The highlight Yundujun and birthday support progress middle The Nam the period?

‘the click Star Wars’ is presiding over the group highlight Yundujun birthday support event. The idol daytime ranking site ‘the click Star Wars’ which Deoppaekteu manages opened the birthday support event of the Yundujun at last 19th. It takes care to congratulate the Yundujun meeting next month on 4th birthdayIf the star (the point concept which can be gathered in site) 100,000 gets together, the birthday support of the Yundujun shows the congratulation image by the display panel located in the Tokyo in Japan Sinjukku cold current street. If it advances and 200,000 muches gets together, screen the birthday congratulations image in Seoul Subway 2 line 43 alteration waiting room display panel as well as the Tokyo in Japan display panel. The birthday support event of the starting Yundujun is continued at last 19th next month until 2nd. Meantime, ‘the click Star Wars’ is the play space of the idol fandom providing the community, event, and etc. beat with every kind idol ranking information. The someone can apply if the birthday support event is the idol fan.
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‘U teuroteu morning star’ one ivory and taxi driver fight song ‘the Happy taxi’ issue “the teuroteu which is young and healthy”

‘the teuroteu morning star’ one ivory ‘U teuroteu’ is made stand and the first single ‘the Happy taxi’ is put on sale. It is the teuroteu singer who is the god which shouts ‘U teuroteu’ which one phase is well known and appears. U teuroteu is the word having the young meaning called the teuroteu for you combined with the various genre (United)s. All Bahyeot the determination that one ivory will do the teuroteu which it faces upon this which listens it will cover the various genres and which is young it will be newIt is the tune which roots whether his this new musical composition ‘the Happy taxi’ is someone like ‘U teuroteu’ or not. The meaning is great in the point that it is the song for the taxi drivers who could not see in the existing. One ivory told “‘ Happy taxi ‘ is the Republic of Korea all taxi employee drivers and fight song which it dedicates to the passengers” “the problem to the employee drivers that there are no that it took off this even if it suffered all day long and earned and that guy finished, it remains in was much come”. If the Happy taxi ‘ listens at a glance, it is difficult to regard as the teuroteu. The feel of the pop emitted in Jeonju is about which it tilts whether the teuroteu is right. Moreover, the no less choreographing shows the appearance which is colorful as much as it is unbelievable as the teuroteu. Yet, it didn’t lose one of the teuroteu nature. The which is more familiar with the enchanting vocalism and which it does the pleasant melody line is balancing the melody line in the colorful looks. It is the part of which the various genre couplings oves ‘U teuroteu’ stands out. ‘the Happy taxi’ gets attention more in that it that the young man of god knows one phase which was over the trot and which it pays attention at the whole world of singers caused. He revealed “it wanted to be blindly since childhood hydrolyzed” “the men who know that it listened my song said have ‘ teuroteu feeling ‘ altogether”. After that, the thought that the Haeyaget outlet gets through the teuroteu singer was strengthened and I added “da”myeo Haet the word the professor has to install ‘ teuroteu singer the university is attended” then. Meantime, ‘the Happy taxi’ is the tune in which the composer and producer political expediency gloss has been range over the various genre including the idol dance music, Ballard, and etc. gets the order called ‘the teuroteu which there was no in the existing’ and which it completes. The same time is released on July 3rd noon in the major sound source site.
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Block rain foil Jjeum and birthday support progress middle school The participant method?

The idol daytime rank site ‘the click Star Wars’ is presiding over the birthday support event of the group block ratio foil Jjeum. At last 19th, ‘the click Star Wars’ held the birthday support event in order to congratulate the foil Jjeum meeting next month on 8th birthday. The birthday support of the foil Jjeum is the system of which the success or not is determined by the sort (the point concept which can be gathered in site) achievement rate according to the fan participating number with the display panel support progressing in Korea and Japan two countries. If 100,000 muches is achieved, screen the congratulation image by the display panel located in the Tokyo in Japan Sinjukku cold current street. In addition, if it achieves, screen the picture congratulating the birthday of the foil Jjeum in Seoul Subway 2 line 43 alteration waiting room display panel as well as the Tokyo in Japan display panel. If the relevant event is the fan like the foil Jjeum, someone can take part. Meantime, the birthday support proceeding of the foil Jjeum is continued from last 19th next month until 2nd.
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Geewon Ha and ‘the use of portrait right is rolled’ cosmetics company relative lawsuit first trial losing a suit

