‘the ideal cut’ Sebeuntin Beonon and ‘the gyps fighting spirit’ of the passion

“this appearance is shown and it feels sorry and is so a pity.” The member Beonon of the Boy group Sebeuntin showed the gyps the passionate stage in the leg injury in one concert. However, he who could not participate in all stages due to the minor phase expressed continuously the mind feeling sorry for the audiences. The second opinion solo concert ‘the Seoul (2018 SEVENTEEN CONCERT ‘IDEAL CUT’ IN SEOUL), that is 2,018 Sebeuntin concert ideal cut,’ of the Sebeuntin (the Eseukkupseu, choosing Syua Cho, given wooden bow and arrow, Wonu, tallow, Dieit, Mingyu, degrees and multiplication pipe, Beonon, and Dino) opened in the Songpa-gu Seoul Jamshil Gymnasium p.m. 6 on 30th. This concert is about first concert taking place in 1 year after ‘the diamond edge’ taking place at July last year. This day was the third day stage of Korean concert which for four days is continued. It was gathered to Jamsil so that the changma front through could be gone and about 6,000 people of audience can enjoy these concerts. ‘the ideal cut’ was for three days 10 reel schedule from 29th. However, the situation which prolongs the day by the hot extra performance request of the fans after recording the sold out occurred. Beonon participated in the concert of this day along with the members in order to repay the love of these fans. Beonon got hurt while digesting first on 29th concert performance last stage. The agency Ppeul LADDIS entertainment of the Sebeuntin made “it got to take a step such as being under the close examination of the medical team and disposition and wearing a cast, etc” the official position in this. It revealed and, “it judged that it was difficult because of digesting the performance. But the will of Beonon who is trying to raise in spite of the detaining of the agency for the beating people waiting for the performance to the stage is firm. It gets to stop at 30 days and 7 month on 1st Seoul concert stage as scheduled”. The Sebeuntin which wore this day all black costume and appears led the cheers large-scale of the audiences to the passionate opening where it reminds of the climax of the play. Particularly, they sat on the chair from the opening stage and the first stages were decorated according to the opinion of the professional. The fans shouted “the Sebeuntin ~” continuously and welcomed these. Beonon finishing the opening stage gave the audiences of the word of the apology in advance. He is good. Because of seeing, that about is like that serious in fact it seemed to try this way but it was not, it said and smiled. After that, it told “because it is taking a step in order to be completely cured to the utmost quickly, it doesn’t need to worry”. The Beonon “this appearance is presented and it is sorry and is so a pity” explained “although the condition was not good in this way, surely the concert wanted to be played and no matter what, it got to be together in this way”. The mind felt a pain and the audiences were moved. ” we was surprised at first time and the multiplication pipe was sad at this. However, beonon got hurt, it was more vigorous and it said and rather, the worry of the fans was taken out. Mingyu represented the mind of “everyone is sorry because Beonon got hurt but Beonon is likely to see everyone who laughs more and feels happy and the energy is likely to appear” Beonon It asked to enjoy the multiplication Gwan, also, “if the eyes supporting Beonon was more compared with the regrettable eyes, it will be good” this day performance more. ‘it moves toward the appeared Sso’ ‘the flower’ ‘the Noppeon (NO F.U.N.)’ Geecheok Eom ‘ now board was found before and it was going, ‘ beautiful (BEAUTIFUL) ‘ jam was measured, continuously JAM JAM)’ back was called and Sebeuntin was breathed with the fans. The members and partial stage was unable to install Beonon together. They sat and on the chair in the stage where there is the choreographing and the show was digested. The audiences acclaimed for the energy which it is bright with the nap achieving his 10 tablets and the fast recovery was wished. This day Sebeuntin showed the different charm at three unit stages including the hip-hop, vocalist, performance, and etc. Firstly, ‘it droops’ in which the hiphop unit accomplished with the Wonu, Mingyu, and Beonon is U.S. release music was shown and the mood of the field was fully pulled up onto. After that, wooden bow and arrow, given Dieit, and Dino fitted to ‘measuring the jam’ and the overflowing performance was shown and the audiences were moved up and down. Besides, the vocal team degrees and Syua Cho, multiplication pipe, and choosing tallow caused ‘way of saying’ and ‘pinwheel’ and the rim of the ear of the audiences was wetted with the sensibility. After these appeared as the solo and sang ‘the fly’ what kind of future ‘ etc., that is its own beauty release music, enthusiastically and was not surprisingly the present long to the fans. The stage of ‘the thinking Eobaut Yoo (THINKIN’ ABOUT YOU)’ ‘it is beautiful’ ‘the shinnies diamond (SHINING DIAMOND)’ ‘boomboom’ ‘the rock’ ‘hand clapping’ etc. was decorated and Sebeuntin heated the mood of the place after once again. It answered and in ‘campfire’ ‘healing’ ‘quite, NICE’ to the call for encore. After finishing about 200 minute of packed stage, Beonon revealed “because of first feeling sorry for the members so and suffering, it would like to tell” the impression. After that, it added “the thank of would like to be given the staffs to suffer much in the reason today” “the regretful looks is shown and it feels sorry for the caret (the Sebeuntin fan club name) much”. Beonon will recover quickly to the utmost. It asked to watch and made a request with the promise. In the meantime, japan put the debut album ‘the make Yoo (WE MAKE YOU)’ on sale on last May 30th. The first for was accounted in Oricon daily album chart with the relevant album and these realized the hot popularity. Sebeuntin proceeds with the concert come from September 4th to September 6th Saitama super Rena A.
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‘I can hire alone’ drafting 84 sauna attention… netizen “where is it?” The curiosity explosion

In ‘I can hire alone’, interest about the sauna which the drafting 84 visits is concentrated. The drafting 84 found the sauna in MBC ‘buy alone’ broadcasted on 29th for the vacation alone. The sauna which the drafting 84 visits had the various room oves the temperature. Because the place enjoying the near swimming was prepared, the eyes of the viewers was captivated. Immediately after the broadcast went out, many viewers visited the place and it rose to the real time searching Eo. As to the partial televiewers, the location of the sauna which the drafting 84 finds guessed as ’00 groups of 100 of Jangheung’ of Kyonggi-do liquor. This sauna in Kyonggi-do whisky is introduced to KBS 2TV ‘the life source’. Moreover, ㅇ is well known as the good place to enjoy eating Baesuk and do the healing. In this day broadcast, the drafting 84 for was entered the sauna high temperature room and the appearance which bought and eats the Sikhye and egg in the stall and which it enjoys was broadcasted. The yellow Ipomoea batatas baked in the fire was eaten and the drafting 84 ranging over the various snack which can be enjoyed in the sauna pulled the sweat out of the high temperature room. The performers seeing this looks shouted in chorus “the sauna to would like to be gone”. He said “good about used for the mouth (it was in the Gop room. And then), it was difficult because the feel getting out of the body all got. The mood became refreshed after looking like the sweat at a gulp” the impression in the interview. The drafting 84 looking like the sweat was moved to the vicinity valley. At this time, the accident (?) in which the pants of the swum drafting 84 was taken off and the underwear is seen happened. Han Hye-Jin watching this attitude shouted “you underwear has only one that”. The drafting 84 “the same underwear the chapters many” explained. It satisfied continuously hunger in the flat bench with the boiled chicken and I the drafting 84 finishing the dabbling in water finished the healing vacation alone.
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‘immortality’ first half of the year champions league and laver grow, · formula couple wins the victory.

