The concert ‘surprisingly’ appearance advance notice…” the wrapper Zhang existence and hippie were the gypsyThe audience, actively, the communication “

The wrapper Zhang oil price appears in ‘the hippie was the gypsy’ play. On 31st, the Zhang heed agency Raieonhatteu revealed “‘ hippie taking place on September 8th with the Zhang oil price participates in the show ‘ fall sound ‘ as the guest he was the gypsy”. After that, it added “it accomplished with J flow and friendship play role of the leader”. The Zhang existence and J flow were together active as the past group Wabisabi room member. The kite was kept after as the musician. Raieonhatteu tells “positively it will get to have mutual understanding with the audiences who are the musician the energy overflowing originally with the Zhang oil price and find the play before” and is raising the expectation. The Zhang existence is the musician doing the music which doesn’t obscure the genre. ‘the hippie was the gypsy’ show in which He takes part opens in 9 month 8~9 day West bridge livehall. Meantime, the regular album ‘KOKI7’ is put on sale in the Zhang existence at 6 p.m. on September 7th. V live is hosted this day from 5:30 p.m. and the fans and anadromous takes the time.
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Taehyun Nam solo debut decision and South club, after that, it succeeds.

The vocalist Taehyun Nam of the South club declared the solo activity. The eyes is if He accomplishes the successful debut with the solo in the member. The Taehyun Nam opened the teaser image of the new the single ‘sort’ putting the nap as the artist without adjustment on 31st. The teaser inside of image Taehyun Nam who this day is revealed is showing the maturation and arrogant fascination more and more. The front at is stared with the stupefied eyes and Taehyun Nam is overwhelming the atmosphere. Moreover, the unchallenged fascination is belched out to the fashion which the trendy of the hair and unique installs and the expectation for this new musical composition is fully pulled up onto. As to especially, this teaser image, the race (LESS) artist who is the famous numerous musicians and national tower photographer had been work including IU, F (x), SHINee, Sohui, Gsin, and etc. took part. Moreover, ‘the hit maker’ Geuntae Park making the numerous hit song participates the person of real ability singer song writer Son Woochung agar writing the lyrics in the work · arrangement and the new musical composition ‘sort’ is captivating the public attention. Taehyun Nam made debut as the Boy group Wiener in 2014. The team from was being withdrawn after in 2016 and when being the vocal after forming the band South club, then it is playing an active part as the leader. The single ‘Hug Me’, EP ’90’, and drama ‘black’ OST ‘Take Me Out’ is announced and it is the vigorous activity. The debut was determined by the solo who Taehyun Nam attracting the fans by the sensitive band sound is not South club. Then the most netizens were unable to hide the anticipation. These “support Taehyun Nam whom it works the heat for this year really” The feeling received a gift prior to “10 month South club album surprisingly It is expected, it is so expected if it is so good saying that it is ” solo, it comes out to any kind of music, the reaction of the back is shown. Meantime, the outcome gets attention if Taehyun Nam can open the gunport of the solo activity after the band activity successfully. ‘sort’ can be met through every kind sound source site on the coming fourth at 6 p.m.
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The marriage announcement ‘the’…” ‘marriage’ unguarded moment is embracedOne ” which it is poor even if it drives even if it removes on the basis of

