16 “this gloss is punished” sexual harassment victim and group complaint in the prosecution

The victims who disclose to suffer the sexual violence by the theater director this gloss (66) family, accused Lee to the prosecution together officially. On 28th, ‘this gloss victim of incident cavity defense counsel’ revealed that 16 sexual harassment victims including extreme beauty representative Gimsuhui, and etc. submitted the complaint of the detail that it asks to punish this gloss Ssi to Seoul District Public Prosecutor’s Office. Seoul District Public Prosecutor’s Office allotted the case to the woman child Criminal Investigation Department, that is the rape incident exclusive charge investigation department. All strings the attention exceptionally 101 lawyers join in the joint defense counsel helping the accusation case of the sexual harassment victim against one harmerHowever, it is the prospect that the penalty will not be easy due to the offense subject to complaint regulation abolished in 2013. ‘offense subject to complaint’ clauses which can punish the sex offense only when the sexual harassment victim accused within 6 months ~1 year was abolished on June, 2013. In conclusion, the sex offense getting wider previously the atonement cannot be asked against. The prosecution investigation is expected to accomplish around the sex offense suspicion getting wider after the point of time of time when the offense subject to complaint is abolished. The defense counsel “the sexual harassment and which these gloss victims of incident and defense counsel happens in the cultural circle and our various places of a society one to be led in the issue of human rights violation solution” explained. These want the defense counsel legal advice and legal support can receive the help among another victim joining in ‘the Mi two (the MeToo· naked degrees was suffered)’ exercise including this gloss case. Previously over on 14th Suhui Kim representative disclosed that provincial tour was sexually molested by SNS (the social relationship network service) from this gloss Ssi at last 14th 10 years ago at that time. The additional exposure of the members that it was active in the street theatre troupe after in the past poured. This gloss Ssi held the press interview at last 19th and publicly apologize and hung head. Lee was revealed “it will be purged of this what kind of bee willingly including the legal responsibility” at that time. Since the sex scandal became a subject of discussion, this gloss Ssi was striked off from Cookgeuk Han writers’ association, Korea theater director society, Seoul theater association, and etc. and the street theatre troupe was early to the dismantling.
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Seven match the infinite Kim Sunggyu and publicity model in the university Wi of star

The group infinite Kim Sunggyu occupied seven match the publicity model in university Wi of star, 28 days Kim Sunggyu put 28 days Kim Sunggyu name in the seventh in the idol daytime ranking site ‘the click Star Wars’ person ranking vote which Deoppaekteu manages. This time person ranking ‘the star matching the publicity model in university?’It progressed with the theme. Even if the Kim Sunggyu coming to 30 year old considers as 10 this year, it is the singer get the love of the fans who are abundant by the during visual of about to do the do no harm and explosive singing ability. Every week higher rank is maintained in ‘the click Star Wars’ person ranking vote which proceeds previously as it proves this and the hot popularity is shown off. It is expected if the outstanding competition singers of can be moved ahead for the vote period which the Kim Sunggyu remains and it can enter till the higher rank. Meantime, after the first solo regular album ‘ten Seuttorijeu (10 Stories)’ being put on sale on 26th, the Kim Sunggyu is the active working.
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‘the longest life Idol group’ Shinhwa and debut, in the 20th anniversary, the congratulation event open

The idol daytime rank site ‘the click Star Wars’ held the commemoration congratulation support in the 20th anniversary with the group Shinhwa debut, the site ‘the click Star Wars’ imparting 28 days every kind idol ranking information opened Shinhwa congratulation event. It is the display panel support congratulating the Shinhwa having the debut in the 20th anniversary on the 24th of next month. The relevant event is the global project supervised in ‘the click Star Wars’. The image congratulating the debut in the 20th anniversary of the Shinhwa is planning to be simultaneously screened at Korea and Japan. The support participant method is simple. It is the way that it contributes to the event want the sort (the point which can be gathered in the site) that fans gather carefully directly. If 100,000 muches is achieved, screen the congratulation image in the display panel which 100M is apart from the Tokyo in Japan Sinjukku Ohkkubo Shin opposite. Introduce the congratulation image in Japan and Seoul Subway 2 the line 43 the alteration waiting room display panel if 200,000 muches is achieved. If it advances and achieves till 400,000 muches, screen the congratulation image along with Japan and Seoul Subway 2 line (some exclusion) in Daeyeok Hong large electric board. It gets attention if the congratulation support can succeed the debut of the Shinhwa continued untill the 14th of next month in the 20th anniversary.
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‘I can hire alone’ PD “the urgency video recording… atmosphere was good in the Jeon Hyeonmoo · Han Hye-Jin passionate love report”