‘the classic of the immortality’ showed the champions league for first half. KBS 2TV ‘sing the classic-legend of the immortality’ which this champion broke many these forecasts and Kim grew, · formula couple occupied, the day is broadcasted with 30 was decorated with the big match special broadcasting program of 2,018 upper direction settlement of accounts, 7 people. The group V.O.S, singer Tte minister ring, this one’s Korean translation of Chinese character, Kyonghoh Kim, Donggeun Yang, and singer Gimnani and modern dancer Seoksoon Chung appeared and the singer starting this day contest showed the splendid stage. The hero on the first stage was the minister ring. The high didle member trousers ‘my reflected in my heart figure’ was selected, He showed the stage gone back. Secondly, it rose to the stage and ‘you showing through in the micro’ of Seonghun Shin was sung enthusiastically. This one’s Korean translation of Chinese character got 399 tickets and broke the minister currency and got 1 victory. Donggeun Yang whom it rises to the third stage selected ‘play with fire’ of the oxone 80. This song fused the commotion ‘the ambulance and fire truck’ and bulletproof Boy Scouts ‘blaze up’ inimitably and gathered the eye line of the judging group with the stage which was unique and splendid. But the vote result of the judging group stepped toward the stage upon this one’s Korean translation of Chinese character after finishing. Next, the Yanghui debt of gratitude ‘evergreen’ which is the increased border was shown with the musical ‘disappear with the wind’ team and 406 tickets were gotten and new 1 victory was raised. The high Gwangseok Kim ‘occur’ was selected and the V.O.S risen by the fifth stage showed the stage in which the energy overflows. But the other Eo was unable to undertake Tte. ‘only Naya’ of wanna circle was selected and it showed till the point choreographing and Kyonghoh Kim recording the first half of the year maximum victory made excited. Just it was reminiscent of ‘the Armor party of the second’. 419 tickets were gotten and the Tte of 2 straight victories was beat and Kyonghoh Kim showing the exceptive stage occupied 1 victory. Finally, the modern dancer formula Sun couple climbed the stage and ‘who does don’t know this man?’ of the case Sun precious stone was selected. Its own major was saved and the Gimnani and formula Sun couple showed the stage where the Pansori and modern dance is appropriately merged. In the vote result of the classic judging group, Kim getting 428 tickets got through the closing of the first half final win. The formula Sun couple occupied.
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Rehabilitate in ‘special favor’ G-dragon and military hospital in the leaving hospital troop.

The group big bang G-dragon (·30 for one’s real name wrapping paper) which is enveloped in the special favor after entering the chain of stations Yangju Hospital returned as the ja. The agency YG entertainment announced officially on 30th, “it moved to CheolWon regiment after G-dragon left with the yesterday (29 days)”. G-dragon seems to keep the ankle treatment and rehabilitation in the troop medical room after getting out. G-dragon joining on last February 27th entered the private hospital operation and chain of stations Yangju Hospital with the ankle unstable symptom till the recent and had been receiving the treatment. The condition of ankle of G-dragon was the circumstance where it has to remove the bone particles with the operation according to the agency. In this course, the suspicion that it used ‘the colonel room’ was proposed and it was enveloped in the allegation of special favor. It rose on the cutting board to use the sick leave for 25 days after joining. However, the Ministry of National Defense spurned the privilege suspicion to be “the situation of the medical team it was the inevitable measure which it gets off at the stable patient care view for the stability of the other inpatient as well as the person”. It explained on the insistence “the present colonel room doesn’t operate separately and the single room of the military hospital can use the executive and soldier for when necessary altogether” that the single room was the colonel room “when there is the example in which the patient and resistant bacteria patient in which the snoring is serious uses in 2017”. The agency refuted as “malicious it is reported it used the procedure and regulation including the sick leave love song, and etc. it followed”.
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‘the produce 48’ Yae sub key Naco and service station oil A perpendicular ascent… something unusual successive occurrence

The something unusual occurred in succession while ‘the produce 48’ the last class was announced. In the Mnet ‘the produce 48’ broadcasted on 29th, the last class presentation of the trainees proceeded. The character who displays this day small increase and rises up to the service station oil A in the service station oil B is 3 people. The Wie trainee appeared in ‘the produce season 1’ Seahyun Kim, starship Ahn Yoochin, and Takahashi Jyu Ri who was raised. On the other hand, there is the perpendicular ascent and people presenting the surprise to the audiences downwardly. It was directly, the Yae sub key Naco and Stone music Yoori Cho. The Yae sub key Naco rose vertically to the service station oil A in F class. The Yae sub key Naco which gets and holds up the service station oil A grade told “it would like to take to this home” and the pleasure was unable to be hidden. In the group valuation, the Yae sub key Naco was organized in 2 trillion girlfriend ‘if it lends ears’ and clean got the natural Korean lyrics digestion and favorable criticism. This day Yae sub key Naco got 330 tickets and led the team to the victory. The sign that Yae sub key Naco, as to the nation center is centered was displayed and the sense of existence was clearly shown in the various directions. On the other hand, the perpendicularity went down contrary to the Yae sub key Naco from the highest grade A with F and Yoori Cho gave the shock. In conclusion, it was the tear the steps because of being upset. Besides, as to Yeonsu Choi, whom it is known with the daughter the looking downward was adjusted in D class to F class. It fell from the service station oil A getting through the Wie most example to the service station oil B. It was uploaded Eunbee Kwon relegated to the commercial oil and the various changes were displayed. In the meantime, the Yae sub key Naco rose to the 16th in the revealed on-line medium vote. 11 Gyedan jump up in two weeks of broadcasting from the 27th. It gets attention if as one’s quantity is made, it comes up to the strong ability of the Yae sub key Naco and once and can put name in the debut team.
