The horse which ‘dad’ leaves in ‘the realization one’s elder sister related by blood’ horse meeting in “not see in this way” venue?

“not see in this way.”In this way, the one’s elder sister related by blood told after it of the singer realization clank ‘one’s younger brother’ realization on Mao venue. After the one’s elder sister related by blood of the realization met the realization in March one venue, the text called “not meet again in this way” was left in Instagram, saying that it was “and, the first time it sees in this way”. The one’s elder sister related by blood of the realization clank the realization on one venue. The pink intimate one-piece was worn and it smiled brightly at the sister and the realization recognizing the sister seemed to wag the hand. All Kkeureot the attention the father of this realization leaves this comment “at the time when I shake, (realization) is seen as Internet and you see the real thing”
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Ask ‘Secretly Greatly’ this water view for ‘this Buddhist scriptures’ in the future.

It asked to ask for ‘this Buddhist scriptures’ and the actor this water view requested to the center the surrounding people to the hidden camera. This water view induced the smile of the situation the audience in MBC ‘Secretly Greatly’ broadcasted on 30th in the hidden camera. All Chaat 2 people the soothsayer Jaewon Kim requested the hidden camera of this water view in the broadcastingThe soothsayer requested the step hand clapping and headbanging to this water view and the any, without doubt, the asking of the soothsayer to was listened as it is and He inspired the smile. The bite was more floated and the soothsayer was said maybe that the better tendency came if it asked for ‘this Buddhist scriptures’ to this water view. This water view listened to the word of the soothsayer and collected the telephone to the mother and manager and told ‘it asks for the fire prodigy’ and added the smile. This day this water view released the pure fascination and captivated the audience.
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[TF photo] Be popular to the wrapper. ‘the contest the attending bruise hits MC Geu Ri’

While ‘the contest 2,017 Han River bruise is hit’ is the Seoul Mapo in the afternoon on 30th and it is held in the telephoto Han River park, the front at is looked in the look in which the wrapper MC Geu Ri (the one’s real name Kim) is dazed. The chaff rune everyone the victory ‘to hit the bruise’ which is held by the object resting the brain of the modern people adds up the vote of the heart rate measured with the cardiac measurement apparatus and spectator in the competition which maintains long to the utmost the stable condition it overcomes the sleepiness it is boring
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One unit of measure to the Nayong which lessens ‘sikdang Yoon’ Yeachung Yoon “it could go broke” seat?

“we could go home just.”Like this, on the TvN ‘sikdang Yoon’ in which the actor Yeachung Yoon is recording the blockbuster was looked back. The international news opened Yeachung Yoon and interview on 30th. At the time taken away after Sikdang Yoon open in the day was recalled and especially Yeachung Yoon was said “it could go broke”. When He ran business a day and Sikdang Yoon was taken away, He caused without reservation the feeling of relief of joy. It knew to ‘than Ghana in my house’ was done, be poor at the shooting in “***” this situation. The humidity of the temperature was high in 34 degree. It could go home just and told. ‘sikdang Yoon’ production crew opened ‘sikdang Yoon’ 2 number point in the nearby unlike the wind of Yeachung Yoon refreshingly. It stayed more over a week and Yeachung Yoon was started in Sikdang Yoon business. The Nayong seat PD revealed “our program seems to go broke” after Yeachung Yoon returned to home country. While the shooting is all ended and there is in the Bally airport and the airplane waits for Yeachung Yoon, the Nayong seat PD installs that by no means, we seem to go broke. That word on was decided even when the restaurant was taken away prior to him. So, the I, once, the Manghaebwara It had to go broke and you installed. It became in that case. Won’t it be that Nayong will see even if the Nayong seat PD will fail and it will fall down, and is bigger? So, ‘sikdang Yoon’ could go broke and I told. ” Nayong seat is born to know if ‘it went well and the Nayong seat producer thought of the business that why the program went broke’ were known for the question. The other looks was shown at all and I said be confused. The subtitle of Sikdang Yoon is ‘the president, as one pleases’. If for me, the business was not, the Nayong seat PD could do to fold just and make an excursion to the sea. It is to think to do business almost, the customer doesn’t get and frets and “***” is the concentration one on the cooking. The Nayong seat PD saw it and did ‘it is this how’ and ‘that can not be dried’. It is one that I installed so eagerly. In addition, because of the restaurant being removed and remodelling, it had the shape that the feel in which the program seems to go broke this time got and told. The Sikdang Yoon ‘ exceeded the audience rating 14% recently. It is very exceptional that variety program of the cable channel exceeds the audience rating 14%. It is the count in which it hits the blockbuster in a word.
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‘the man is good’ refined rice wine iron wife Hwangyurim “the will used for the depression after being pregnant”

