‘the purity beautiful face’ forgotten ‘surely the hand catches’ Han Hye-Jin and fine dust

The actor Han Hye-Jin stimulate the lachrymal gland of the audience saw every week immersion as the high emotion performance, gorgeous ‘the bloom beautiful face’ was emitted. Han Hye-Jin agency Jikkim entertainment opened MBC TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘surely the hand catches. The losing evening sun at be looked’ (surely ‘ hand catches less than the Sungyung Kim ·, that is the script Hayeon Chung · direction stop,) shooting behind steel of Han Hye-Jin on 31st. The revealed steel heart Han Hye-Jin is this mind form the beautiful micro warm. As to the drama on-site official, the field atmosphere is thanks to this good with Han Hye-Jin who doesn’t lose the laughter always. It concentrated awfully on the character feeling and if it was the idle time, it was bright and it encouraged and puts emphasis as the lively face to everyone and revealed. It explained and, “the positive directions of Han Hye-Jin seem to make the character called Hyunchoo Nam and drama warmly it is more human”. Han Hye-Jin is playing an active part as the woman Hyunchoo Nam character which meets and worries the last moment of the life on hapiness in ‘surely the hand catches’ not to anticipate. Han Hye-Jin forcing out the first challenges to the temporary character describes delicately the feeling complicated of the family and life and Hyunchoo Nam character taking a good look in this drama. Han Hye-Jin is blushing the edge of an eyelid of the viewer with the hot rolling in every week drama. Because that He is showing off the neat and tidy fascination in the filming spot, all eyes is turned. It is bright of Han Hye-Jin who doesn’t lose the smile and the cheerful energy is becoming the large-scale strength to the co-actor/co-actresses and staffs and it is the rumor. In order to make that meaningful work which can worry deeply together about ” viewers and on life and which the correspondent relation person can tell, it is trying. The many interest toward Han Hye-Jin actor to act more fiercely and ‘surely the hand catches’ and affections was asked in the future and it made a request. Surely the hand can catch and be on the air with the melodrama drawing the love which visits from the closing hem of the life not to anticipate every week at 10 p.m.
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1 trillion red velvet the Pyongyang performance absence and round shape “the difficulty expectation from the casting”

Our art troupe music supervision round shape revealed the position about this while the group red velvet member joy got to be absent from the Pyongyang performance. Before our art troupe having ‘the peace over the Korean Peninsula cooperation origin southern side art troupe Pyongyang performance-spring comes’ performance ahead went for the round shape to Pyungyang in the morning on 31st, the broadcasting had to be advertised, and ” someone has to delay the concert. Because of preparing in the short time, there was a lot of this and that trouble, a lot of difficulties was predicted from the extention part casting for the first time with “***” youngest red velvet case. It was unable to participate as ‘integer’ as it worried and told. After that, it made a request “however, if when surely it will remember participate altogether in all members taking part as one mind, important one will be good”. The day before SM Entertainment Company Limited 1 trillion on the Pyongyang performance absence “when hiting against the request for performance, it decided to do with the first priority that it mediated the schedule where it was in the existing and the outlet attends” “however, if the performance program was not short, and moreover, the drama manufacture schedule on joy was crazy about the shooting, the broadcasting was unable to be finally attended beyond possibility” the BalThere is the Hin Ba. Our art troupe Chonghwan Do minister of Culture Sports and Tourism leads military headquarters about 120 people which went to Pyungyang in the morning on 31st.
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The birthday party ‘dazed’ stood ‘the superman came back’ foreword ·

The birthday party opens surprisingly of the comedian Lee, Yi Hwijae twin son foreword Seojun. The foreword Seojun goes for the Jeju Island tour to the fifth birthday commemoration from the KBS2 variety program ‘the Happy Sunday-superman came back’ (under ‘ shoe rock ‘) 219 ‘like the gift like the fabrication’ chapter broadcasted at April 1st 4:50 p.m. In this day broadcasting, lee, Yi Hwijae arranges the birthday party for the foreword Seojun surprisingly. The steel center foreword Seojun revealed before the broadcasting is making the confused look in the birthday party which Lee, Yi Hwijae prepares. The qualitative of Lee, Yi Hwijae including the name balloon of the decorated foreword Seojun, and etc. is shown in the small cake and window in which the second is stuck. While the birthday party preparation of Lee, Yi Hwijae was not easy due to the twins strutting along shoe stone ‘ pity ” lodging here and there, after all, as to Lee, Yi Hwijae, all Kkeonaet ” the video recording explained the inorganic of the spleen to be changed the interest of the children the situation at that time. Really, the foreword Seojun, surprisingly, the birthday party arouses curiosity if it was well finished. It is this goes at one time mind of children growing rapidly heavy on stomach.
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The teuroteu conversion reason ‘impact’ “there is no income” that Miss is round

