The girlfriend and ‘the comeback with the credit of the mature night’

The girlfriend in girl group is opening the sixth mini album ‘the time, fodder, the door night (Time for the moon night)’ commemoration of sale showcase in Seoul Kwangjin-ku YES24 livehall in the afternoon on 30th and the splendid stage is being spread. The title song ‘night’ expressed the talk of the night when the susceptibility of the girls becomes abundant compared with of the tune expressing the sad sensibility missing the love person with the beautiful housekeeping.
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The stable cycle-Gimjun string and ‘the ~ the smile is dug it digs up edible plants’

It attends KBS 2TV article talents ‘the uncle digging up edible plants’ production presentation in which the broadcaster stable cycle (left) and comedian Gimjun string is the Seoul Mapo in the afternoon on 30th and which is held in KBS Media Center and the photo time is taken. The uncle ‘ digging up edible plants is broadcasted to the naturalism variety program in which six Ibnang of Korea representative zoophagy city man goes down to the country and which collects the heb directly and which sets up till the table on the fourth of next month at night 11 o’clock.
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Seriously, the naturalism article talents ‘the uncle digging up edible plants’

It attends KBS 2TV article talents ‘the uncle digging up edible plants’ production presentation in which the comedian Gimjun string and actor Eungsu Kim, spar brother producer, and broadcaster stable cycle (from the left) is the Seoul Mapo in the afternoon on 30th and which is held in KBS Media Center and the photo time is taken. The uncle ‘ digging up edible plants is broadcasted to the naturalism variety program in which six Ibnang of Korea representative zoophagy city man goes down to the country and which collects the heb directly and which sets up till the table on the fourth of next month at night 11 o’clock.
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The Hyunsu Shin · Woori Cho and 4 month the opening to the public passionate love full stop “the White heat week all parting” (official position)

The actor Hyunsu Shin (28) and Woori Cho (25) marked the period to the open passionate love in just 4 months. Hyunsu Shin agency wheel entertainment revealed on 30th, “the result that the person makes sure Hyunsu Shin and that Woori Cho parts one are right”. After that, it explained “as to the parting time, it became about a week” “it didn’t ask about the reason of parting”. Hyunsu Shin and Woori Cho kept the open passionate love from December last year. “it got along with the acquaintances and the friendship was kept and it got to meet naturally recently” Woori Cho agency Keast reveals as “2 people, each other, the egg agar the step” and at that time, Hyunsu Shin agency acknowledges the passionate love fact of 2 people. Hyunsu Shin debutting as the short movie ‘department store’ was donated to the drama ‘may of life’ ‘the owner of the sovereign-mask’ ‘the May of life 2’ ‘the life of the gold color I’ etc. in 2013. It made previously debut than Hyunsu Shin soaking the team annually and played an active part in the drama ‘the purity of the slightness’ ‘the medical Ttap team’ ‘the modern party is far’ ‘the daughter like you’ ”s law court’ ‘the descendant of the sun’ etc.
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‘miss tris’ “in the Han Ga-in · Hyunbean Shin · Choehui, expect ‘ comradeship ‘ breathing”

In ‘miss tris’ star Han Ga-in Hyunbean Shin Choehui, the eyes the viewers was captivated with the different appeal which Koojae bivalent could not see in the domestic drama so far. The drama production crew foretold the breathing and rapid development which these will show in the future among these and the expectancy was raised. The cable channel OCN new the Saturday drama ‘miss tris’ (the script Ko Jung-woon Gimjinuk · direction one paper strap) production crew is showing the strong breathing as much as the expression called the Koojae bivalent ‘ comradeship ‘ matches in ” Han Ga-in Hyunbean Shin Choehui on 30th. The talk which it is hidden in the activity of your that this energy was connected to the inside in the camera outside and it seemed to raise the immersion, it led the mystery to the front of “***” possessively and hides the dead body and truth friend and later time was expected and it made a request. In addition, it revealed the curiosity for the development was pulled up onto in the future. ‘miss tris’ playing an active part in Han Ga-in Hyunbean Shin Choehui as Koojae bivalent starring took the first electric waves on 28th. As to ‘miss tris’, the name same drama broadcasted in the British Broadcasting Corporation has been remade as the original in American ABC in 2008. It is the mystery organic functions thriller drama which it will draw the relationship distorted of your having the secret woman and men entangled in them and anxiety psychological. In the first broadcastings, the market condition yeon which was faced with the works which it is mysterious and which was tied with the suspicious murder case and in which the common everyday is being shaken with at the root Jjae (han Ga-in), Eunsu Kim (hyunbean Shin), one garden (the minute in the Choehui), and talk of the drawing zero (the eloquence person) were drawn. The decision of your that it got together solidly and has been scattering the case friend held the expectancy about the development in reverence afterward. English teacher in high school and glume the single mom and favor and spite who lives only two people in the pole with the daughter after as to Seyeon, the husband passes away the psychiatrist and garden is the head official in law firm. The personality was different but the comfort was becoming sensible. And the viewer and consensus was formed into the realistic friend breath. Moreover, in order to face the hair on the moment which gets to get involved in a murder case and hide the corpse, it planned and your who knew well and believes man went into the unique pass called ‘the victim search’ in which the criminal is not.
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Kim Sohui and 5 the month one the first the fan meeting… the overseas activity first step

