‘the queen of the elegy’ Lee, Yi Mija singing enthusiastically in the Jun Guk Noraejarang

While KBS Jun Guk Noraejarang video recording informing the start of ‘2,017 Seoripul festival’ before opens in the Seoul Seocho-gu Office in the afternoon on 16th, the singer Lee, Yi Mija is spreading the splendid stage. After being the consecutive holidays of Chuseok immediately after, the Lee, Yi Mija appeared as the KBS1 ‘jun Guk Noraejarang’ Socho-gu chapter main track examiner taking the mid-day electric wave month on 15th. This ‘jun Guk Noraejarang’ appearance on the stage of the Lee, Yi Mija is the first time. This day Lee, Yi Mija got the cheer of many citizens that sang the Camellia Lady and seommaeul seonsaeng enthusiastically and visit the field after finishing the judgment. The debut and song of the album of over 560 Jang and 2,100 songs were paid by the queen ‘in the Lee, Yi Mija, get the national love in 1959, the age of 19’ 19 purity ‘ of the elegy. The debut in the 58th anniversary was greeted in this year.
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Is Woosung Chung sunglasses sold? ‘the exhibition of the love it divides’ opening the alienated class is helped

The fans could possess the sunglasses which the actor Woosung Chung uses. The Korean drama actor society (the chief director Ilhwa Choi) holds the second time ‘the exhibition of the love it divides’ in the Daehangno in Seoul marronnier Park from a.m. 10 on 17th. The cherished article which the stars donate is planning to be sold into the exhibition and because of helping the alienated class, including the multicultural family, the earnings is planning to be used. The exhibition people concerned revealed to be “it sympathized with the object that many actors are used for the good work and the cherished article and patronage bosoms were without hesitation donated” “one which it is the intestine of the pleasant festival because there is the show besides the cherished article sale”. The sunglasses of the actor Woosung Chung, clothes of this anecdote playing an active part in the drama ‘1988 it answers’ as ‘the mom standing the favor’ and shoes, golf with no change of the singer Seol Undo and suit, and pouch white light of the actor Dalsu Oh are sold to the exhibition. The actor Kim Gapsu, Songoksuk, Chung Aeri, Kim ask, Oh Manseok, Sungung Park, broadcaster Seokchun Hong, and etc. joined in the base. The sponsored item which the natural handmade soap, kitchen supplies, and porcelain lamp are various is sold and the meaning of the help-neighbor campaign is planning to be restored. The tightrope walking performance of the important intangible cultural heritage number 3 wayfaring male entertainer title Tae Yeonhuidan appearing on the movie ‘the man of the king’ after the event opening performance and Samulnori performance spreads. The operetta in which the principal axis comes to Choobong Choi, Inhwan Park, Moonsik Yoon, and etc. has been being divided and the tango show, Hanbok fashion show, and etc. proceed until dinner time. The basketball showing an example of the Hahn, Han Kibeom and autographed ball presentation event was ready and Miss Korea attend including Byun sword concert in 2017. Korea play actor society people concerned told “the good chance which can be had mutual understanding wanted to become with the university avenue resident in neighboring town”, saying that he was “the event which it prepares in order to make the world which it lives the play than the situation where economically it is enduring hardship by oneself together”. The play actor improvement in treatment and actor Ilhwa Choi who comes and goes the stage and drama and movie between the actor to Korea play actor society chief director launched for the interchange in 1991 and is engaging the vigorous activity is ining charge of.