The conversion was declared as the trot gas in which the singer and actor Donggeun Yang is not wrapper. Donggeun Yang pointed out the family as the reason why it appeared in KBS 2TV ‘the hyena of the keyboard the upper part’ on 30th and cannot help converting to the teuroteu singer. Donggeun Yang put three children on the subgenual spends the day for the family bodily. The new product had to come out as the musician and the family of was taken care, it was not easy and broke silence. The stuffy part stops Donggeun Yang. The music was much announced previously and the sound source of was one by one looked out, the freshly green juniors raised from the Eonjen edge and came up and the child 3 was developed and the beyond one’s capacity part stopped and the trouble was revealed. Since it was trying to do newly in reality although Donggeun Yang was acknowledged with the man who it said that it worried about the career from long time ago and does the music than ” actor much for the hip-hop which I had been providing, the fun disappeared. The young friends came altogether to the friends that it lived realistically as the behind head of a family whom the life itself produces the children, hold the stage. There was no man dragging the hip-hop to 40 and man told in fact. Donggeun Yang pointed out the sense of responsibility as the large-scale reason why it converts to the teuroteu as the head of a family. He goes where immediately and has to work. The one, which the hiphop is like that it is playing at all, not, all Doen Although the splendid performance place is not, that (music) in which many men listen and which it feels happy is the purpose. So, thought one explained as the teuroteu “. If ‘it is unable to come back to the hiphop again if the teuroteu is done’ does Donggeun Yang in the advice of the acquaintance to come back again some time ago, our family has to suck the finger. The pain is so great when there is no income in every month. That emphasized the reason large-scale ” in which I would like to install the teuroteu. The Donggeun Yang which meets ‘the event queen’ teuroteu singer Chinyeong Hong who is after apartment resident “it is long how to do how in like to doing the teuroteu after worrying” ” fact I, now, the hip-hop, well, not, all phallins It had to work much there was no ground when the child was three and it asked frankly for advice. As to Chinyeong Hong, “also it was from the girl group and because when doing the teuroteu for the first time, the sound was held up it said do and didn’t become, the teuroteu was done” ” outcome seems to be important. The eye line was changed according to the result and it advised.
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“I’m Back” Noldeu A Syuwaljenegeo, urgently, the heart surgery “among the recovery”

‘terminator’ Noldeu A Syuwaljenegeo came back from the crossway of life and death again. 31 days (korean time) U.S.A media ‘the entertainment weekly’ told that while the Noldeu A Syuwaljenegeo replaced the cardiac valve, they had got a problem and it got urgently the cardiotomy operation. Presently, it recovered to the stable state. The report material was presented and the agent of the Noldeu A Syuwaljenegeo explained “the process where the yesterday (29 days · local time) Noldeu A Syuwaljenegeo changes again the replaced valve to in 1997 natural Defectio cordis with was proceeded” “in this process, the problem happened. The operation team stood by the side hosted the heart ventrotomy directly”. After that, the agent added “the cardiac valve was successfully replaced and is recovering the Noldeu A Syuwaljenegeo from the operation by the stable situation”. The agent said “it spoke in the first as ‘I’m Back (I came back) ‘ after the Noldeu A Syuwaljenegeo woke up by mouth”. The Noldeu A Syuwaljenegeo is having come 6 months ‘the Tteomi Ne tear 6’ shooting ahead.
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‘it will be the nice concert steps’… southern side art troupe Pyungyang starting

Before our art troupe and Taekwondo demo team military headquarters perform Pyungyang boards for Pyongyang special plane in the Kimpo International Airport in the morning on 31st, the photo time is taken. Leave from the Kimpo Airport with Eastar Air airliner at 10:30 a.m. and face the mission to North Korea military headquarters of about 120, including the performance singers including Cho Yong-Pil, red velvet, and etc. to Pyungyang through the direct line in the West Sea.
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The southern side art troupe which takes care of the Pyongyang performance and leaves a country