The singer Kim Sohui takes a step the overseas activity start to Japan fan meeting. It is the k stay located come on May 5th Tokyo in Japan, Kim Sohui holds ‘the golden fan meeting’ in (K-Stage O!). The total 2 times fan meeting is held this day 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. and Kim Sohui has the Japanese fan and the first meeting. Kim Sohui got to do Japan fan meeting in its own SNS with ” beginning. The Japanese fan gets to be met and it seems to be very nervous and be excited at last. The impressions was conveyed if, saying that it came a lot and enjoyed with me and went away, it will be good. The picture do the Japanese study was and opened and the anxiety for Japan first fan meeting was expressed. Kim Sohui is planning to show the special stage for the various stage, includings the solo debut song ‘heapily’ ands Japanese fan meeting for the first time in Japan ‘the golden fan meeting’. The special event which can be enjoyed with the fans besides the stage is arranged. In the meantime, leave a country for the Japan first fan meeting come on May 4th Kimpo Airport.
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‘muscleman’ shaken with ‘the drizzle bird’ Chongcook Kim ‘konjiam’ impression and fear

In ‘the drizzle bird’, the singer Chongcook Kim (42) watched the horror movie ‘konjiam’ along with the one’s younger brothers. In ‘capable person’ Chongcook Kim the front of ‘konjiam’, it was the unfailing people. All Naseot the spring picnic along with 6 acquaintance brother including Chongcook Kim in SBS variety program ‘our cub which the baby book- used again is hateful’ broadcasted p.m. 9 on 29th 5 minute (under drizzle bird) the singer Syo Ri, manager, and etc. In this day broadcasting, the brunch was comfortably enjoyed eating in the cafe and Chongcook Kim and brothers talked. As to these, belching fully the harmonious atmosphere out after visited the cinema together and ‘konjiam’ was appreciated. The Konjiam ‘ opened Konjiam mental institution with the meterial with one movie on the 28th of last month. 2.6 million standard number of spectator through was broken on 29th and it was a box-office success. ‘konjiam’ went along the word of mouth from the release at the time between the spectator with the unlike other people horror movie. Chongcook Kim seemed to preserve to be quiet unlike the other parties shaken with the fear. However, the popcorn which it didn’t eat usually was inhaled with the overspeed and it was dirty and He gave the tense nap present of the large-scale smile to the viewers. The Chongcook Kim “when seeing, it is not scary and goes home and is likely to be scary” took off the rhyme. After that, the Syo Ri “is the today together cut?”Asked. It answered to this Chongcook Kim “it goes to Anyang whether (the parents hires) is seen today and it has to sleep” and the extent of the phobia was expressed. After all, Chongcook Kim who didn’t do the expression of one’s feeling which the consistently is scary got to feel the humiliation called the defeat of ‘capable person’ from the front of ‘konjiam’. He installed all kinds of effort in order to close eyes among the movie after all tying tight and swallow the horror. ‘konjiam’ fed up of the fear is attracting attention the bulky men more. “it is the successive generations class among our country horror movie” ” originals is terrible putting ‘konjiam’. The goose pimples “”‘ Konjiam ‘ seems to be really scary. The horror movie is unable to be watched and it would like to see, the various reaction oves the back is shown.
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Hwang chan Ho heart attack leaving the world… girlfriend tear letter “we were happy”

The car play actor Hwang chan Ho died from the dawn heart attack in 12 on 26th. 32 years olds of one’s age at deathThe agency marathon entertainment of the high Hwang chan Ho revealed that deceased died of the dawn heart attack on 26th and it finished the carrying a coffin out of the house in Seoul Virgin Mary’s Hospital funeral hall on 28th. After that, the representative of agency revealed “these who there are about lots sat for three days funeral parlor up with the corpse including the agency actors with Hwang chan Ho actor”. While the unexpected sad news does the around, the letter which the girlfriend of Hwang chan Ho writes down stimulates the lachrymal gland. Hwang chan Ho and girlfriend raised the pretty love such as opening the date appearance to the social relationship network service (SNS), etc. Exorbitantly, we the girlfriend of the dead ” yesterday the day before yesterday were happy. The state of mind which it grieves to it was the unit of measure poor yet because of love me amok and doing well and being poor at the Gomap tea ceremony end and feeling sorry and talk was conveyed. In another writing, is the girlfriend that it writes on ” where, and the brother can see? Is it that it says the outline anyplace, and the brother can listen? Written these edge of an eyelids was hot. Hwang chan Ho debutted as the play ‘the glass mask Episode 5-, one more, the soul’ as Seoul school of art play and native in 2006. It played an active part in the various field including after drama and play, musical, and etc. Recently, MBN drama ‘the Yeonnamdong 539’ and all Ppyeolchyeot the acting in OCN drama ‘this man sewage’ back
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