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‘the acute compartment syndrome’ Geunyoung Moon return “the health, most, it suffered”

Hello. The entertainment of the trabecula, as to arranged ‘for the good reply and internet bullying’ came the news back to the comment where there is the sense of the netizens. It gathered in the seat that entertainment which cried and which it laughs sensitive ‘pithy epigram’ comment of the netizens had what among the newses. Start ‘for the good reply and internet bullying’ where there is more Witt and which are poisonous from now on. ◆ Since getting 2 month acute compartment syndrome diagnosis which the activity restart actor Geunyoung Moon passes after Geunyoung Moon and acute compartment syndrome diagnosis and getting four operations, the public was met in just 7 months. Geunyoung Moon attended in the twenty second time the Pusan International Film Festival opening press interview which is held in the Jung-gu Ulchi-ro president hotel at last eleventh. This day Geunyoung Moon “be thankful for many interests” expressed the activity restart impression and several times had attended in ” the Pusan International Film Festival but there was no occasion moving toward the work. ‘the glass full number of personnel’ was chosen as the opening work this time and it was happy, it told. The movie ‘the glass full number of personnel’ in which Geunyoung Moon plays an active part as the star was chosen as the twenty second time the Pusan International Film Festival opening work. The condition where the pressure is hung on the fascia due to the addition of the arm that it is the acute compartment syndrome which Geunyoung Moon is sick and leg muscle and it puts a pressure of the blood vessel and nerve is indicated. Geunyoung Moon gets off in this at the play ‘romeo And Juliet’. It doesn’t have a pain and as to netizen, the good looks shows ” now in Geunyoung Moon activity comeback news much. It suffered so, it doesn’t have a pain in ” (seun****) and be encouraged and show much the pretty looks so far. The movie will be expected, ” (park****) for is always rooted. It is still beautiful and is wonderful, ” (cats****) is blessed. Love. ” (grac****) ” health the best it goes well Since having a pain in the position which has been being guessed the acting which it was fine, is since childhood good with ” (qmfl****), it was much anxious. It didn’t have a pain and acted for a long time, the message of ” (arti****) back cheer was sent. ◆ it was the Seoul Mapo at last eleventh and Hyunhwa Kwak and ‘the house which the view is good’ exposure scene outflow relation press interview opening gagwoman from broadcaster and actor Hyunhwa Kwak complained of the mind feel victimized for the outflow seen the movie ‘the house which the view is good’ (the supervision Lee Su-sung) upper body exposure shooting of a scene in the World cup road one cafe. This day Hyunhwa Kwak opened Lee Su-sung supervision and conversation content record copy and criminal prosecution losing a suit sentencing about the Lee, Yi Gamdok. The Kkeureot Seup kneader the attention the unjust point which in addition the standard contract has between the present actor-director is pointed outOrally the point which will not shoot the upper body exposure scene in ‘the house which the view is good’ was promised with the Lee, Yi Gamdok and Hyunhwa Kwak started to featuring the shooting in 2012. But the Lee, Yi Gamdok requested again the upper body exposure photographing after the shooting started. When Hyunhwa Kwak refused, then first of all, it shot and the Lee, Yi Gamdok decided to choose after relevant scene availability of Hyunhwa Kwak and prize. In ‘theatrical version’, the relevant scene didn’t make a loss. However, there was no agreement of after Hyunhwa Kwak, agreement was put in IPTV ‘director’s cut’. The first trial with the reason, Badat Seup kneader the verdict of not guilty in the second trial including the Jeom and lack of evidence, as to Hyunhwa Kwak, the criminal prosecution did the Lee, Yi Gamdok to this with the exemption law violation including the punishment of the sexual assault, and etc., as to Lee, Yi Gamdok, the content that it restricts the exposure is not included among in the contract signed with Hyunhwa Kwak and etc. As to netizen, ” this is likely to be clear to this. As to supervision, the fact ” (gana****) ” understanding that it is the first of the ten celestial stems and is the learned Eul is not the edge. ” (mydd****) “it is one which will appear the erotic movie and which it will not have a picture of the exposure scene funny” (seve****) ” shooting, however, the showing, not, all Doen the exposure is important the actor appears the quality of work is calculated With this, a little or greater, this If the director was promised, he keeps, the new actress who ” (saga****) ” Gwak Ssi is the same is the abbreviation in the relationship with the director. The objecting opinion of Gwak was clear and the director has the context agreed to that. It would be the way that the numerous actress has done, the reactoin which ” (kimj****) back is various was shown so far. ◆ the Ryu Hyeonjin ♥ Geehyun Bae and marriage premise passionate love maser league LA Dodgers position baseball player (30) and Geehyun Bae (30) announcer is raising the marriage the love as the premise. Why geehyun Bae agency Kkoenseuttajeu people concerned revealed in the call “it is right to meet as the player Ryu Hyun Jin and marriage premise” “with when think of the marriage after the moment of time when the game of the season of the player Ryu Hyun Jin ends it knows” on 13th. The same kind business circle met and when being the good colleague, then the player Ryu Hyun Jin and Geehyun Bae announcer considered as the strong reinforcement unit for 2 years and said maintain the meeting cautiously. The netizen congratulates in the passionate love news of 2 people. Love prettily, ” (yhj2****) is congratulated with 5. Well, the strabismus street ” (jini****) ” the congratulation It is happy, ” (baeb****) “do the pretty love” (nuri****) is congratulated. It is well the Eoul Ri, ” (mien****) “the marriage wishes to reach” (bigb****) ” name is similar. Did the finishing where the pretty meeting is happy, the comment of ” (ydes****) back congratulation was left.
