‘the click Star Wars-daytime ranking show’ impact “ask the new musical composition ‘ first love and dig the love Bat the late like ‘ cherry blossom ending ‘”

The strong man told that group impact taking care of ‘the click Star Wars-daytime ranking show’ MC wanted to become the strong man of the spring season eulogy by the new musical composition ‘the first love is asked’. Five times of ‘the click Star Wars-daytime ranking show’ was shot in Seoul hapjung-dong somewhere at last 27th. Just in time, the shooting day was the day when the new musical composition ‘the first love is asked’ of the impact is released. This day Taeho or more caused ‘the first love is asked’ on the spot. All Yeoreot Taeho singing a song with the sweet voice “the request Hae was us new musical composition first love opened” high mouthOn new musical composition or greater was handed down “if it will grant much because of being the confession Tricholoma matsutake which matches the spring, will be fresh and is loveable, it will thank”. After that, if it is ” spring Ha, as to Taeho, the representative tune coming into mind is ‘ cherry blossom ending ‘. All Bahyeot the high ambition as in ‘the cherry blossom ending’, the beloved tune would like to come long to ‘the first love is asked’ to many peopleThe impact coming back to the spring season eulogy ‘the first love is asked’ feeling sweet can be checked in five revealed on the coming first afternoon times of ‘the click Star Wars-daytime ranking show’. ‘the click Star Wars-daytime ranking show’ is revealed in the display panel located in the Deoppaekteu and click Star Wars YouTube and Tokyo in Japan.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1678898.htm, 2017/02/28 17:33:11]

The B2B Hyunsik Lim, surprisingly, the birthday project success Or failure? “the fans can get together”

The birthday project of the B2B killer smile Hyunsik Lim is proceeding secretly. This project progress in the weekly idol ranking site ‘the click Star Wars’ proceeds with the B2B fans. It have the plan which has the birthday and screens the picture on Korea and Japan. However, the mission of the constant is succeeded, and it is the possible project. It is the situation where the cheer of many B2B fans is needed. Firstly, if it gets to succeed, the birthday congratulations image of Hyunsik Lim is translated into the Korean and Japanese in the Sinjukku, that is the Tokyo in Japan middle, and it gets to be exposed. Moreover, the birthday event of Hyunsik Lim is screened at the landmark ‘times Squre’ of Yongdungpo, Seoul if it clears. Presently, the way to go is far in order to the situation where 5th remains is showing the achievement rate of 50% at the first mission, succeed to the second mission. However, because the B2B fans are getting together with the instant, the glad news expects the mission success. The outcome gets attention if really, the B2B fans are able to make a success of the birthday project of Hyunsik Lim surprisingly.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1678913.htm, 2017/02/28 18:18:17]

AOA early the global birthday event success Or failure? “the today judging”

Can the birthday event be surprisingly successful of AOA early? It has the birthday of AOA early and the project which is interesting in the weekly idol ranking site ‘the click Star Wars’ continues at the height of. If AOA fans and this event which is united and proceeds gets to succeed the first mission, the birthday congratulations image of the vinegar gets to be screened at the Tokyo in Japan middle. Moreover, if it gets to succeed, the congratulation image in which the love of the fans is the Deuppuk next long is additionally exposed in the landmark ‘times Squre’ of Yongdungpo, Seoul. However, it is uncertain if the emission gets to succeed. 40% is unable to be filled in the situation where the termination on 3rd remains yet as yet. Whereas Yoo of AOA or birthday event was affectingly put on the screen in Japan in the past, it is the dangerous progress speed. AOA fans flock one after another and even so, fortunate one is participating in the mission. Today and tomorrow are the key point if really AOA fans preside over the birthday image event of the vinegar in the blessing.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1678915.htm, 2017/02/28 18:27:19]

[TF issue] the coolness ‘fine’ · Park circle X resin ‘it doesn’t wait’ and simultaneous announcement ‘the sound source carrying everything before one’