MBC ‘buy alone’ hosted the video recording in the passionate love of the broadcaster Jeon Hyeonmoo and model Han Hye-Jin urgently. I hired alone, after “27 day love affair was reported on 28th, the urgency video recording was hosted at night 11 o’clock and the devastated land zero producer revealed. After that, Hwang PD revealed “‘ I hired alone, there was every week on Monday and it shot this week on Monday but originally the studio video recording recorded the emergency meeting on the love affair of Jeon Hyeonmoo and Han Hye-Jin”. Hwang PD is unable to tell in advance that it admitted on exclusive news in the harmonious environment and Han Hye-Jin told to feel sorry for the members. Hwang PD “the detailed detail wishes to be confirmed through the broadcasting” asked. Moreover, there is expected to be no change of member in Han Hye-Jin and passionate love sympathy of this promise. Hwang PD added on change of member “there is no” “it doesn’t coincide with the concept although it can be said to be the passionate love middle, ‘ I hires alone”. The confession of feeling recordings is planning to take come on March 2nd electric wave after the passionate love accreditation of Jeon Hyeonmoo and Han Hye-Jin. Meantime, the single reported the passionate love fact of Jeon Hyeonmoo and Han Hye-Jin on 27th in the morning. The Jeon Hyeonmoo · Han Hye-Jin couple enjoyed ‘the secret date’ around Han Hye-Jin of located at the Seoul Gangnam-ku Nonhyon-dong the apartment. After passing whether the exclusive news goes out, or not the Jeon Hyeonmoo acknowledged Han Hye-Jin and passionate love officially. (Related news: [Single] it meets in fact, the couple Jeon Hyeonmoo and Han Hye-Jin builds the loveline through the broadcasting actually from last year with ‘the Sseom south cutting’ Jeon Hyeonmoo ♥ Han Hye-Jin with the) ‘buy alone’ 1 number. Jeon Hyeonmoo said in the broadcasting “if the reason will be left and it will go well with Han Hye-Jin member, it will not fall in love and will get married directly, it thought”.
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‘the click Star Wars’ astro Sanha Yoon and birthday support open…’The gift of the Aloha ‘?

The idol daytime rank site ‘the click Star Wars’ which Deoppaekteu manages opened the birthday support of the group astro Sanha Yoon. The click Star Wars ‘ opened the birthday support of the astro Sanha Yoon on 23rd and captivated attention from fans. It is the display panel support congratulating Sanha Yoon having on the 21st of next month birthday. If the star (the point concept which can be gathered in site) 100,000 is achieved, the birthday support of supervised Sanha Yoon shows the congratulation image in the click Star Wars ‘ by the display panel located in the Tokyo in Japan Sinjukku cold current street. Introduce the birthday congratulations image in Seoul Subway 2 line 43 alteration (some exclusion) waiting room display panel as well as the Tokyo in Japan display panel if 200,000 muches is achieved. And if 400,000 muches is achieved, the picture is screened in the large electric board of Seoul Daeyeok Hong and the interest of the fans is gathered and there is. Meantime, the astro who Sanha Yoon belongs finished Korea global fan meeting after North America spread around 4 cities and Toronto, vancouver, including, 2 cities in Canada including the San Francisco in USA, Los Angeles, Washington DC, New York, and etc. in the prosperity Ri recently. These visit this week Bangkok Thailand. And the global fan meeting is held in come March Tokyo in Japan and it is the fans the schedule everyday.
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‘the sexual molestation dispute’ Dalsu Oh and victim pointing out apology “deeply, among the penance” (official position)