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‘the lodging it is the Hyo Ri’ Lee Hyo-lee · ideal Sun · IU and last going out…’With the blue Jeju sea

The singer Lee Hyo-lee over Sun couple and IU meet the audience by ‘the lodging it is the Hyo Ri’ has the last going out together. The general programming channels JTBC variety program ‘the lodging it is the Hyo Ri’ revealed prior to 50 minute broadcastings “the homestay return of IU going to U.S.A is welcomed so that over Lee Hyo-lee Sun couple can attend in the brother graduation ceremony. And the sea going out is planned” p.m. 8 on 17th. In addition, “IU coming back to Jeju appreciated Jeju’s sea with the happy expression after long interval, whereas when the one’s innermost feeling was revealed before the homestay business closing or more Lee Hyo-lee Sun couple and deep talk was shared,” that time of photographing mood was delivered. ‘the lodging it is the Hyo Ri’, which is getting the love of the viewer it gets the alias that it is so called, ‘the healing program’ on the coming 24th, the special broadcast, finally, one everyone the viewer and farewell greeting The interest regretful of the viewer leans to the last going out of 3 people to be drawn in this in this day broadcasting. In this day broadcasting, the tteokppokki is eaten in order to come in the snack bar in advance or more Lee Hyo-lee Sun IU coming out on the going out completes the slightly hungry times. In the harmonious inside atmosphere, after visiting the adjacent beach, the Jeju sea which is clean with the sunny weather and is clear is appreciated and 3 people finishing the meal takes a rest. Lee Hyo-lee takes the tag boat to the professional level ability. This over Sun and IU is this rumor that it was unable to hide the admiration and boarded the tag boat together at that time. An, Lee Hyo-lee lessening Roh the pickled fish eagerly tells over Sun where there was “2 seems to be changed with the something”. The smile blooms in 3 among people. It is the Hyo Ri, the lodging ‘ is the reality variety program drawing the content that over Lee Hyo-lee Sun couple runs the homestay in Jeju Island. IU is playing an active part as the part-timer. The target program captivated the mind of the viewer with the warm content including the married life of over the Lee Hyo-lee Sun couple, human anguish of these as well as the natural scenes in which over Lee Hyo-lee Sun IU becomes close gradually, life story of the homestay guest, s and etc.
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The present in which ‘the click Star Wars’ Gasebeun genius and birthday are right and which the agar birds prepare?

The birthday support of the group Gasebeun genius was succeeded in the idol daytime rank site ‘the click Star Wars’ which Deoppaekteu manages and the display panel which is shown at Japan and Korea was opened, 17 days ‘the click Star Wars’ revealed the birthday congratulations view image of the Gasebeun genius show in the display panel located in the Tokyo in Japan Sinjukku. Previously, on the 25th of last month, ‘the click Star Wars’ opened the birthday support event of the genius and achieved 200%. Therefore, the video showing congratulating the birthday of the genius was confirmed in the display panel and Seoul 2 the line the subway 43 the alteration display panel (the partial exclusion) located in the Tokyo in Japan Sinjukku Ohkkubo Shin opposite 100M street. The ment of the fans participating in the birthday support of the genius and photo is listed at the revealed image. The nickname ‘it is the genius’ ” our sun the GOT7 genius It was appreciated in Ttaeeonajwo. It sang and was appreciated. Your voice was transmitted as the healing of my day. The nickname ‘the bean curd month’ congratulated “the genius, the birthday is truly congratulated and our sun has all the time together in the future. Then”. The nickname ‘Noelcyj’ rooted “You aremy only sunshine”. The nickname ‘Sansae’ sings and ” genius is appreciated always. The nickname ‘Sansae’ laughs always and is appreciated. It loved and the love was expressed. All Kkeureot the attention the nickname ‘DefArs’ is conveyed as “the birthday is congratulated”Meantime, ‘the click Star Wars’ provides the idol ranking information and display panel service, and etc. as the play space of the idol fandom which Deoppaekteu manages. The display panel support can apply for any idol of fandoms.