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Realign as the B1A4 camp ·, directly, the agency and parting…3 person system.

The B1A4 camp and immediately leave for the agency WM entertainment. WM entertainment revealed to be on 30th, “the member camp of the B1A4 and immediately, as to the exclusive contract was expired on June 30th” “one to be rooted unsparingly for the future afterward”. B1A4 is the situation where it be unable to+have to unable to exceed in the seventh anniversary climax of the Idol group and 2 members have to realign as the exclusive contract is terminated. The formal term of a contract of the B1A4 is 23 days in last April. The period is prolonged for the renewal discussion between 2 months. However, it was not to renew after the last discussion in the camp and var and WM entertainment got to be left. But the team of the B1A4 seems to be maintained as it is. The management company told “thises growth will be helped with both materially and morally in the future”, saying that it was “one which keeps the working after realigning the renal pelvis and mountain Chanlee Kong B1A4″. After that, the greeting of was given the fans. Thank the fans supporting the members still for 7 years with ” past. The interest unchanged in the B1A4 left refreshingly was asked and it added. The B1A4 making debut got the love which is abundant by ‘this is something’, ‘logic’, ‘the good night it Jalja’, and tune of ‘it is the solo’ back in 2011. Especially, the leader camp of the B1A4 gained recognition as the composition rock as the composition of the popular melody and sensitive writing the lyrics. The mountains moreover, it appeared on the various contest programs and the singing ability for had been being gained recognition. It played an active part in the drama and sitcom, musical, and etc. and the immediately and ball chan and renal pelvis secured the various fans no more than this. The following is WM entertainment position speciality. Hello. It is WM entertainment. Report the official position about the renewal of the B1A4. Directly, (sunwoo Cha) informs with the camp (chinyeong Chung) of the B1A4 which it has been being together since back in 2011 that exclusive contract with the headquarters of a party is June 30th in 2018 terminated lastly. After discussing before the position artist B1A4 members and exclusive contract expiration for a long time, in order to walk its own street in order to spread its own dream, we WM entertainment decided to respect the choice with one camp directly. Because of deciding new to complete in its own seat, it deals and the cheer which the sincerity is young is sent to the headquarters of a party, moreover, the fresh start of the members. The headquarters of a party and renewal the camp and renal pelvis (dongwoo Shin) except immediately acid (the mileage ring) and ball chan (chansik Kong) was completed within the member of the B1A4 based on the confidence and affection. Accordingly, the concentration will be finished on the re-maintenance of the B1A4. And it will discuss advisedly on direction of activity members afterward and decide to decide. The won is not saved for the renal pelvis and growth of the acid the ball chan whether it is wholehearted and the headquarters of a party is planning to run out the best effort in the future. Moreover, it will do more best for beating everyone who love and do the profuse cheer. The words that it causes many and beating yours worry and is truly sorry to is asked. And the B1A4 members established in the new outbound track are blessed and as in now constant and warm love and interest is asked. Thank you
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Shinhwa imine mistake and birthday project inrush ‘it shares life’

‘we are Shinhwa’The idol daytime ranking site ‘the click Star Wars’ held the birthday support of the group Shinhwa imine mistake on 29th. It is the global display panel event of which Korea Japan and China fans can take part directly. The display panel is located in the major center of Korea and Japan. The celebration message which the fans send to the imine mistake is planning to be screened at the relevant display panel for a week. The imine mistake birthday market participant method is simple. In ‘the click Star Wars’, it is the way that it contributes the sort (point) which it gathers eagerly to the support directly. The star completes every kind of mission in the site, or if the various activities are done, it can get easily. The Shinhwa debut opens the congratulation event in the 20th anniversary and previously, ‘the click Star Wars’ achieves 400% on last February 28th. All Moat the interest the picture congratulating the debut in the 20th anniversary of the Shinhwa is screened on this in the Tokyo in Japan Sinjukku and Seoul Subway 2 the line 43 the alteration waiting room display panel and Daeyeok HongThe Shinhwa and the creation of myth (the Shinhwa fan club name) are showing about for 20 yearseach other unchanging love. New ‘shinhwa’ is used as the role model of many Idol group ands this fans. It gets attention if the birthday project of the imine mistake which owes to this and proceeds untill the 15th of next month can succeed.