The group Girls’ Generation member coolness first regular album and collaboration single of the singer Park circle and resin was simultaneously announced and the ear of the music fan was being captivated, 28. The day the noon (afternoon 12 o’clock) the coolness the first the regular album ‘MI voice (My Voice)’ entire song the Park circle X resin ‘it doesn’t wait’ was revealed to every kind of music site. The standard and first regular album title song ‘the fine’ of the coolness accounted for the first in 4 real-time ranks including Naver-music orle music bucks genie, and etc. this day at 1 p.m. The fine ‘ is the alternative pop genre tune in which the sensitive melody stands out. It is the coolness which has been announcing the solo of the genre which ‘child’ ‘lane’ ‘Y’ ‘eleven eleven’ etc. is previously various and consolidating the geographical condition as the solo singer firmly. Listening this idea He succeeding the sunset hill hit matrices to the peculiar tone color which was soft and charming was without a break captivated with the voice thickening more and more in this ‘fine’ and streetwalker rhythmical. Exceptionally 114,000 Jang advance order quantity was recorded with the woman solo singer and ‘MI voice’, that is the regular album which it puts out for the first time after the coolness debutted as Girls’ Generation member into the world of singers, gathered the expectancy of the music fan from the album publication. 13 tunes which MI voice ‘title song’ fine ‘implication’ child can feel the rub ‘ cover work ‘ wing ‘ AIM okay ‘ time lapse ‘ suite rub ‘ back coolness the delicate sensibility of music newly fully were collected. Of the Park circle X resin ‘it doesn’t wait’, it arrived safely at every kind music site real-time music rank higher rank including ten Wi of melon, bucks 16, and etc. including the standard and orle music quarternity this day at 1 p.m. As to ‘it doesn’t wait’, Park circle who is the singer song writer composed the writing the lyrics directly. The love song of the warm sensibility in which the pure voice of the sweet voice of Park circle and resin were in harmony and which it soothes the mind which the late winter is cold was born. The direct speech style of Park circle peculiarity included in ‘it how is with what to express the/than the/this man more a little in advance’ etc. housekeeping, gives comfort the uneasy feeling of the sweethearts housekeeping, guitar melody, and warm melody is impressive. Previously, the Park circle agency make earth entertainment gave the active love call to Suji, that is the voice of the imagination, before “the duet music having the love story which Park circle looks on the attention of the man and woman was being made. The voice of the resin which was pure and of which the housework transmission force is strong was imagined and the tune was worked” ” vocal recording. revenue and expenditure like the music of Park circle usually chose the participation without hesitation and ‘it doesn’t wait’ was completed and the work sequel to the story of is given.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1678830.htm, 2017/02/28 18:49:47]

The first place of star which wanted to be ‘the click Star Wars’ exo city ignorant people and our class Aim at the popularity award.

The group exo city ignorant people took the first place of idol daytime rank site ‘the click Star Wars’ individual ranking. All Kkeureot the attention the city ignorant people takes the first 1 WiThe city ignorant people was in ‘the click Star Wars’ 2 month fourth week person ranking 1 Wi where it proceeds from last 20th until 27th. In the personal ranking, the city ignorant people occupied the first 1 Wi and set up the series 1 starting. In ‘the click Star Wars’ 2,016 end-of-year awards, previously, the exo protection rises to the popularity award. Be awarded the popularity award trophy when the city ignorant people occupies the first place for 10 weeks in a row. It is expected if the first place of for 9 weeks which the city ignorant people remains in the future is protected and the trophy can be gotten. Wow. It congratulated now that it rose to the click Star Wars top, also the ~ was wonderful. Meantime, ‘the click Star Wars’ reveals ‘the daytime ranking show’ informing the idol daytime rank before every Wednesday. As to five come March 1st is revealed times of ‘the click Star Wars-daytime ranking show’, the group impact Taeho or more was in charge of the progress.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1678905.htm, 2017/02/28 18:00:34]