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The abuse · locker terror suspect 3… Lee, Yi Yoochin · solstice week · opened ‘the May of life 2’ one multiplication

While the Jeongyeeun (one multiplication kite) got the papered text message and cabinet attack as ‘bad X’, the general programming channels JTBC Geumto drama ‘the May of life 2’ (the script Parkyeon line direction two years is boiled down) was hit by the new development. On 16th, the drama arranged and introduced the people suspected as the originator of the text message which Yeeun receives before the eighth broadcasting this day at 11 p.m. All Badat the letters of which the abuse that Yeeun is ‘bad X’ in seven times of ‘the May of life 2’ broadcasted the day before is contained In addition, the attack which it drew the cable in the kowtow the soul (the solstice main part) and put example debt of gratitude photo inhumanely makes a note of the shame against was hit and it was enveloped in the shock. The man who it sends the letters achieving the abuse with really hiding the political system, attaches the photo in which the red line is carelessly drawn on the example debt of gratitude locker someone diary The palpus of the audience is keeping on alert whether Yeeun is hated in the substitution any reason. ◆ After worrying about the Yeeun getting the purity or over and Lee, Yi Yoochin letters, Kwon Ho window (the Lee, Yi Yoochin) was pointed out as the suspect. “why does the man see like that?” to the Lake window hovering repeatedly around the around in the past 6 timeIt cared and Yeeun received the meaningful advice called “it is careful of the night journey and gets isolated and doesn’t go alone except the kind” from the Lake window. Yeeun about was worried and it made by the self defense product. However, it is the Lake window where there is the rumor called the suspect of the mechanical engineering and lab electric shock accident. Really the face throws doubt of him truly if it is what. ◆ the example debt of gratitude letters was seen and at the same time, Ilchoo Gee gloss Jin Myung the deposit remains (one sharp), Geewon Song (bageubnin), and Yueun ash (close friend) which recalled the kowtow the soul. If it was the man doing not yet done miscarry to Yeeun, when suffering the saying goodbye notification 1 year ago, then 2 zeroes which kidnapped Yeeun and confined to the inferiority complex were due to be influential. It arouses curiosity if it is to send the letters in the revengeful thought which 2 the souls where there was the inferiority complex in the Yeeun attending the meeting prominent college burn really to Yeeun. ◆ the sender can be the letters the person of the third who the Lake advocacy and 2 the souls are not to the third Jayeeun hiding the political system. Or it is trivial, there can be the man who the deposit is built up with the huge reason in Yeeun. The man rising as the most powerful suspect is directly the friend one quiet area (haeun rumor). While Kkiri Gee will be for the Yeeun and lunch date and He will see showing ‘the good child’ Lake window, ” Yaeeun will be good. The good man was abundant in the side and told. The action was displayed as long as it nibbled nails in addition.