Our art troupe and Taekwondo demo team military headquarters perform Pyungyang is revealing the feeling to the groups of reporters which are abundant in the Seoul Gangseo-gu Kimpo International Airport in the morning on 31st. The mission to North Korea military headquarters of about 120, including the performance singers including this day Cho Yong-Pil, red velvet, and etc leaves from the Kimpo Airport with Eastar Air airliner at 10:30 a.m. and heads for Pyungyang through the direct line in the West Sea.
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Till the nation variety program in ‘the reckless electric conduction’

‘limitless Challenge’ which is the broadcasting finished by the end on 31st The men who there are many in the adieu of the variety program which is not only for MBC and represents Korea are expressing the sense of frustration. ‘the start was weak but the end installed the spear-handle’ can summarize the station of ‘limitless Challenge’ come running with the horse since 2005. ‘limitless Challenge’, that is the corner ‘nothing (people) one electric conduction’ based on MBC variety program ‘saturday’, attracted attention between the audiences in that it was the unfamiliar real variety program. The field variety broken away from the common studio talk show from each broadcasting corporation was fresh. Moreover, the appearance in which the Cha Seongwon who is the actor that is appeared and which showed the abdominal muscle and in which one everyone or Geeseop So lies the coal mining part time work down on the ice made to be the audiences surprised. ‘the reckless electric conduction’ catching the audience rating and topic of conversation and 2 rabbits up to all was reborn as ‘limitless Challenge’. After attaching the title of on May, 2006 now, ‘limitless Challenge’ ran breathlessly and speeded at the top. The activity of the witty subtitles and cast who doesn’t spare presented the smile to the audiences. The planning in which it points out the issue and topic properly gave with the impression. As to ‘limitless Challenge’ authorized as ‘the representative variety program’, it became the leader of ‘the article talents palmy days’. Many works of the similar concept playing game in ‘1 night 2 day’ ‘the family floated’ ‘Running Man’ etc. fields beginning with ‘limitless Challenge’ appeared. ◆ As for the reason ‘limitless Challenge’ in which ‘limitless Challenge’ could live a long life in 12 years, the Bat child came the support of the numerous fans. 1 ‘the dancing bar’ stood by the front of TV every Saturday and was excited at ‘dancing’. The secret of long life of ‘limitless Challenge’ which they insist is ‘the smile impression’. The smile and healthy idea that it had been sharing the impression with the viewers is the mainstream by the large-scale reason why it could maintain the long broadcasting duration more than 12 years. It has the warship degrees one ‘the secret of the dancing-Seama Ha island of the delivery’ with the representative Legend item with the meterial. All Badat the compliance which is big to the viewers it approaches critically Japanese registering Seama Ha island to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites attitude last September 2015 broadcasted ‘the dancing of the delivery’ doesn’t acknowledge the enforced draft and evaluation that it called and caused the interest 18. the international Neseutti Aem press award was received, it was decorated with ‘the bankruptcy feature’ in the year 2016. ‘the bankruptcy feature’ which August 20th followed the National Liberation Day five days is broadcasted was LA feature. The audiences in which the bankruptcy An Chang-ho teacher and LA suspected if there was any kind of concern could consent soon. ‘limitless Challenge’ team headed for LA in order to see the hand printing in the son Philip of the bankruptcy An Chang-ho teacher remaining at Hollywood honor street. The last son Philyeong Ahn of the bankruptcy An Chang-ho teacher that place meeting told “it remembers that association of Korean residents fought for the independence”. All Moat the popularity which ‘the nation assemblyman’ chapter is abundant at April last year ‘the nation assemblyman’ feature was prepared as the object that it listened the voice of the people and establishes together the law which the people wants. The Kim Hyun, it was the assemblyman, Deo French Democratic Party Choomin Park assemblyman, and national, the assemblyman Yungchoo Lee, assemblyman Shinhwan Oh per Bareun feeling, and Uidang Chung Lee Jeung Mi assemblyman appeared. The active duty members of Congress examined the legislation process with ‘limitless Challenge’ members and people panels. ‘the punishment law of the child abuse crime’ come out of this course got through the Assembly plenary session by the assemblyman Shinhwan Oh in fact. It was the feature showing the line function of ‘limitless Challenge’ clearly. ◆ it is not that dispute ‘limitless Challenge’ presented with the favorable comment is always given a favorable reception. Many disputes were made with the popularity. The release was continued in 12 years and the evaluation that the meterial was commonplace was gotten and the several features got the suspicion that it copied the subject matter of the Japanese broadcasting station. ‘to make the calendar’ and ‘renewable energy’ feature proceeded in ‘limitless Challenge’ got the suspicion that it borrowed the idea of ‘energy’ chapter of ‘the calendar In Vietnam of 2 men’ which it proceeded in Japan Yomiuri TV ‘Hamajjatto’ and Nippon TV ‘the dano child Rasch’. It did to get the recommendation about the destruction of language. In 2007, ‘limitless Challenge’ got the total 2 times of recommendation dealing on broadcast installment Korea Communications Standards Commission by reason of the destruction of language including abuse, and etc. in 2006. At that time, ‘limitless Challenge’ sent the caption which is wrong over ‘it is funny’ ‘it is funny’, ‘conte’ (comt), ‘immediately’ (immediately), ‘all sorts of emotions’ (joy anger sorrow and pleasure), ‘it peels, it stands’ (it is black), and ‘rank of major I’ (soryong Lee) the etc. 10 the Yeo the time to the broadcast. The looks watching the Korea-Togo game with the FIFA World Cup Germany at that time was and broadcasted in 2006. At this time, ‘this XX’ ‘XXX’ back was processed captioning along with ‘ppi’ sound and It became the recommendation subject of disposal. Moreover, the year 2014 ‘the iron, marry a woman’s it was selected The feature was under criticism in that the Nohong season cared the condition of the women and appearance and the blind date partner was found before. Jaesuck Yoo greets the stick as the leader with the formal apology and after all, ‘limitless Challenge’ hit by the direct hit of the public opinion was finished. There were a lot of many day fields but the sense of frustration is mostly shown in the end of ‘limitless Challenge’. MBC mentioned the season 2 but there is no promise. Presently, it is the work which it watches if ‘limitless Challenge’ which it leaves when clapping comes back again. Stop truly the electric conduction in which ‘the nation variety program’ Limitless Challenge was likely to be unlimited now.
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‘the pretty sister buying the meal well’ Yaechin Sohn and very realistic ‘the nice sister’