The comedian unguarded moment is embraced but ‘1 Father’ comes to (34). All Ppomnaet the nap of ‘the’ (the comedian till the inside the bone) the marriage getting within Huh is announcedIt explained on 31st social relationship network service (SNS) which it gets within Huh “it did in order to give 10 month Jjeum marriage news” “the marriage is January”. After that, it gets within Huh, “it was vigilant and it will get married now and one which it uploads the photo if the burden goes to the boyfriend so far has to be much uploaded” “even if it drives even if it removes on the basis of, it is poor” the chattiness were shaken and it burst out laughing. Unlike mind, it got to inform early it gets within Huh to be and it met at March 2012th and got to get married at January 2019th. The interest was had and it inspected and the marriage impression was revealed. Meantime, it debutted as the year 2,005 play actor which it gets within Huh dreaming of the stage actor. However, the comedian became to the suggestion of the professor that it tries the comedian with MBC 16 concession in 2007. It nested to the concession but it sat officially for an examination in 2009 and the next year did ‘readmission’ with 0 house 24 with the KBS2 ‘gag Concert’ director Kim Seok prefecture PD offer to KBS at that time. The stage was moved into the cable channel TvN ‘the comedy big league’ in 2016. There is ‘the world scooping me up the liquor’ ‘the superstar KBS’ back and presently, the webtoon ‘the Mangwon-dong muscle woman’ is published serially with the representative corner on Instagram and it is active as the professional Ttyubeo Yoo. The marriage impression speciality next, the emptiness hasThe contact came to the reporters because the marriage article was born in the morning and it was much surprised. It had to inform the surrounding October and the article was born as October. My wedding date is January. It was vigilant and it will get married now and one which it uploads the photo if the burden goes to the boyfriend so far has to be much uploaded. ㅎ it is poor at the Ppae gambling degreesIt got to inform early unlike my mind but met at March 2012th and got to get married at January 2019th. The interest is had, thank you
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‘yeongshim Roh and divorce’ Geeseong Han supervision and… it telephones

Supervisior Han is the contact interruption while the singer Yeongshim Roh (51) and one paper strap (51) supervision is known to divorce. Geeseong Han director doesn’t get the phone of the divorce news is known on 31st integration. This day edaily star In reported that Yeongshim Roh and Geeseong Han director went back between the divorce by mutual agreement before several years and colleague. The children was known to be at the subgenual. Geeseong Han director and Roh the soul implants in fact it is cooperating such as Yeongshim Roh takes part in the cable channel OCN drama ‘miss tris’ OST (the original soundtrack) in which one director finds the megaphone recently, etc. The relation between Yeongshim Roh and Geeseong Han supervision was started with ‘the direction and music supervision’. Seongwoo Kim and high (late) Chinsil Choi leading role ‘the ghost food’ (1,996) was Geeseong Han director debut work. The relationship of 2 started while at this time, Yeongshim Roh took part in OST. 2 got married in 2001. When visiting after screen and Braun tube often and doing the work activity, Yeongshim Roh provided support. The Geeseong Han director directed by SBS TV show ‘yeonaesidae’ and movie ‘taels of gold’ OST are Roh the soul Sim work. The hit song ‘wish’ of the Byun Chinseop was written in 1989 and it composed and Roh the soul Sim in which the piano skill is outstanding entered the world of singers. All Kkeureot the popularity with after ‘the man remembering much one all’As geeseong Han director took mention previously, it supervised the movie ‘steamed dish’ ‘day’ ‘taels of gold’ ‘papa’ ‘sinchon zombie cartoon’ (ryu Seung-wan and joint production with Taeyung Kim supervision and omnibus form) after ‘the ghost food’ in 1996 and produced the drama ‘yeonaesidae’ ‘the love where there is some reason’ ‘miss tris’. There is ‘the interesting movie’ ‘don’t trust her’ for the work. The director prize of in 2012 Je 1 time Aetteullanta Daehanminguk film festival this year was gotten. Meantime, 2 people have the common-point called Catholicism. The baptismal name of the numbers steps or Geeseong Han supervision the baptismal name of Roh the soul Sim is Kristoffer pole.
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The synchronous rate attention which ‘the Eo drift’ performing actor and real person is high