Is the birthday project mission surprisingly attained with the bulletproof Boy Scouts Sugar and display panel? “it is risky”

The birthday event is surprisingly in progress in the click Star Wars of the bulletproof Boy Scouts Sugar. In the weekly idol ranking site ‘the click Star Wars’, the birthday project of the core member Sugar in the bulletproof Boy Scouts continues at the height of. The birthday image of Sugar is screened at Korean Times Squre and Japanese Tokyo Sinjukku distance if the mission of the set constant gets to be succeeded in the click Star Wars. Firstly, the congratulation video of Sugar is screened at the heartland Sinjukku of the Tokyo in Japan with the Korean and Japanese if it gets to complete. As to Sugar, the first mission is already completed. If the second mission make a challenge now gets to be succeeded, since the aspects of Sugar can be seen in the landmark ‘times Squre’ large electric board of Yongdungpo, Seoul, 120% is achieved among 200 goals, the aimed mission success is the dangerous situation. The Ji to really see the aspects of Sugar in Korea after Japan? This week mission perform is the turning point.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1678909.htm, 2017/02/28 18:05:48]

The birthday support open to be cut out ‘the click Star Wars’ infinite The gift which is ready to ‘molnam Shin’?

The birthday support of the group infinite El was opened in the idol daytime rank site ‘the click Star Wars’ which Deoppaekteu manages. ‘the click Star Wars’ opened the birthday support which the infinite will cut out on 28th and captivated attention from fans. It is the display panel support congratulating the birthday of the El having come on March 13th birthday. If the star (the point concept which can be gathered in site) 100,000 is achieved, the birthday support of the El supervised in ‘the click Star Wars’ shows the congratulation image of the El in the display panel located in the Tokyo in Japan Sinjukku cold current street. Screen the birthday congratulations image on Seoul Times Square in Yeongdeungpo large electric board if it is over 200,000 muches. The high interest of the fans against is hit and there is the video which celebrates the support the birthday of the El when achieving 200% with the plan screened at Korea and Japan. The birthday congratulations image of the El is screened from March 13th to March 20th Times Squre display panel come from Japan from March 13th to March 14th. The support deadline is come 10 days. Meantime, proceed with the display panel support congratulating the idol birthday in ‘the click Star Wars’. The someone can apply if it is the idol fandom.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1678910.htm, 2017/02/28 18:07:21]

The multiplication table U.S. or the diet success “3~4kg decrement” the new album is prepared

In the multiplication table second opinion mini album ‘the narcissus (Act.2 Narcissus)’ commemoration of sale showcase which it revealed that group succeeded in the weight loss while the group multiplication table (one scarceness Nayong beach cleaning reason Saelli U.S. or the Hye kite) member Mina arranged the album this time, the day is opened in Seoul Kwangjin-ku highest heavens direction Ro YES24 livehall by the proceeding among the broadcaster Kimil with 28 at 4 p.m. In this album jacket image, the multiplication table each member pointed out the member coming out most prettily. The scarceness was said “the beauty is left, it is the same as one which it comes out most well in the album jacket image” “U.S. Was left, the album this time was prepared and it succeeded in the diet”. The Kimil middle paid to Mina at this “the several Kg was reduced”. Mina was shy for some time, it confessed “3~4kg was reduced”. The anger the album this time of the multiplication table finished the masterpiece ‘narcissus’ of Rabacho Kka with Michelangelo with the motive. The multiplication table engages the active activity with this day 0 o’clock issue (sound source announcement the day before afternoon 6 o’clock) one or two number mini album ‘narcissus’ title song ‘the same child’.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1678882.htm, 2017/02/28 16:54:22]

‘the general trend man and woman’ made a boast of the Park Bo-gum · Kim Yuna and fresh ‘chemie’