It reveals that wife undertook as much as the history while ‘the man is good’ refined rice wine iron was getting attention after the wife Hwangyurim of the refined rice wine iron was pregnant and it attracts attention and there is. All Ppomnaet the housewife 9 shift the nap the refined rice wine iron is given in this day broadcasting for the interior design flower market to every week it arranges the name tag is attached every the family property the wife substitute cleaning and kitchen work are the basic The reason why the refined rice wine iron is reborn as ‘the precious stone housewife’ is the wife Hwangyurim. As to Hwangyurim, which gets to suffer from the extreme depression after the third pregnancies the weight increased 100kg near 7 years ago. It took till the depression medicine. However, the refined rice wine iron didn’t take care of the wife. The couple was aggravated such as the dialogue was cut off., etc. ” depression was so serious and the anthropophobia came. At that time, about 96kg was gone out, the baby was embraced and there was and I was felt with “***” so that It could become the eye seeing me to be cold and cold and be hateful. So, the husband seemed not to join the home and told. Especially Hwangyurim was confessed that extreme choice almost be made. The husband was really hateful and if I was remembered then, Hwangyurim said this story that it was very horrible and was hateful. The seat was floated as if it were hateful to listen the refined rice wine iron. Hwangyurim wrote the letter like the will because the idea got to live in this way and do what. It used and cried continuously, the husband deposited in the time bag when it will go out and there was one hours and it was “***” letter wanted on the telephone. Because of doing not know while it was wanted on the telephone and cried with a rush, it said feel sorry and opened heart.
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The letter in which the refined rice wine iron and marriage are right in 11 and which it sends to the wife? ‘it is the love Kkun’

3 photoes were opened, saying that the comedian refined rice wine iron, as to the letter sent to the wife attracted attention on the occasion of eleven anniversaries of marriage and there was, 20 days refined rice wine iron was on the Instagram “it is the day which at April 20th in 2006 today comes that we get married”. The refined rice wine iron and wife Hwangyurim has the appearance which is sweet like the newlyweds marrying newly in the car with the marriage in 11 in the photo. The refined rice wine iron had never said confidently since childhood to the women. Could be short and ugly and like me of the Yeodeureumtuseongi man will don’t know that it thought by oneself that there was no man, he told. The first love after that, the Ppappi (the nickname of the wife) came in the refined rice wine iron in that one’s mind It is the first lover spraining the bar to me. It was the beginning to love. It is the coming that today gets married day. Because this time when our couple can have together was so precious, if it stopped, it will be good, the sincerity was conveyed. Meantime, the refined rice wine iron was donated to MBC ‘the human documentary Saramijot everyone’ on 30th.
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One ‘the click Star Wars’ multiplication table and heartburnings- one the fan loyalty ‘attention’ which it congratulates the first birthdaies after making debut