As to ‘one’s portrait right is not any more used’, the actor Geewon Ha (39· one’s real name Jeonhaerim) lost a lawsuit in the first trial for civil suit made against the cosmetics company by the reason. Seoul Central Court consultation of civil affairs 62 part (the presiding judge zinc stuff) judged in the requested lawsuit including portrait right prohibition on use, which Geewon Ha builds against the domestic cosmetics company G corp. and etc. by the lost case of plaintiff on 30th. The effect of ” (the Geewon Ha and G corp. sign) contract was maintained, it could not exercise by the contract and the court, as to “***” portrait right prohibition demand revealed. It decide to finish the G4 and same medicine and as to Geewon Ha, the transference decide to use me portrait right for the cosmetics brand goods development and sales which the one’s elder sister related by blood manages in 2015. But the Geewon Ha was asserted that G corp. Representative was trying to exclude Geewon Ha at July last year and the operation earnings is trying to be taken to G corp. this was connected by the lawsuit. It insisted to pay the stocks in the public relation compensation to bought Geewon Ha and, it confronted. The lawsuit claimed the compensation for damage and stockholder’s rights confirmation against Geewon Ha was lodged. However, the court, as to this day G4 demand dismissed.
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‘the cheating · forced indecent act’ suspicion two weeks scull and penal servitude, in 1, 6 months sentence of imprisonment “appealing one”

The group Seotaeji and Boys native two weeks scull (50· one’s real name over mistake) hiting against the cheating and charge of sexual harassment was sentenced to 6 months imprisonments with the imprisonment in 1. Seoul Central Court criminal 14 single opened the judgment sentence due date about the morale of two weeks scull and charge of sexual harassment on 30th and on two weeks scull imprisonment sentenced to 6 months in 1. In addition, the profile registration year 10 was requested. The prosecution demands on Juneau penal servitude of 2 years and profile opening to the public in the (the) determination trial last month. This day court revealed “it is the crime which the forced indecent act commits accidentally but the attitude which it doesn’t remember under the influence of alcohol, doesn’t admit the misconduct is unable to be good-looking” “only, when it will be not to restrain in order to will give the victim and period of mutual agreement”. After sentencing, for two weeks scull, the part related to ” forced indecent act is much unjust. It consulted with the lawyer and was planning to appeal directly, the position was shown. The moving scull is hiting against the charge of doing 2 women the forced indecent act in the Seoul Taewon Lee one club at June last year a.m. 3 on 25th Hyeom whom it doesn’t repay after borrowing 100 million won and 65 million won from the acquaintance most Mao and excrement Mao in 2014. The union of events application about 2 cases including the cheating and forced indecent act, and etc. was submitted at October last year and 2 case trials were merged and two weeks scull had been proceeding in this.
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‘the Syomideo money 6’ the expectation rising for the cast

It attends the Mnet variety program ‘the Syomideo money 6 production presentation’ in which the wrapper axe and Jaebeom Park, dog’s nose, Choi Ja, Geekko, bean-curd dregs, and tiger JK (from the left) is the Seoul Mapo in the morning on 30th and which is held in Seokyo-dong AA design museum and is striking a pose. The Syomideo money meeting the sixth season is the first in South Korea wrapper survivor program. P.m. 11 on 30th, the first broadcastings Geekko axe-Jaebeom Park Dynamic Duo bean-curd dregs-tiger JK
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‘the Syomideo money 6’ tiger JK and negative eye line → the producer participation reason