Park Bo-gum and Kim Yuna was selected for Coca-Cola model, 28 days Coca-Cola revealed that queen of figure skating Kim Yuna and actor Park Bo-gum was selected as 2,018 PyeongChang Olympic Winter Game campaign model. Coca-Cola had been participating in the Olympic sacred-torch relay which is the symbol of the peace and sports mentality from the Barcelona the Olympics till the past 2,016 Rio Olympic only 11 times in 1992. And coca-Cola starts ‘sacred-torch relay’ relay in this PyeongChang Olympic Winter Game with IOC (IOC) and is planning to reveal the Republic of Korea in the flame of the wish. As to 2,018 PyeongChang Olympic Winter Game campaign model of Coca-Cola comes Park Bo-gum and Kim Yuna and the carrier of the torch participation is planning to be encouraged. It appeared on the TvN ‘1988 it answers’ and KBS2 ‘the moonlight drawing the Gureu U.S’ and the large-scale entertainment industry was gathered and the huge popularity was gotten and Park Bo-gum acceded the star. Park Bo-gum, early this year, ‘become close if it pulls’ of Coca-Cola After being selected for the campaign model, pungent the warm sensibility of Coca-Cola campaign and experience had been being well delivered as much as the nickname called ‘kkokkeu Park’ happened between the fans. When the PyeongChang Olympic Winter Game publicity ambassador Kim Yuna was the during one’s career ‘queen of figure skating’, then it was developed into the people sports star getting the love of all people of all ages and both sexes. Kim Yuna publicity ambassador was awarded the MVP award in my 12 times and my 19 times in ‘coca-Cola athletic grand prize’ which gained recognition for this ability and supports the amateur sports. It kept Coca-Cola and deep relation such as Coca-Cola joined in the sports festival ‘the Olympics of everyone’ back holding for the teenagers., etc. ” Park Bo-gum and Kim Yuna had been presenting the pungent pleasure which the Coca-Cola corp. people concerned is together to the coming nation through the smoke and sports the Coca-Cola corp. people concerned was happy. It told to be the schedule ” which had been informing the meaning of 2,018 PyeongChang Olympic Winter Game Coca-Cola sacred-torch relay before and which it has been conveying the pungent pleasure with 2 popular stars. Meantime, coca-Cola is active in 2,018 PyeongChang Olympic Winter Game as the formal partner company and the pungent electric conduction through the sports and hapiness for is planning to be rooted.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1678799.htm, 2017/02/28 11:24:46]

‘the father is strange’ PD” binary father secret? One ” that there is no blind end in a mine gallery element

It predicted that ‘the blind end in a mine gallery development’ didn’t have the KBS2 new weekend drama ‘the father is strange’ producer, the KBS2 new weekend drama ‘the father is strange’ production presentation opened with 28 with the day in the Seoul Yongdungpo-gu zero heavy dew Times Squre Amoris Hall afternoon. While the Anjunghui (binary) found the father from the highlight image which this day is revealed, it was pointed out as the person who the Hansu Byun (the Kim Yeong iron) keeps this clue. Hansu Byun is the father of the Miyeong Byun (the testis Min) forming the Anjunghui and loveline. Prime minister I PD has much the element which it can lead racily while the story related to “while the drama will proceed, it will get to know but doesn’t flow to the blind end in a mine gallery” ” father comes out in relation with the people relationship diagram which it is vermiculate. It could see so that the Jikkyeobwa cylindrical surface could be interesting and it told confidently. It is conjectured to act as the interesting element of which the secret story surrounding the number changing like the title the father is strange is principal. The drama is the play for whole family that precedes the family always and draws jollily the story happening in 4 Nammae families having the couple Hansu Byun and Nayong room has been living (haesuk Kim) and various which fascination. It is broadcasted to the laurel tree tailor’s shrine ‘ subsequent on the fourth of next month.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1678854.htm, 2017/02/28 14:58:05]