There was no special case. However, it could not take eyes off the takes off from the very realistic appearance. JTBC new Geumto drama ‘the pretty sister buying the meal well’ (the script Kim the direction Panseok Ahn and under fair sister), that is the expected piece for first half, when being the first show after comeback of the year 5 of ‘the melodrama queen’ Yaechin Sohn on 30th got rid of the veil. China Yoon whom Yaechin Sohn acts was dumped from the beginning. The reason was ‘it is tedious’. The therapeutics of the farewell was the liquor. The close friend west longitude line (the place kite) was called and it drank and China Yoon lamented the lot. The reaction of the close friend west longitude line was lukewarm. As to He, the ideal type of ” man is the new and young woman. The eye which the man sees was raised, it advised. After that, china Yoon goes through the typical (?) course where it treats the farewell. The sigh of the parents was aroused of the inebriation injection. Nevertheless, china Yoon is unable to tell the boyfriend and farewell fact in the expectancy of the parents excited ‘see the lawyer son-in-law’. Know the fact that the boyfriend has been meeting the other woman from old times and set up China Yoon with the standing which it raids in turning upside down. It was the situation where the common drama for development of plot ‘the flame cheek’ comes out. However, China Yoon installs the timid revenge. Wait and see the situation putting its own stocking and lipstick on the boyfriend’s car purposely. The plurality of China Yoon succeeded. The boyfriend spending the both legs woman and Meuheut 한 night during was driven into the plurality of China Yoon by the both legs other and the trouble was paid. The suffering to the nice sister ‘ China Yoon is not end from here. China Yoon seeing the difficulty which is big in the open event which took a few days trouble with the easy handling a matter of the incapable senior officer and which it prepares was branded as the employee without the ability by the corporation representative. It suffered from the double torture which has to pay altogether happening loss and damage due to the sabee. Endlessly ‘younger man’ in which it kept thinking of the nice sister who was nice and has done rescues the decisive moment ‘the pretty sister buying the meal well’. The boyfriend getting kicked by the both legs daughter comes to the corporation of China Yoon and annoys. When being the brother of the acquaintance west longitude line in 20 watching this attitude, then it comes on foot grandiosely and covers the shoulder of China Yoon and the sweetheart ‘the pretty sister lessening the owner well’ Seo Junhui (the person, that is the year of swine,) wields power. And spit out toward the ex-boyfriend. “it is turned off” It grumbles, saying that it is “it sees piteously to the younger brother’s friend if it is not enough” but is China Yoon whom the politeness ‘the pretty sister’ Seo Junhui minds. One which gets to look back at Seo Junhui who gets the phone of the other woman and goes out saying that it goes to the club is due to this. It is expected if ‘the pretty sister buying the meal well’ China Yoon and ‘the pretty brother who asks to buy the meal’ Seo Junhui makes any kind of fortune in the accumulated uneventfully daily coincidence. It is not if it can be said to be the destiny if the accident is repeated, or.
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Couldn’t ‘the reservist duty admission’ binary stand a little more?