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‘SNL9’ conspicuous color the soul and prodigy leaf with ‘the galactic latitude’ Parady and breathing sexy U.S. divergence

Emit the change and sex appeal to the performance and movie ‘Secretly Greatly’ situation jazz singer at the cable channel TvN ‘SNL Korea season 9′ (under SNL9’) in which the actor conspicuous color zero is broadcasted p.m. 10 on 16th 20 minute with the host. ” host conspicuous color the soul ‘SNL9’ Baek Seongryong PD prepared the endless change in this with this day broadcasting. The meterial in which the schedule “it is this” to present the colorful looks as not only ‘Secretly Greatly’ Parady but also the actor mago lobby and TvN drama ‘argon’ Parady was interesting and which is fresh was planned. The expectancy about the broadcasting which asked many expectancies and which it sees was raised. North Korea sending to the south special agent lives with the petit bourgeoises and the Secretly Greatly ‘ is the art drawn the case which it is given the unexpected task while staying and gets wider with solder 한 action movie in 2013. The conspicuous color the soul fits the breathing including the disintegration actor Kim Suhyun Bakgiung Lee Hyun-woo, and etc. with the character in ‘Secretly Greatly’. In this Parady, accomplish the prodigy leaf and one of a pair and act. In the relevant work, the prodigy leaf plays a role of the North Korean spy which as in stupid it goes on living with hiding the secret who is the character that actor Kim Suhyun acts. The conspicuous color the soul which is resentful with the jazz singer captivates the clues, including the prodigy leaf with the fascinating appeal and is expected to show off the sexy fascination. All strings the interest the conspicuous color the soul captivates the mind of the viewer with any kind of charisma the movie content best action which really these will show is whatThe clue Jeong Sung-Ho Hyeoksu Kwon ambitious undertaking gloss Hyunchoo Kim takes an active part in addition to this Parady. The role that each ins charge of is completely carried out and the indispensable role of the parody seems to be severely done. It is expected as one which performs the smoke which the breathing of the conspicuous color the soul and prodigy leaf is no less even when being indifferent and performs more the gag where there is the percentage of completion.
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The Chungwon Yang Bikini figure eye line robbery and ‘the bagel daughter the moisture charging’

‘the Chungwon Yang Bikini figure eye line robbery’Bikini figure of Chungwon Yang is captivating the eyes again while the pilates instructor and broadcaster Chungwon Yang is coming into the spotlight as SBS ‘the law of the jungle’ appearance on the stage. Chungwon Yang opened the appearance which is enjoyed the leisure in intervals of one’s business with the text that it is “the moisture charging” in the vacation place to Instagram in the past. In one resort of Philippines Manila, the photo center Chungwon Yang has a seat modestly and is the water the horse. Especially Chungwon Yang captivated the eyes with perfect Bikini one’s figure made into the pilates. Meantime, the trauma arising from the dizzy experience which almost be drowned in SBS ‘the law of the jungle’ broadcasted on 15th in the past was overcome and Chungwon Yang succeeded in the underwater hunt. The Chungwon Yang “the idea that it is scary if it sees the water rather than it is beautiful gets in advance” pleaded for the aquaphobia. However, after all, as to Chungwon Yang, whom as to enter the sea into the help of the tribesmans and encouragement slowly the back where it takes the peace of mind back caught the big murex on the peaceful underwater. Even if Chungwon Yang was unable to do well “the idea, that what will install a little, more, all Naet the container”, the breath was suppressed and it went underwater and it found the clam. It was so happy and was proud and the impressions was conveyed.
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‘that would like to know’ and angel pastor · the justice priest truth verification… the record file · the message obtainment

1,093 broadcasted p.m. 11 on 16th 5 minute times of SBS culture and current event program ‘that would like to know’ are decorated with ‘only the angel pastor and definition priest-devotion approval and Ki’ chapter. In this day broadcasting, verify claim contradictory about the operation of one welfare facilities started to the court debate between blacklist writer and the former Catholic priest. Dig up the truth of the former priest Kim who achieves the social reputation with one had been living for the weaker members of society and has been receiving the respect and women pastor lee. The curiosity for the truth the secret about the secret money-making of the name of the power receiving members of National Assembly who the time is mentioned and Lee and file heart content were very shocking the production crew obtained the record file and message content, and etc. that the voice of 2 man (kim and lee) is contained from the informant of ” plurality before this day broadcasting that wanted to knowThe license was stimulated. ◆ the accusation case became a subject of discussion on July, 2015 novelist public knowledge the soul passing the court debate of the blacklist writer and definition priest bride Ssi and former Catholic priest Kim. The tug of war over truth between the famous writer who ㅇ was well known as devout Catholic usually and the former between teacher and student dragged the attention of the world. The controversy was amplified in that 2 people was 1 blacklist writer and Priests Association for Justice bride that took off the