‘the confession couple’ Lee Sang-Min · Lee, Yi Hwijae and cameo activity…’Till the head set from the listening clearly ‘ fashion


Set out as the comedian Lee, Yi Hwijae and group Rulla native broadcaster Lee Sang-Min I ‘the confession couple’ cameo. The KBS2 article talents drama ‘the confession couple’ (the script Gwonhye main part · direction Habyeong Korean translation of Chinese character) had the seventh broadcasting ahead on 2nd a day and opened the filming spot steel appeared surprisingly as Lee, Yi Hwijae and Lee Sang-Min I cameo. Over Lee, Yi Hwijae Min is expected to progress the change and radio corner which it doesn’t measure, resolves the anguish of (huh feeling Min) in this day broadcast to the star DJ and popular singer in 90’s. Secondly, the expectancy leans to the skill at talking if it is cold of grieved thises. The Lee, Yi Hwijae or more Min are the message of the production crew that it determined the cameo appearance by the Habyeong Korean translation of Chinese character PD and relation. The revealed steel center Lee, Yi Hwijae 1 ‘the listening clearly fashion’, fully, all Naet the relish The exception changes till the hair style and it evokes laughter. Besides, captivate the wearing and eyes till the headphone which was the necessary to the radio DJ. Because over Min is wearing the splendid fur coat, it gives vent to the laughter. All strings the attention ‘the Rulla Lee Sang-Min’ in which the watches worn on not only fur coat but also wrist and jewelries sang the joy of the best popularity of is remindedIt arouses curiosity whether the look of that among steel situation Lee, Yi Hwijae and Lee Sang-Min is quite serious and really any kind of thing takes place. Lee, Yi Hwijae is having the amazing look made as if it is loss for words. Over Min is frowning fully the middle of the forehead. The filming spot mood was delivered that confession couple ‘the staff in the natural smoke of Lee, Yi Hwijae who as to people concerned, ” this shooting progressed in the studio of the Suwon Kyeongki last month and returns to ” heyday time and Lee Sang-Min’ seemed to be truly gone around to the year 1,999 and it said and the laughter was unable to be stood. In addition, it made a request “the shooting was jollily finished as if the Lee, Yi Hwijae or more Min were gone around to 90’s” “the scene which the skill at talking of Lee, Yi Hwijae making the field into the scene of boisterous laughter and Lee Sang-Min is completely contained is expected”.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1706030.htm, 2017/11/03 04:00:01]