‘the man is good’ Baek Ilseop and sol spirit 3-in service the Hobnamneo “it is used now”

‘the man is good’ Baek Ilseop revealed the sol spirit in 3 tea single-breasted coat life. In MBC culture and current event program ‘when the human documentary man is good’ broadcasted p.m. 8 on 31st 55 minute, the real everyday of the actor Baek Ilseop declaring the sol spirit was drawn in 40 years. It becomes independent after the sol spirit and the Baek Ilseop is living alone. This day Baek Ilseop started the daily schedule with the pushed housework. The barley dried croaker was steamed in the steamer and He showed off the cooking skill which is not ordinary with the brunch. The ready-prepared meal was and thawed and the ice was poured into the meal. The Baek Ilseop revealed the recipe of “the barley dried croaker is cold and has to have a meal” He. After Baek Ilseop did much to eat on the spirit rice ” (previously) 4. But it was shabby to eat alone. Now, the brunch ate as possible and it said in the house. After that, it never buy in this way. But it was used now and was good and added. Besides, it was dirty and the Baek Ilseop gave the nap of nine bundles of housewife present of the surprise. As to the He “the dish washing bowl number has to be reduced if it can become”, ” these days trouble appeared more with one. What is cooked and is eaten tomorrow? It said and evoked laughter. As to after Baek Ilseop, the ear went to the honest story about the sol spirit. All Yeoreot the He “there was no special meter and the idea got the Eon brother-in-law foundation alone” the mouth He, as to the trouble that it undergoes in the sol spirit initial stage emptied. The Baek Ilseop revealed “maybe because it hoped, there was the nature, the home was left and it lived in Kangnam’s studio apartment”. Because He will be unable to reach and it is unable to endure, it is unable to have 2 months He. It was likely to be stuffy and the depression is likely to appear. The liquor was the bad luck and it confessed.
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The bulletproof Boy Scouts Bwi grandfather on? The management company “the individual private life confirmation is difficult”

The news that the Boy group bulletproof Boy Scouts member Bwi (the one’s real name Taehyeong Kim) faced the grandfather look came out. However, because the management company is revealing the careful position, the grandfather on whether it is true or not is the state where the confirmation is difficult. On 31st, the agency big hit entertainment of the bulletproof Boy Scouts revealed “as to the grandfather look, when the confirmation is difficult because of being the artist individual private life”. This day daily sports reported that grandfather of the Bwi died. The relevant medium told “the grandfather up is played in the funeral hall prepared in Daegu’s one hospital with the family on 31st”. After that, “visits by acquaintances is connected to the funeral parlor and the bulletproof Boy Scouts members are consoling the news the sorrow of the Bwi with the hundred” the explanation were added. All Kkeureot the attention Bwi mentions previously unlike other people on love of family through many medium interviews It was dirty, He coming up to the capital for the debut as a singer from Daegu to Seoul installed the nap which lived with the singer and takes the grandparents including the parents. He expresses the affection for “love the grandmother and grandfather really” the grandparents at the time when it will rise to the first in MBC everyone ‘the show champion’ in 2016. In the meantime, bring out ‘the rub young fish self time Aesseo (LOVE YOURSELF time ‘Answer’)’, that is the new album, on the 24th of next month. And in the same month 25~26 day, start ‘LOVE YOURSELF’ tour in Seoul Chamsil Olympic Main Stadium. After bulletproof Boy Scouts has the 21st performance in North America and 10 cities in Europe.
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‘the debut with the sol’ BIX Leo and title song ‘Touch & Sketch’ first stage (showcase)

The first solo mini album title song stage of the group BIX Leo was revealed for the first time. The first mini album ‘the Canvas’ commemoration of sale showcase of the group BIX Leo opened in the Seoul Kwangjin-ku Gwangjang-dong YES24 livehall on 31st. Leo attending this day event revealed the title song ‘the touch Aen sketch (Touch & Sketch)’ stage and the sexy charisma was fully shown off. The touch Aen sketch ‘ is the tune in which one sound which is delicate even when being fascinating stands out based on the base doing the groovy. The housekeeping included the ambiguousness meaning when it draws the picture called ‘touch’ that it touches the fingertips and ‘touch’ is impressive.
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The giant pink “love the ideal type… making the use so”

The wrapper giant pink showed the good feeling towards the comedian use gin publicly. The giant pink appeared in SBS power FM ‘the captacula escape Cultwo Show’ on 31st and made a boast of the unlike other people skill at talking. This day giant pink would like to marry in the question asked the ideal type with ” comedian. It told much in the part like the interview and went and was all edited. If it spread out widely, it will be good and the use gin was mentioned. He liked since childhood. ‘the comedy big league’ is watching well be watching. It was charming and was the fan loyalty dirty. DJ Kim Taegyun suggested to leave the video mail to the use gin. It loves the giant pink so. This will don’t know if this woman will like but it is in love. In this way, if because there is the fan, it wishes to do eagerly in the future, “***” can be separately seen, decide to see furtively. It wished to contact and told. The giant pink was shy the fan loyalty confession after “the love affair through is not gotten”. It tells alone and why the love affair the Myu Ji is not ㄴ in this word. (This) the depleted Ssi didn’t have the word and said and evoked laughter. As to especially, the giant pink, as to “it will take once along with the use battle formation Ssi anytime”, Kim Taegyun was unable to hide the Malhe pleasure. He is so good. At that time, it will come with the full make-up and the chattiness was shaken.
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Eutteum Shin marriage “marry after one month” husband who?