step and came out on the social problem usually. The parish Kim was accused saying that the cotton fabrics was unjust and exceptionally the parish revealed the reason for dismissal of Kim. In this day broadcasting, he is the qualification for bride disqualified and is known that Kim undertook more than someone in the chapter of the weaker member of society and the court debate is started and It was trying to become the light in the world the reason why it gets to rise to the malicious gossip is solved. ◆ ‘it doesn’t commit adultery’ which is the sixth Commandments among the Ten Commandments which certainly Catholic priest has to observe surprisingly the cotton fabrics of the bride committing adultery and reason for dismissal of Kim who the revealed women pastor identity is revealed was the Commandments violation. The star of the scandal appearing in the reason for dismissal Seo was EC. Presently, as to lee, running the welfare for the handicapped center the several times was already introduced to the media for so called, the name called Korean Madeo Teresa. The fame was taken as the Protestantism women pastor who brought up the adoptee and serves the disabled person on SNS. Really she and chance telegraph part arouses the interrogation whether it is any kind of relationship. 2 people met as the single mother serving for Catholic priest and disabled person for the first time. Kim is fired it is running together the welfare facilities for the disabled later. But on suspicions giving information related to this facility was continued. The life of Lee who insists that even it brought up the adoptee as the identity called single mother in claim that there is the problem and the giving information had been serving the disabled person in the record of achievements of not only one about the relationship of 2 people but also this minister in 25 years was all various to the suspicion that it will be the lie. The adoptees whom Lee was always proud of Lee were being raised in the hand of the other in fact and there was no to the disabled person and normal person install, the love of was made a pretext and the money was removed with the pretext of donation. It is the giving information of the other content with ‘the angel pastor’ image of Lee whom it is known in the world at all. It appeals “it had been doing the lifelong service and sacrifice. The patronage was received in order to use for the good place and it used for the good place in fact” to feel victimized and Kim and Lee is denying raised all suspicions. ◆ something was taking place in the facility which the secret transaction somewhat these who is done with the name of the service manages, whether the question is asked what the reason which these secrets was not revealed onto the sleep so far is. The reason why Lee that it had been serving for the maintenance-free could accumulate the real estate numerous property can be confirmed in ‘that would like to know’ that this day is broadcasted so far.
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‘omnipotence’ B1A4 and fascination · skill at talking · the acting ability divergence in ‘the know brother’

The group B1 a4 (the acids directly the camp renal pelvis ball chan) having the comeback ahead shows off the scramble and fascination and skill at talking for ‘the know brother’ on the coming 25th. Donate B1A4 to the general programming channels JTBC variety program ‘the know brother’ broadcasted p.m. 8 on 16th 50 minute as the transfer student. ‘the know brother’ people concerned revealed prior to this day broadcasting “the mind of the brother ‘ members which released the charisma which the B1A4 Ga is fresh and know was captivated” and looked forward. The B1A4 members had been exhibiting the colorful fascination and talent in drama and movie musical article talents program, and etc. It attracts attention if really the B1A4 members and ‘the know brother’ members show any kind of Beu romance breathing. It aroused curiosity in the video recording proceeding recently whether it wrote in ‘advantage’ partition ‘it speaks in the look’ and the B1A4 member Baro wrote in the application for school entrance for a certain reason. It was surprised at the fact that it didn’t use the body at all and they act through the expression and had the curiosity dirty ‘the know brother’ members in this. Use one the expression was well put up as the advantage as the var who is 1 ‘the actor-dol (the smoke idol)’ which is being actively engaged as the actor usually. He chopped the eye contact with the drama ‘1994 it answers’ to the public with the actor. And the acting ability was opened in ‘the gift-14 day of the god’ ‘the Aengeu Ri mind’ and web movie ‘close eyes’ etc. Presently, it is playing an active part in the KBS2 ‘the fill of the country which the manhole- is strange’ as the tide Tae character. The facial expression acting was started and Baro recommended that it gets it to the cast whether the acting situation was any kind of situation. But when the look reading became more difficult than the thought directly, then the discontent was expressed and ‘the know brother’ members called the self-styled Ttaching ‘the smoke genius’ Kyonghun Min. After that, kyonghun Min is the rumor that it spread the abundant facial expression acting and captivated the eyes of the whole assembly. When ” Kyonghun Min facial expression acting started, then the video recording the B1A4 members explained the situation among at that time that know brother ‘ people concerned was unable to keep tight-lipped about the surprising sight and the know brother ‘ people concerned made the embarrassed look with the var especially feeling the humiliation and evoked laughter.
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