The reason and impression in which the wrapper tiger JK looked at ‘the Syomideo money 6’ in the negative eye line and which gets to participate as the producer was talked sincerely. In the meantime, the colorful fascination was released from the serious nap till the white and clean nap. The tiger JK took off the luck and revealed the program participation meter as “the feeling making debut” in the cable channel Mnet variety program ‘the Syomideo money 6’ production presentation which was the Seoul Mapo a.m. 11 on 30th and is held in the wow mountain path AA design museum frankly. The tiger JK pointed out the axe as the large-scale reason among the program participation reason. The advice of the axe and persuasion caused the big effect but the axe was trying to appear in this season as the participant who the producer is not. It confessed on ‘it is the Syo U.S. dumber’ “it was the program which it saw as the negative eye line” and He looked back “the idea which it does if there was lots to listen and be at a loss with the word that there is the idea that the axe appears as the participant but this program joined for a certain reason got to be done”. After that, so the idea whether I participate was done for some time. Then, it decided to appear as the producer, it revealed. The tiger JK expressed the consideration for the direction of the one’s about the hiphop culture and ‘the Syomideo money 6’. In the illusion of which the juniors would be follow because of because of sprinkling. ‘ Reongkkeun Deu Leegeo Tta ‘ in the atmosphere which it recognizes as one which it slanders it abuses it plays the hip hop He points out the problem as “the hip-hop culture is broad and it becomes famous in the position of the man has been prolong the hip-hop with ‘ This ‘ still” the domestic hiphop It dropped out and confessed. After that, it was “but, it is of no help in the hiphop culture to me I to say as what in the side” “the idea that we take part in the program going well already and it proceeds as the better side is done” the aspiration dirty. The felt and unlike other people euphoria expressed the tiger JK expressing “it is participating in the program enjoyably” the pleasant mind for this day with the presence in the production presentation. He released the smile which it is bright “it is the time which is extremely excited and is excited” and fascination white and clean, saying that it was “the dream had me a news conference and the album is put out with the hip-hop by 8 familly in 20 and this has a news conference” this. In the Syomideo money 6’, the hit maker Geekko & Deane number one as well as the feed back tiger JK&Bizzy of the legend, as to the hip-hop duo dynamic duo and hip-hop label head Jaebeom Park & axe starts as the producer corps. All Moat the attention ‘ hip hop musician and rookies coming into the spotlight at the hiphop thin give notice of the source among others 12,000 applicant who is the successive generations season idea maximum scale was driven into the first preliminary match The program is broadcasted this day at 11 p.m.
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‘the click Star Wars’ two cannonade k Hwi “it is good to listen Eric other and sweet tone color”

The group two cannonade k Hwi praised the quality of the singer Eric other. 22 times of ‘the click Star Wars-daytime ranking show’ was opened through the Deoppaekteu and ‘the click Star Wars’ YouTube at last 28th. Two cannonade k Hwi and crimson was in charge of the progress and the witty skill at talking was shown off, 6 months fourth week ‘the click Star Wars-daytime ranking show’ person ranking theme was ‘the star that does the lullaby to me if it is Bulleojwoeu’. As to crimson, confirming the subject someone paid the lullaby to Hwi to be good if it will be Bulleojwoeu. Curved Eric south was pointed out as this. It explained with this reason “it calls much and the sweet song is the same as one in which the Bulleo cylindrical surface sleep will visit the lullaby for that tone color well”, saying that it was “eric south is famous for the image which is soft and affectionate”. Meantime, until July 3rd 7 the month the first the week the vote come from last 26th is proceeded in the click Star Wars. 23 put the vote result of 7 months first weeks times of ‘the click Star Wars-daytime ranking show’ is opened through the Deoppaekteu and click Star Wars YouTube on the fifth of next month.
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The photo time which the Jaebeom Park-axe and Seuwegeu overflow

It attends the Mnet variety program ‘the Syomideo money 6 production presentation’ in which the wrapper axe (left) and Jaebeom Park are the Seoul Mapo in the morning on 30th and which is held in Seokyo-dong AA design museum and is striking a pose. The Syomideo money meeting the sixth season is the first in South Korea wrapper survivor program. P.m. 11 on 30th, the first broadcastings
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