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‘original pretty boy’ which ‘the bloom grandfather’ audience rating traction Yunggeon Kim and my humble mind mistake father is not

The activity of ‘the original pretty boy actor’ Yunggeon Kim stood out. The TvN ‘the grandfather returns than the bloom’ (under ‘ bloom grandfather ‘) audience rating broadcasted on 29th was tallied at 9.2 % (nielsen Korea and pay furniture). The flower grandfather ‘ recorded the high audience rating from the first broadcastings in which Yunggeon Kim joins and notified smooth start in advance. This day Bundang highest ratings recorded till 12.4%. In the first broadcasts, the Europe tour story of 5 people and porter this paper weight including the age of sixty ash and leaves for the germany berlin Sin Gu, Geunhyeong Park, Baek Ilseop, Yunggeon Kim, who and etc. was drawn. Yunggeon Kim is most the youngest among ‘the bloom grandfather’ member age of sixty ash · Sin Gu · gracilis muscle Hyeong · Baek Ilseop but too the age is 70. Truly, the youngest ‘ this paper weight was good for some time and rolled. Before going for the travel, the joining news of Yunggeon Kim was revealed in the dinner meeting getting together. This paper weight listening to the word that the youngest comes was unable to hide “the friend which helps me and plays a role ‘ porter ‘ comes” the pleasure to the other performers for the first time. This weight regarded rightly as the junior who is younger than me and liked. This weight closed eyes around the joining news of Yunggeon Kim no more tying tight and it rolled. Instead, the quickness which occurred suddenly and greets was shown. This day Yunggeon Kim bought the drink and said to the colleague performer and production crew in the airport “when it lent money before this coming” and led the environment from the start heartwarmingly. The one’s eldest son role of the Kim Hoejang (choi bul-am) was acted about 20 years in loved MBC long life drama ‘country Diaries’ since 1980 and Yunggeon Kim who is famous for the actor my humble mind right father was loved. The favorable comment was gotten with the courteous and generous male enjoying the wonderful single life in the variety program ‘buy alone’. The grandfather returns ‘ is broadcasted than the flower at every Friday night 9:50.
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‘the classic of the immortality’ closing of the first half and ‘the best lineup’ till Donggeun Yang from Kyonghoh Kim

‘the classic of the immortality’ this first half of the year final victory trophy returns to the someone. The splendid lineup of ‘2,018 closing of the first half planning’ feature is revealed and the expectation of the audiences is fully pulled up onto. In the KBS2 variety program ‘sing the classic-legend of the immortality’ (the classic ‘ of under ‘ immortality) broadcasted p.m. 6 on 30th 5 minute, the best vocalists wining the victory trophy with the excel singing ability and performance splendid are all called out this year in the first half of the year. These captivating the mind of this first half of the year classic judging group immediately are the sparking big match the bee in order to occupy ‘the champions league for first half’ title. The singer Kyonghoh Kim with this day contest person, this one’s Korean translation of Chinese character, Donggeun Yang, Tte minister ring, and group V.O.S And the singer Gimnani and modern dancer Seoksoon Chung sallies. Kyonghoh Kim who is the most victory and all kill register holder strains the rivals with the appearance fully in the first half of 2018. As to inside, Donggeun Yang making a boast of the multiplying factor with this one’s Korean translation of Chinese character most doesn’t predict the honor of ‘the classic of the immortality’ first the single victory the winner with the singing ability overwhelming the stage In Shane file Ran chapter of the role model WESTLIFE, the V.O.S. Which wins the victory grandiosely and is invited in his public performance in Korea as the single guest is visited and the representative for Korea sensibility foot ladder rim objection stage captivates eye and ear of the viewers and it soothes sopping with the sensibility. Besides, ‘married couple of artists’ Gimnani and Seoksoon Chung showing the stage makes seen these tears into the sad performance from the Hum worth of. After that, ‘the next generation luxury goods vocalist’ minister ring digesting completely till the idol cover dance arouses ‘the next generation luxury goods vocalist’ minister ring curiosity if the deep second ring of is and given present as any kind of stage. While the intense competition taking the seat of this first half of the year ‘the final champion team’ of 7 team is informed in advance through the champions league, it is attracting attention if these add any different arrangement and the abundant stage is decorated. As to and, the final winner, the outcome gets attention if It becomes the someone.