The actor Dalsu Oh enveloped in the sex scandal apologized for the formal to a series of victims of incident, its own facts of sexual harassment was admitted through the agency star Village entertainment and 28 days Dalsu Oh asked ‘the apology which the sincerity is young’ to the victims. Dalsu Oh revealed “it apologizes truly to cause in order to implant in many people”, saying that it was “the thing in the series, where the recent occurs altogether, my fault” this. After that, it added “the last time which is difficult to endure for days was spent during” “the memory about the people which are hurt by the mind which is deep and ache is not without reservation clear in spite of the criticism and scolding which the standpoint is delayed, it deals”. Moreover, it told. Besides, the standpoint was told as “the Ri, which had been seeing the report with the comment and floating the memory again the comment was read and it asked this days acquaintances to the around” “the fact the memory of the content of the interview and I are the little different”. Moreover, the position about the late apology was told. He acknowledged on part “any kind of criticism will be endured” which reveals ‘the lie position’ that there was ever no that “it was to blame” the fault. After that, the word of the apology was left to these asserting previously as ‘victim of sexual harassment’. He thinks to Mr.A publishing the writing about Dalsu Oh for the first time that year 25 agoes had the emotion of love short while. It apologized truly what time of a offers the wound and it told. It apologized to the play actor thumb zero disclosing the fact that it suffers the sexual violence by Dalsu Oh the extra in the general segregation channel JTBC ‘news room’ on 27th “by all means, the feeling releases”, saying that it was “it is sorry to screw up courage in the view in which it teaches the young student and appear in TV and it deeply is regretting”. The sexual molestation controversy of Dalsu Oh was previously known through the comment of one netizen. Dalsu Oh was denied in 6 days which the blindness of the victim is known “that action was not made”. However, “it will consider till the legal action” the strong position is displayed, saying that Dalsu Oh is not fact when another victim discloses the fact that it suffers the sexual violence in which the sexual molestation is not from Dalsu Oh through the broadcasting like the afterward. The following is Dalsu Oh official position speciality. A series of things which Dalsu Oh mouth kneader recent occurs are altogether my fault. It apologizes truly to cause in order to plant to many people. It hangs head due to me in the past to everyone getting hurt and is sorry, it is the word Ri. It is one’s fault all of me and is my responsibility. The last time which is difficult to endure for days was spent during. The memory about the enormous blame and the people subjected to the hurt in the feeling which was deep and ache in spite of the scolding was not without reservation clear if I position was delayed. The scolding was scary and honest it was afraid but how to could how don’t know directly it was my condition. Repent the advantage deeply. The report was seen with the comment and the memory was again recalled. The comment was read and it asked this days acquaintances to the around. Nevertheless, the memory of the content of the interview and I, as to the other one was a little the fact. It wanted to check and met and tell. The Deut in which the heart will be chapped was stuffy. Any kind of blame will be endured that this feeling will be unable to be raised at that time and the position will be revealed that there will be ever still no that. It was to blame. If the man who took A Nime crab and thinks was right, it was very timid and the self-consciousness was strong and this man was the very nice man. It told that play or novel was tried because there seemed to be the ability writing the composition. I for, the arm was cut like the animal who is already caught by the trap. It got fired the leg. The mind was impoverished become much. It will handle. The principles of the world that it came to the moment and the good luck and reputation disappears instantly of is thought that it knew and there was, the year 25 agoes had the emotion of love short while. It will apologize truly what I offer the wound or time of a. It is heavy the feeling which feels guilty embraces the hurt and it has been living, is regrettable It will be soon difficult but hopes to heal this wound up. And if it will want to meet with the way that A Nim wants, it will install like that. The actor screws up the actor courage and it is sorry to appear in TV and it deeply is regretting in the view in which it teaches the young student due to the thumb the soul actor Jjeum base. How it will tell or It will become the excuse and anyone will not trust and will give but it is painful and is stuffy. But it will accept as the stern reproach which it inspires to me. The mind is resolved and by all means, be fine. My life at will be more deeply looked back it has been living so far. It will live as the reflecting mind. Finally, any kind of responsibility of one action and word and punishment will not be avoided. Moreover, undergo the second three-lane road damage by the action. Ask deeply all to gets to experience to the apology. The wound which it cannot wash was given to the people sending the cheer which is many as much as it was undeserved that I got so far. Be once again sorry again.
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“the March 1st Independence Movement would like to be much well known” ‘it is Kkukka’ comedian sees (image)

The comedian Bora Shin reveals the great interest about unlike other people 3·1 independent movement and it is the unlike other people patriotism dirty. Appear on the cable channel TvN culture and current event program ‘it is the Kkukka of the Gwakseungjun’ 252 time ‘the independent movement feature’ chapter which ten minutes of p.m. 7 on 28th that it sees the shoes is broadcasted. All Bahyeot the appearance on the stage meter which is special “it would like to learn much about the March 1st Independence Movement through this column” that the shoes sees in this day delivery The hidden inversion stories related to the surprising independent movement including story, which almost progress ‘the independent movement surprise’ corner that the shoes sees and in which the March 1st Independence Movement almost be withdrawn and etc. are spread and the public attention is captivated. 3 history experts were mobilized with the company in order to inspire the patriotism of the audiences. The history expert to be Yonsei University new stock professor Baek and foil maniac and all Nanwot in-depth story about Yunghwan Shim author the independent movement These hosted ‘core’ points out the main issue which certainly on independent movement will have to know lecture between 5 minutes which and the intelligent thirst was solved. Moreover, pay attention on the women fighters for independence spreading the activity as big as the man fighter for independence. The story of the several feministses is revealed to the correction teacher taking the responsibility for the life of the provisional government from Chachung Park teacher who was the fighter for independence family as the family part when being the wife of the weak acid Kim Wonbong and the hot impression is presented. Besides, the story which on the independent movement association guerrilla group soaking ㄴ is various is planning to be opened and the large-scale fun of is planning to be given a present. ‘it is Kkukka’ is the new concept premiere talk show make ‘the hybrid Chung per which it spreads to be cool’ stand. It is the program which throws the social main agenda in the form of the bill and which it suggests the access and alternative as the various view abouts him.
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“the Sejong University K professor Taehun Kim” Mi two exposure… Taehun Kim “among the confirmation of fact”