Based on misfire, one romance movie ‘ Eo drift: The synchronous rate high of the performing actor of the sea ‘ (under Eo drift) which we have together and real person attract attention and there is. The sea (Red Sky In Mourning red of ‘ sorrow which as to ‘the Eo drift’, having come on September 6th unsealing ahead the hero Taemi Oldeuhaem Ashcraft writes down directly: A True Story Of Love and Loss And Survival At Sea) ‘do with the original.’While the heart-rending love story which Arran Kkandel who is the scenario writer it gathered the Eo drift ‘in 2007, the Disney animation movie’ and brother to burn Jordan space does the sea with the background was searched around before it discovered. The Ri to be held up the Sweillin mistake immediately these was recalled as the star of the movie. The scenario was delivered to him. It was completely fascinated in the original which it gives the Sweillin mistake of the personality which was progressive and which it likes the adventure and it participated as the maker. There was the number performing the acting which was alike after the soul free as well as the appearance of the large-scale key which is similar to the real person and limbs and long is more real. It admired “the man who sends that sky plays a role of ‘ Richard ‘” as if Taemi Oldeuhaem Ashcroft seeing the spring Kkeullappeullin playing a role of Richard sharp directly met Richard of the just young days actually. The spring Kkeullappeullin was alike after the actual feature of him as well as the appearance and personality and taemi Ashcroft added the part performing the smoke which told and in which the spring Kkeullappeullin is more real large-scale power. The love story of ‘ Richard ‘ was very strong. The Baltajareu Kkoreumakkureu director thought of the way that this story is unfolded that he was special. The love and on this power settled down through this film could be properly explored and it was happy the impression was revealed. Open on 6th. The running time in 12 years old watchables 97 minutes
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The fresh charms flewn ‘the human vitamin’ Chinyeong Hong and heat wave

The charms which it was refreshing, it emits strongly in order to support the audiences tired of the record heat wave which ‘the Deoppaekteu audiences the ~ it hangs out’ ‘the teuroteu fairy’ Chinyeong Hong comes in 110 years was shown. It was the Seoul Mapo on 24th and Chinyeong Hong had the interview in the office building located in Sung cancer Ro. The overflowing talent as well as the excel singing ability and stage manner and artistic talent is exhibited and it is actively engaged in the singer and broadcaster and Chinyeong Hong is getting the attention. Especially the public large-scale love is gotten as the energy which is powerful and which it is bright. The smile, which this day Chinyeong Hong is familiar it appears it wears the green no sleeve intimate one-piece in advance, all Geonnet the greeting ‘the traditional Korean hat part Ri’ charisma achieving the energy was shown along with the beautiful face which doesn’t change due to the always busy schedule. Chinyeong Hong sent the message of the cheer infusing fully with the energy prior to the interview progress for the readers exhausted with the heat wave. As to He, ” all these days are so hot. It was difficult, the rhyme was much taken off in the hot summer weather. The He “when it will be like this, the delicious food will be much eaten. More and more if the holiday was enjoyed and the sultriness was flewn, it will be good” took care of the health. After that, the peculiar lively energy was blown out and the word was kept with the look achieving the charm. ‘the ~ it hangs out’ ‘fainting’, that is the word in fashion, was shouted and Chinyeong Hong shot the uniques mind. He, as to the micro formed “when it will be good if the very end summer sweltering heat was overcome with that Chinyeong Hong” this which hoped and flies Kkiseu Sohn with the wink. In the meantime, it was awarded Hanryu Shin teuroteu star prize in ‘2,018 sound sea best k music awards’ with Tae Jin-a on 30th. Since announcing the single ‘it goes’ in last Feburary, it appears in the general programming channels JTBC ‘hidden Singer’ and KBS2 ‘the classic of the immortality’ etc. recently and the article talents and stage is visited often and He is showing the unchallenged sense of presence.
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’13 people celebrity family’ who draws Kim battle formation stolen 15 years old swallowing Aeyeon Chung mind who?