The Idol group M black native actor binary (30· one’s real name ear boil line) was enrolled among the army active service by reason of the panic disorder, and etc. through the inspection procedure in the reservist duty at last 23rd. Presently, the binary issue is waiting for the meeting notice in the instruction of the Military Manpower Administration. The panic disorder (the panic disorder and Panic Disorder) are one among the anxiety disorder in which the panic attack occurs. The panic attack is known to appear all of a sudden in the Engwangae Dae discord, disease, farewell, and stress situation like the bankruptcy. The depression or dipsomania, pathophobia, and personality change can appear if the panic disorder appears. It is the disease which it cannot ignore easily. The celebrity who there is a lot of besides the binary underwent the panic disorder. It was Lee Byung-hun, Kim Jang-hoon, Taehyun Cha, Kyonggyu Lee, Haneul Kim, advance, Chang Donghyeok, orthopedic money, Lee Sang-Min, and Kim-Gu and the back had trouble with the panic disorder. But the panic disorder is mostly overcome and the vigorous entertainment world activity is being displayed. The binary cannot know how much the panic disorder which he experiences is serious. If it will be about which it will transfer from the Military Manpower Administration to the reservist duty through the judgment, there will be the reason. Tturu Huh summer solstice would be not transaction in the Military Manpower Administration, that is the public institution. But it is the word. Couldn’t you stand a little more? The individual suffering doesn’t regard as the lie. Only, it is the idea holding in the idea cherishing the binary. The celebrities mentioned before went side by side the medicinal therapy, and etc. altogether and its own seat was kept. The typical person is Hyeongdon Chung. The rest period was taken for some time but it returns and is actively engaged in the anxiety disorder. It was much difficult. It will be the decision it will stand and which will stand and which it gets off but it is the fact that sense of frustration remains. This ‘the reservist duty admission’ is due to be obvious to 30 murder binary now to become the label to follow for a long time. In fact, the netizens are presenting the idea of the criticism to the reservist duty admission of the binary. “the panic disorder takes the drama and it adds and the daily life is no problem and absolutely is the military to unable to be gone?” As to “it is the mother I sending the child to you but the celebrity benefit is so good” ” someone, that place is good and are you confined? Aren’t you shy in being the mind which is suddenly separated from the society and would like to go out all? “my one motive walked due to the panic disorder everyday and it was unable to fall down and breathe and the hospital to was gone and then, wasn’t the public man available?” The etc. internet bullying is hung. Because of being passionate He who in order to overcome the panic disorder that it suffered before the enlistment and it accounted for the first in the boot camp part among the training soldier gets until the division commander commendation, the sense of frustration is bigger. Here, after the rumor that it had the bad idea comes out, the reservist duty admission is decided and the aftertaste feeling bitter is left. The entertainment world life is started and ‘enlistment to active service’ nice of the binary to be active as the actor to 40 year old, 50 year old, and sixtieth birthday the light is trying to be with this ‘the reservist duty admission’ Ba since back in 2008 in the future.
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