1 ‘the Mi two (the Me Too and I are the victim)’ exposure came out as the sexual harassment width about the actor Taehun Kim who is the former Sejong University school professor. The informant called the subject K professor at first time. But after real name was disclosed. On 27th, in the sexual harassment opposition theatrical people action formal facebook, as to ‘the sexual violence was suffered by Russia people who studied abroad native actor K professor’, that anonymity informant A Ssi puts in order over 3 a4s obviously the writing of the content was inserted. After it entered the Sejong University movie art department at the end of 1990’s and the study as actor was started, “A Ssi taking off the rhyme” finished the meal in the outskirts of Seoul restaurant together one day, it caught breath in the motel saying that it was tired and could not drive and K professor had to go, I suffered the sexual violence by K professor in “***” motel. It was very scary. It was unbelievable whether something happened and there was no courage which it will speak as ‘No’, it insisted. After that, it opened heart “it acted with me as K teaching didn’t have the something to this after” “when K professor demanded the continued relationship after this day”. K professor filed a complaint against ‘it managed like the slave’ altitude after raping. A Ssi met the wife of ” He and I frequently. It looked back that word that it enjoyed this situation, it was seen, even “***” would like to return again to Russia on is decided and I say be taken to the kitchen maid. It explained that K professor installed and ‘it is the child keeping a secret and you are perfect’ and it brainwashed so that it could follow as I trained. A Ssi confessed the truth that it did due to K professor and case in order to kill. He returned at once “the time when ‘ I was bad-looking and which made and blames oneself this situation was spent during instead of the idea called victim” “the continued psychiatry treatment was gotten as the extreme depression and anxiety disorder and it stayed”. In addition, the health of the mind was unable to be recovered and Kkeueuryeo, as to about many times repeated the life the try by oneself in 3 years. A living it was more aggravated and which collapsed due to the diseases which cannot know in the house and which it cannot take the going out was done about in 2, the health was expressed. The next day A Ssi published * entitled “the Sejong University K professor is the film artistry and Taehun Kim professor” in DCinside play musical gallery. He was pointed out as “it is the person disclosing the Sejong University film artistry and K professor” “the Sejong University K professor the film artistry and Taehun Kim professor”. Taehun Kim agency actor company revealed in connection with this “the whether it is true or not is checked with the width inserted in the current on-line about the text”. The Sejong University expressed the standpoint that it is “one which manages the fact-finding committee and cooperates continuously in the investigation by police”.
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The reason why it disappears from Dalsu Oh ‘the swing advertising board’ which it will prevent “the uncle trusts” sexual harassment?