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“whisker is unstable but my is satisfactory” needed ‘the Mr. Syeonsya phosphorus’ side area

It appeared as the appearance growing the beard which ‘the Mr. Syeonsya phosphorus’ Byeonyo heartburnings is tufty and the new satisfaction for the appearance was expressed, the TvN new Saturday drama ‘the Mr. Syeonsya phosphorus’ (the script Kim Eunsuk · direction Eeung good luck) production presentation opened with 26 with the day at the Seoul Gangnam-ku Nonhyon-dong patio court lady at 2 p.m. All Nanwot the story about the new work the actor Lee Byung-hun, Taeri Kim, flexibility seat, Minjung Kim, and Byeonyo heartburnings attends in this day field including Eungbog Lee director ‘the Mr. Syeonsya phosphorus’ is hiting against the attention which is big for the best expected piece in 2018. As the atmosphere of this day field was hot as much as Kim Eunsuk author and Eeung good luck PD, as to the work interest mutual understanding at the third and best actor battle formations gathered after ‘the descendant of the sun’ and ‘the brilliance Ha-goblin it is lonesome’ with one work, it was hot. Especially, in this day scene, there was the man who eyes falls poisonousness. It was the Byeonyo heartburnings changing unusually into the appearance growing the beard directly. Within a drama Byeonyo heartburnings seemed to have no discretion as if it were the libertine who studied abroad and comes in the year 10 into Japan for the marriage to Joseon but it was resentful as the character Huisung Kim having the warm nature. Huisung Kim is the fiance of (taeri Kim) who is the political the high child who is bound. This day Byeonyo heartburnings revealed the satisfaction which on its own whisker is peculiar. Even when the multiple unit steerable antenna playing a role, ‘ Yungnyong served the year 2 4 months ago He grew the beard directly. In advance, all Yeoreot the mouth as to one, felt at that time the attitude is changed He, as to on the meter which gets to grow continuously “especially, the feel when it brandishes the sword was different” “the sensibility wanted to be expressed in the whisker when seeing the script in this” the beard revealed. After that, my whisker, as to the second development was grown up and it got to be connected by ” this after to the whiskers. The sensibility wanted to be expressed in the whisker and it said and evoked laughter. The Byeonyo heartburnings could show my looks through one whisker. It was the role that it does the fashionable but the feel which it wanders due to the whisker was planning to be unsparingly inspired, the whisker was been unstable and added and to be “***” externally it burst out laughing and once to be extravagant. “it seems to be good” the chattiness was and shaken in the question asked the idea about its own looks looking into a mirror, saying that it was “the chapter which it is satisfied with the whisker” this. Continuously uneasy figure explained on whisker in fact the Byeonyo heartburnings shoot ‘the Mr. Syeonsya phosphorus’ with the whisker was shown for 10 months. The group of reporters, watching this actors and director could not hide the smile which has been being leaked. In the meantime, it is the drama which it draws the thing which comes back to Joseon, that is the homeland in which one boy that boards the warship in the Shin-mi double-concave (1,871) and occurs to U.S.A throws away I to American social position of soldier, and is stationed and gets wider. Coming 9 p.m. on July 7th is broadcasted.
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