The fitness trainer Eutteum Shin gave of the marriage news. Gumoning. There is surprisingly the news today. The collection of poem was revealed after one month to be the edge and I revealed the wedding photo. The photo center Eutteum Shin is wearing the pure-white wedding dress and is forming the bright smile. The reserve bridegroom of the warm appearance is together in the neighborhood of Eutteum Shin and especially it arouses curiosity. The reserve bridegroom of Eutteum Shin was known as the famous fitness corporation representative. ” age difference 4 year old Eutteum Shin is “the boyfriend and fitness side were worked and it stayed the acquaintance naturally and got to meet in two numbers of date” It revealed for the time over in 2 to protect stanchly my side with the unchanging appearance. The fact that it does ” life the second film with this man is too much and Eutteum Shin is happy, saying that it is “it took a walk now everyday and made a noise all the night through. Pair who the lifetime which it played the music and danced joyfully together and cooked and eats the delicious food and can draw the future which was healthy and happy is relieved appeared”. The excited heart was not hidden to would bless altogether.
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The overspeed dispute… time lapse application effect in LA?it drives

While the image running on U.S.A LA alley was uploaded that broadcaster hit, this was explained. Eungee Park uploading the alley speeding image on the social relationship network service (SNS) was seized by the overspeed dispute recently. It explained on corresponding video “the time lapse effect was sent and it put” “the traffic stopped properly at the stop signal” whether it drove. The ment called “the brother runs no more. It is the sound caution and happy weekend steps inside” was together sent with the image whether it drove previously. It was Korean resident in America husband of one associative memory getting married at April last year and putting image. The netizens expressed on overspeed concern to this. It explains to this as the image because of the application to drive. The time lapse intends the special image technique it shoots the low speed and which turns quickly than the steady rate (real time) and which it shows. Meantime, it gets married in last April whether it drives and is living in U.S.A.
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‘the sex appeal explosion’… BIX Leo and ‘the debut hazing with the sol’

While the commemoration of sale showcase of the first solo mini album ‘CANVAS’ of the singer Leo opens in the Seoul Kwangjin-ku Gwangjang-dong YES24 livehall in the afternoon on 31st, Leo is spreading the splendid stage. As to ‘CANVAS’, leo took part including ‘Touch & Sketch’ which was the album in which Leo who is Maine vocalist of BIX in the group makes debut with the debut as the solo for the first time in 6 years and is the title song in the writing the lyrics of the whole recording song and composition.
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A pink Eungee Chung and birthday support open ‘panda can have the edge’

The site ‘the click Star Wars’ imparting ‘eungee Chung and birthday are congratulated’ every kind idol ranking information held the birthday event of the group A pink Eungee Chung on 20th. It is the display panel support congratulating Eungee Chung having on the 18th of next month birthday. The relevant event is the global project in which the birthday congratulations video is screened at Korea and display panel in Japan. Because it can participate in the event directly, it attracts more and there are Korea Japan and China fans. If much 100% is achieved, screen the picture congratulating the birthday of Eungee Chung in the display panel in the Tokyo in Japan Sinjukku Ohkkubo Shin opposite near. If it rises per B if much 200% is achieved, introduce the congratulation image in Daeyeok Hong. Expose the congratulation image in Japan, two lines of Seoul Subway, and not only Daeyeok Hong but also Apgujong CGV screen if it rises per B. The birthday support of Eungee Chung is continued untill the fifth of next month. And it can participate from ‘the star market’ corner of ‘the click Star Wars’ homepage I. The outcome gets attention if it can succeed for the remained event period.
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‘also the number of weight of character can be well known’… the several children and ‘the dizzy microskirt dress’

It is attending the production briefing session of the movie ‘upper class society’ which is held in the Seoul Kwangjin-ku Lotte cinema entrance to Konkuk University point in the morning on 31st with the actor number elegy. The movie ‘upper class society’ is the work which the Oh Suyeon (the minute the number can be well known) who is the art museum vice-president when being the wife of (park Hea-il) which the place Tae who is the professor of economics expected much awards and He includes the story which throws all ones against and gets wider in order to enter the society the uppermost class. Coming August on 29th, the prearrangement of release
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‘does 40 fit?’… Park Hea-il and ‘the face which for 15 years is constant’

It attends the production briefing session of the movie ‘upper class society’ in which the actor Park Hea-il opens in the Seoul Kwangjin-ku Lotte cinema entrance to Konkuk University point on 31st and the photo time is taken. The movie ‘upper class society’ is the work which the Oh Suyeon (the minute the number can be well known) who is the art museum vice-president when being the wife of (park Hea-il) which the place Tae who is the professor of economics expected much awards and He includes the story which throws all ones against and gets wider in order to enter the society the uppermost class. Coming August on 29th, the prearrangement of release
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