th and 0 and ducking are spreading the ranking battle on the occasion of the New Year holidays. The movie ‘coordination’ beaten ‘the ducking’ on the occasion of the New Year holidays and kept firmly the first. ‘coordination’ of the violent force is having a period ahead till the accumulation number of spectator reversion of ‘the ducking’. The same day solder 한 ‘coordination’ and ‘the ducking’ occupied the movie rank to be 1 the first and the second on 29th. At last 18th, solder heartburnings movie ‘coordination’ kept the first place of movie rank with 797,363 daily number of spectator. This is figure which is ahead about 300,000 people than 493,175 daily number of spectator of ‘the ducking’ risen per B. ‘coordination’ which it is from 26th movie rank first place in which the New Year holidays starts is ranking 3.793349 million accumulated number of spectator. The difference of 3.835331 million accumulated number of spectator of ‘the ducking’, that is two Wi of movie rank, and about 40,000 people are shown. It is having the turnabout ahead in thirteen days of premiere. ‘coordination’ is including the content that the North Korea detective Rim Cheollyeong (hyun Bin) and South Korea detective strong earthquake Tae (the harmful battle formation) has been adding up the strength in order to catch north and south’s first criminal investigation cooperation leader gas barrier (the Choohyeok Kim) of North Korea criminal syndicate stealing into South Korea with the meterial for one movie. ‘the ducking’ is the work in which it expresses the modern history of the Republic of Korea in the life of the governor general (cho In sung) from the teenager till 40 satirically since 80’s even until 2010’s. It is the work in which Cho In sung, Woosung Chung, Ryujun heat, Sungwoo Bae, and etc. perform enthusiastically.
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Chungwon Yang and ‘risky, the see-through pictorial it rolls it is seen’

The photo shooting photo of Chungwon Yang arrests attention between the netizens and there is. Chungwon Yang published the pictorial photo of the see-through black dress outfit in its own Instagram. The revealed photo heart Chungwon Yang lies down in the sofa which wears the lingerie Ppung black see-through costume and which it does the antique sideway and Jigeut is looking at the camera. All Kkeureot the Ppom inside eyes the beautiful face which is pretty along with the milky skinMeantime, it ran for 2,016-2017 professional basketball Samsung Group-KGC game which is held in Seoul Jamshil Gymnasium as the person who throws the commencement ball in the afternoon on 30th and as to Chungwon Yang, the chisel attempted the interest.
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‘rebel’ and ‘the painting in India ink impression’ title image opening to the public… (30 days) first broadcasting

‘rebel’ title image is holding the expectancy toward the first broadcastings in reverence. MBC new TV series aired on Mondays and Tuesdays ‘ rebel: It had the first broadcastings ahead on 29th a day and the thief ‘ (the mud Gyu only the script Chinyeong Hwang · direction Kim battle formation and under ‘ rebel ‘) stealing the people introduced the drama title image to on-line. The title image which this day is revealed was composed of the painting in India ink matching the quadrupole mood. The people who the picture drawn gradually on the Chinese drawing paper with the ink-stick spreads out and who suffers my husband trampling on them and Hong Gil-dong groups which confront this and occur appear and the attention is captivated. After that, the face of the Hong Gil-dong (gyunsang Yoon) who is the hero of the pole draws with the painting in India ink and the title logo decorates the last of the image. ‘rebel’ is the work which it draws the life of the human Hong Gil-dong living for the age of the violence and love and history of the fight so that there can be the density with the drama to put the trace of the originals history depth Hong Gil-dong who ‘story of Hong Gil Dong’ is not. In the current work, chinyeong Hwang writer proving Kim gin is acknowledged with the meterial which is unique with the drama ‘the kill U.S. and Hil U.S’ ‘scandal’ and soft output in PD and drama ‘peak’ ‘the daughter of the emperor and hundreds incenses’ by the story where there is the attracting force sensitive held hands. The drama, as to every week month is broadcasted Tuesday at 10 o’clock p.m. And it is broadcasted on 30th.
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2,018 marble new work ‘in the black fan’ and Korea location decision