The weaker member of society protection campaign model activity of Busan Metropolitan Police Agency in which the actor Dalsu Oh hit against the alleged sexual harassment was given a favorable reception as so called, ‘the swing advertising board’ was unable to be any more kept. ‘ elderly respect ‘ message in Dalsu Oh the model change cigar becomes according to the regulation replacing the model No. 2 in the Wednesday (21 days) and 6 months in the representative of Busan Metropolitan Police Agency “dalsu Oh volunteered for the weaker member of society protection campaign model last year for free and one promotion was made with the model and Dalsu Oh was published” last week once in 1 on 28thIt put and it replaced with one placard catalog and the weaker member of society including old people, and etc. was revealed in the model. After that, the police emphasized “the model changing time comes to be unconnected with the alleged sexual harassment of Dalsu Oh and this change is carried out”. Last year, the last Busan Metropolitan Police Agency installed Dalsu Oh one ‘the swing advertising board’ in 3 places including the Haeundae bathing resort and Busan station, and etc. in the model. ‘the swing advertising board’ of which the advertisement text called ‘the uncle trusts’ is impressive was advanced with the social protection of the weak campaign link and the appearance maintaining those people with the pause in which Dalsu Oh wearing the police mastering is various and which is funny is put. The police put up the slogan protecting the weaker member of society including gender violence (woman) abuse · disappearance (the child · elderly · disabled person) juvenile protection, and etc. through ‘the swing advertising board’ campaign and ‘it will become the strong fence’ shot in conveying the message. Meantime, dalsu Oh is undergoing the embarrassment in the damage of rape exposure following recently. On 27th, the play actor thumb zero Ssi disclosed to appear in JTBC ‘news room’ and be sexually molested by Dalsu Oh in 2003. The thumb the soul revealed that it took to Seoul’s one motel and sexually harass me the Dalsu Oh “it is shy because it is well-known”. Dalsu Oh followed him to the restroom. It explained that it refused ‘it is not got a nice body’ and the steeper situation could be avoided. The sexual harassment suspicion of Dalsu Oh emerged for the comment of the sexual harassment suspicion related news of the theater director this gloss on 15th for the first time. At that time, one netizen left the comment that it sexually harass me with 1990’s in which Dalsu Oh was active in the street theatre troupe. As to after Dalsu Oh alleged sexual harassment, the widening became larger. Dalsu Oh offered “when there is no fact that it sexually harass the result that it looks back and takes the past” the official position in the agency. The thumb the soul explained the reason why it discloses as “it could apologize and waited after the sexual harassment having a doubt and it spoke which there was no anything but the apology and the forgiveness was in trouble” the real name. The netizen is the other person with the thumb the soul and the first width. The agency of Dalsu Oh talked in connection with the exposure of the thumb the soul “the position will be revealed in the early time”.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1716772.htm, 2018/02/28 15:43:42]

With the Cho Minki Kakaotalk “it was hardened”… sexual molestation 11 number victim width

The eleventh victim of sexual harassment appeared while the actor Cho Minki was getting the alleged sexual harassment. The victim revealed the lewdness Kakaotalk detail that the Cho Minki makes. ‘the Cho Minki Kakaotalk’ detail was presented to the world based on the giving information of the anonymous informant on 27th. The wine was studied at 11 number female victim that reveals me as the life in 1984 “one party met the Cho Minki on August, 2015 for the first time. Palo got to install after social relationship network service (SNS)” ” overseas and after it being well known, the wine ‘ I am liked. There was to on wine wonder and it wanted to ask and asked the address. The phone number was informed before and it broke silence. The victim revealed the exact date that it is 8 month 27 day in 2015 and the lewdness Kakaotalk message and photo which the Cho Minki sends to me from that day until 29th was presented as the evidence. The Cho Minki Kakaotalk message content is shocking. The Cho Minki sent ‘the boyfriend and bed is well right’ and ‘the boyfriend will be good’ etc. Kakaotalk message. The victim told “the Cho Minki realized that it watched Instagram and I have the boyfriend” “it is just the platonic love and replies, ’00 Ssi one’s figure is seen and how the platonic is loved and ‘ we tells in order to respond to the word of the Cho Minki”. After that, it was trying to turn the Kkeo in the subject but as to victim, ’00 Ssi, as to does the kiss want to give ” story of wine and studio talk to me? Do you want to make love? ‘it would like to caress’ etc. message was sent and revealed. The upper body picture of naked body was sent the victim by Kakaotalk and especially the Cho Minki could be said to be ‘I, alone, the danger in the inside fo imagination, very, the excitement’. Additionally, the photo which is wearing is sent and ‘I was so hardened now’ ‘it becomes you if you are wet’ ‘ I am handling. Continuously the message which asked for help and suggests the etc. sexual intercourse was sent. The Cho Minki made after all its own genitalia photo. The victim explained that after all messages was ignored. The acquaintance of the acquaintance of reveals the fact in the interview far later on reason ” Cho Minki which and I overlap with the informant. It is no problem utterly, it gets along with the other acquaintances in fact. So, it was difficult to bring up this conversation. But in order to leave the fact that I was taunted for fear that the thing which was the woman and the cause of the misunderstanding happens between these acquaintances in any chances occurred, all talks were backed up, it saw that bad action of “***” Cho Minki is revealed and it got to inform now. If the backup talk and photoes will be necessary for the investigation by police, it will provide altogether and told. Meantime, the Cho Minki is getting the suspicion that it sexually harass the pupils habitually after being employed as the Cheongju University dramatics and assistant professor in 2010. Presently, it is proceeding and the police is the policy in which it will investigate the Cho Minki the summon in the social position of the accused within next month.
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