The birthday support of one group multiplication table was succeeded in the idol daytime rank site ‘the click Star Wars’ which Deoppaekteu manages and the display panel which is shown in Japan was opened. On 30th, ‘the click Star Wars’ opened the birthday congratulations view image of it is showing in the display panel located in the Tokyo in Japan one multiplication table. Previously over on 13th ‘the click Star Wars’ opened one birthday support event and achieved 200%. Therefore, the video showing congratulating one birthday was confirmed in the display panel located come until May 1st Seoul Apgujeong station and Tokyo Sinjukku Ohkkubo Shin opposite 100M street. The ment of the fans participating in one birthday support and photo is listed at the opening image. As to the nickname ‘the best is done. But’, ” God debut first birthday congratulates the congratulation really truly. There is just the year 99 as the now as the multiplication table leader in the future. The birthday is once again congratulated. It told that it will be good if the God which is happier than someone became as much as the today. As to the nickname ‘Ppoppoppol’, we who are small but strong and are strong are the leader but have the birthday congratulations. Root always in the behind. We have together for a long time. It loved and the love was expressed as the Ppol “. As to the nickname ‘the Miminaekkeo insect’, ” one can congratulate the greeted first birthday as the leader of the multiplication table truly. Think maybe to have been+can been do well so far and do well in the future. Because the best friends are rooting always in the behind and it is supporting, our Ppol flowery path be walked. It loved, it rooted. One leader which is small but the nickname ‘cleaning’ is strong Congratulate the 25th birthday. The being full the best friends have one It doesn’t have a pain in our Ppol and is always fine and be happy with the best friends for a long time.”It congratulated. Meantime, ‘the click Star Wars’ provides the idol ranking information and display panel service, and etc. as the play space of the idol fandom which Deoppaekteu manages. The display panel support can apply for any idol of fandoms.
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When the Rae city guard is different if Hanyeseul wears. The perfection one’s figure ‘boasting’ like the sea credit

The actor Hanyeseul hosted the Rae city guard photo shooting. Hanyeseul introduced the preferred and Rae city guard pictorial in the new muse of the global sports brand A corp. recently. This pictorial hosted Guam location photographing in order to utilize the easy and graceful holiday concept. And Hanyeseul being elegant this pictorial was lively, the chicness released the fascination of the fairy pitta which is various to the fascinating atmosphere. The Hanyeseul having been doing the body line management with the steady exercise according to the pictorial people concerned is the rumor that it built up body for this shooting more eagerly and had been doing the photo shooting preparation. The praise of all staffs was gotten of the filming spot as the thanks to this perfect body line and the shooting progressed in the pleasant inside atmosphere. Meantime, it is the consumer the schedule including the tropical design the topic came together to the image whom Hanyeseul uploads on the personal SNS among the shooting and in which the inquiry about the product was being continued so far and which realized the power of the brachial plate daughter Hanyeseul and which the Hanyeseul which it enters the Rae cigar showing in this season A corp. showed through the personal SNS with the various styles everyday.
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The GD· Wiener · black pink and… something in U.S. New York Time Square middle?

The group big bang member G-dragon, group Wiener, and black pink was captured in U.S.A New York Time Square center. The world tour commercial film of G-dragon captivated the appearance and attention of the local fan in ‘1,515 Broadway’, that is the New York Time Square (Times Square) nuclear area, at the large electric board recently. In not only G-dragon but also YG entertainment, the attention of the global fans against is hit while the music video highlight of the junior group Wiener eat the same mess and black pink is put on the screen in the relevant display panel. The Times Squre is the center of the world entertainment industry when being the center of New York of which Broadway’s theater district shines brightly. And it is the whole world tourists congested area. The fans in every country including Great Britain France Australia Brazil China and Japan Singapore, appreciating the corresponding display panel center image and etc. are showing the reactoin which “the ephemeris time GD” “the line to gets to see the black pink in New York” “wiener is proud” back is heated. ‘G-DRAGON 2,017 CONCERT which is come on June 10th Seoul Mapo and meantime G-dragon takes place in the Sangam World Cup stadium: III ACT, North America 8 city (the Seattle San Jose LA houstor Chicago Miami New York Toronto) beginning with the M.O.T.T.E’ Seoul concert, Asia 3 city (macao Singapore Bangkok), Oceania 4 city (sydney Brisbane Melbourne Auckland), Japan 3 the city (fukuoka osaka Tokyo) the dome tour, and etc. altogether 19In city, hold the 23rd show.
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