The first art ‘in the black fan’ to open the gunport of the marble studio set Korean location in concrete in 2018. In 27 days “‘ black fan, walt Disney company nose rear decided Korean location. Korea location decision information revealed to be the schedule ” which cranked in and the first is opened with the main cast information. In the black fan, the unsealing is expected on Feburary, 2018. ‘in the black fan’ ‘ captain America: In the Sybyl Wo ‘the noble metal which is the stronggest at the earth at the character black fan showing the level of first as the work of the starring’ Bibeuranyum ‘the king of the holding Wa partition everyone’ black fan ‘the story which confronts the threat new of the occasions in which it aims at Bibeuranyum and protects the Wa partition everyone and worldwide is put and there is.’The captain America: In the Sybyl Wo ‘it debuts into the screen’ black fan, the Chadwick boss ind charge of the role. The super luxury actors that receive the forest Whittaker receiving the Academy Award for Best Actor for ‘the last king’ and rupee receiving the academy best supporting actress award for ‘twelve years of slave’ and possess the performance and acting ability till the Nyong, Martin Freeman of ‘syeolrok’ series John Watson station, and ‘the working dead’ series DANA I 9 lira altogether appear. Mabeul ‘in the black fan’ is expected to become the important work opening the third chapter starting around the new character and existing character by the plan to show the work of 9 volumes gone to the third chapter of it’s ‘MCU (the marble kinematic model universe)’ in the future in 4.
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[TF star application] the second opinion fan meeting it stands ‘art gallery’ foil opening in the Tokyo in Japan which

It is ‘the star application’ examining Korean entertainer’s steps at a glance during one weeks. The Kkeureot Seup kneader the news that ‘art gallery’ Bakseojun holds the second opinion independence fan meeting in the Tokyo in Japan this week and news that the Chinese drama ‘the best couple’ which the talent this everyone Hae appears broke through the accumulated hit 1 billion view the attention It examined that there was the news of any kind of Korean entertainer. Hold the second opinion independence fan meeting in March Japan which gives ◇ foil and which the actor Bakseojun get the explosive response comes to the White Day as the Japanese fan and mannan everyone KBS2 ‘art gallery’ from Japan. As to the agency Keast, ‘ Jeff Tokyo (Zepp Tokyo) ‘ located on March 14th Tokyo in Japan which ” Bakseojun comes meets with the fans. The visit to Japan of the Bakseojun, at April last year, the White heat after the first fan meeting, at last 26th, all BahyeotThe key it is the situation where the interest of the local is rising as to Bakseojun, where there is every the movie ‘the beauty inside’ and drama ‘the kill U.S. and Hil U.S’ ‘she was beautiful’ back performance work it attracts the hot popularity as the remarkable acting ability and fascination in Japan as well as Korea and China colorful ‘art gallery’ is having the formal broadcasting ahead in Japan DATV on March 25thSeutteu was said. Bakseojun is the plan that it is the crab in which the fan as well as one giving of ‘art gallery’ shooting episode through the fan meeting can take part together and which it can enjoy, it plans the corner, and etc. and presents the special recollection to the fans. The interest and Ki which it is preparing eagerly so that “when being conveyed to Japan independence fan meeting news from the situation where the expectation of Japan viewers about ‘ art gallery ‘ have come March formal broadcasting ahead is high, then the reaction of the fans is becoming hot more and more” ” Bakseojun can keep in tune with the local fans more nearl, there is a lot of Japan agency DA people concerned of the BakseojunIt asked largely and told. Because of being ◇ this, the Chinese drama ‘the best couple’ in which the accumulated hit 1 billion view breakthrough talent this everyone Hae ins charge of the starring broke through the accumulated hit 1 billion view in the starring Chinese drama ‘the best couple’ and two months of opening to the public. Recently, JS Pictures revealed “the couple (最佳情) ‘ of ‘ best which the position performer this everyone Hae ins charge of the starring exceeded China greatest online platform Yukku (maybe, YOUKU) hit 1 billion view”. ‘the best couple’ which breaks through 1 billion views after because of being two months of opening to the public recorded the number 7 result among the web drama 700 Yeo chapter which within China is broadcasted among the second half standard 5 stomach, 15 Wi of whole, and whole cold current drama last year. The unlike other people pass for was gained recognition from one in which China and Korea Ryeong make the formal formation of the landmass I the decision in the time when it reached the peak and ‘the best couple’ in which there was no big promotion got the attention from local and foreign people concerned and publics. Meantime, this everyone Hae conveyed the domestic comeback news with the KBS2 bird article talents ‘the lodgings daughters’ this year. It is the domestic activity of in a long time after the interregnum which it had with the Chinese sphere activity with the exceptive electric conduction that it is the first fixed article talents and the expectancy is becoming more and more. This year is the plan that this everyone Hae visits the domestic and continent often and captivates two countries. ◇ Hahn, Han Chaeyeong and first in the world AR art museum ‘the trick child museum’ visit of was taken care and the Singapore Haeng actor Hahn, Han Chaeyeong visited the first in the world AR art museum ‘the trick child museum’. The Hahn, Han Chaeyeong opened ‘the trick child museum’ visit confirmation shot to the We walking and Instagram at last 20th. ‘the trick child museum’, that is the first in the world AR art museum, is in Singapore. He uploaded the photo taken with the amazing optical illusion artwork in its own We walking and Instagram. All strings.’ the attention the revealed photo center Hahn, Han Chaeyeong is installing the looks done the stylish matching the sunglasses and green one-piece and pink mini bagThe trick child museum ‘ is the representing Asia museum holding 6 art museums in Asia including Seoul, Hong kong, Singapore, and etc. in the first in the world AR application professional art museum applying AR technology to 3D experiential artwork using the existing optical illusion techniques. Meantime, as to Hahn, Han Chaeyeong, receive the unlimited love in not only Korea but also China due to the one’s figure like the barbie dool the China SNS We walking follower number exceeded 5 million people like Kim Suhyun, Park Shinhye, and Lee Min-ho recently.
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‘the know brother’ Chaoru and part time work suggestion “the hourly pay will be much given” to Lee Sang-Min

It suggested that group fiesta member Chaoru worked to the singer Lee Sang-Min in the Mandut store. The general programming channels JTBC variety program ‘the know brother’ notified ‘the elder sister the standing feature is well known’ chapter in advance before the broadcasting on 28th. Park Mison Cho Hyeryeon Solbee Chinyeong Hong giving with the appearance on the stage and large-scale smile took part in the video recording proceeding recently in ‘the elder sister who the special edition for Chuseok is well known’ chapter last year. So called, ‘the know elder sister’s were spoken as “the feeling in which it comes to the know brother ‘ every the holiday, just it happens in the married woman’s parent’s home”. The joining and talent were emitted and the lively fascination was shown off along with these for ‘the know elder sister’ so that the comedian Nami Oh, Chaoru, and april member Yoon stick prodigy can be fresh. ‘the Mat tongue sees me’ with was proceeded and the far-reaching goal stood this year was confessed and especially Chaoru evoked the admiration of ‘the know brother’ members. ‘one opening the Mandut store by the sweat of the brow’ revealed as the object and the wit mutual made in advance was opened and Chaoru gave with the burst of laughter. “tenny surrounds the monthly rent well tomorrow” gave and the cute favor to Seo Jang-hun. Seo Jang-hun accepted without hesitation and the dignity of the landlord of was made a boast. After that, the offer which “when the hourly pay will be much given if it will be how at the day without the schedule to work in the Mandut store” the joke is mixed was given to Lee Sang-Min and Chaoru made the field into the scene of boisterous laughter. ‘the know brother’ decorated with ‘the elder sister the standing feature is well known’ chapter is broadcasted p.m. 11 on 28th.
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