The entertainer family in the family which the actor Aeyeon Chung draws the husband Kim battle formation was introduced. The entertainer reached 13 people among the family of the Gimjin core almost, the married woman triumvirate red Ji is keeping 10 year Jjae friendship in the TvN ‘the life bar’ which the day is broadcasted with 30 Min, reason string, and Aeyeon Chung which appeared. 3 actors showed off the skill at talking with the frank story, including its own love story. The husband Gimjin core and love story was opened and especially Aeyeon Chung introduced the husband’s family, that is the actor family. ” sister-in-law for a married woman died pitifully, saying that it was “the father-in-law is the high (late) Kim Jin Kyu teacher. The mother-in-law is the high (late) Boae Kim teacher” but is the high (late) Kim China actor. It was Lee Deok-hwa teacher, the uncle explained the family of the Gimjin core. After that, rather, Aeyeon Chung was good because of being ” actor family. The width of the understanding is really wide. While the mother monitored, it pointed out to detail with ‘it will be good if the gum was not there seen’ this type and the advantage of the actor family was mentioned. And “the mother-in-law is called as the mom. The sound that it looked like the mom if it went out to the outside to is much listened” “the mom listens to this word and likes and” affectionate mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship were informed before. It appears on SBS variety program ‘bold spirit’ in 2012 and the high Kim China, that is the sister-in-law for a married woman of Aeyeon Chung, reveals the splendid various sides of the inside of a house, saying that it is “13 people only the celebrity in the family” this. The high Kim China spoke on family members at the time “the uncle the Lee Deok-hwa Ssi the brother-in-law is the comedian Byeongsuh Choi” “in-law is the senior singer wise man Ssi calling ‘ Raui Shin moonlit night ‘”. The actor Gimjin core of 15 years old associative memories and love story introduced Aeyeon Chung. As to Aeyeon Chung, ” husband made efforts to me so. The husband sent the letter by the facsimile everyday when I donated ‘the Hong kong express’ to the drama. It didn’t say and to me and did to take our mom and be me surprised after the Hong kong, the past about was reminisced. After that, it fell in love with the husband and the talk was brought up. He for, ” skinship was late. The mother-in-law said tell ‘the woman has to be dealt like the flower nobly and endearingly’. It was impressed by the idea which the attitude taking care of me is filled. It met in 6 years and had never fought and showed off to be the match made in heaven. It confessed “there was the man devoting in this way to me. When the marriage was determined due to this feel,”. In the meantime, 15 years old age gaps were overcome in 2009 and the Gimjin core was succeeded in the marriage.
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The Chinyeong Hong sound sea awards ‘hanryu Shin’ authentication “the appreciation of popularity is happy”

It is so happy. The eye line pouring to me is true to nature at last. There was too much and the outstanding seniors thought deeply whether I could get this large-scale prize. In order to have all the whole nation love, the trot takes the initiative with the song which is in the futurefaster and which it is exciting. It was in full bloom after the singer Chinyeong Hong acceded Hanryu Shin trot filtering agent. Chinyeong Hong was awarded Hanryu Shin teuroteu star prize in the dinner ‘2,018 sound sea best k music awards’ (under ‘2,018 sound sea awards ‘) with Tae Jin-a on 30th. Since announcing the single ‘it goes’ in last Feburary, it appeared in the general programming channels JTBC ‘hidden Singer’ and KBS2 ‘the classic of the immortality’ back recently and visited the article talents and stage often and as to Chinyeong Hong, ㅇ raised the price of a stock with the general trend artiste this year. After debutting as the solo in 2009, ‘the battery of the love’ was made a hit and it went forward for the public drum-beating. Continuously after ‘the’ ‘bought one’ ‘the month amount representative I wetting’ etc. hit song was put on sale. It is lively of the peculiarity as well as the excel singing ability and stage manner, being pathetic the overflowing talent and artistic talent is exhibited and all over the ground is actively engaged as the singer and broadcaster. As to Chinyeong Hong, this year marked 25 CF on the basis of while the advertising community activity got the attention outstandingly from last year. The popularity rose rapidly as much as the Chi the late was gone up to two Wi of first half of this year commercial model brand flat board. While being transmitted live via the cable TV SBS FunE, SBS MTV, and Sel rub TV (CeluvTV), this day ‘2,018 sound sea awards’ embraced the glory which the bulletproof Boy Scouts occupies 3 medal holders including object, and etc. (Next, ‘2,018 sound sea awards prize winner list’) ▶the between adolescence, Tteuwaiseu, new yeast to be sucked the major prize = wanna circle, smallpox nothing, NCT 127, and ball W, Momo land, Monstar X, AOA, red velvet, and bulletproof Boy Scouts▶ Hanryu Shin producer look = Dohun Kim ▶ Hanryu Shin Myujikbidiosang = great vow ▶ Hanryu Shin rookie look = dowel Ijeu and strayThe kids, nature, eyes ▶ Hanryu Shin teuroteu rookie look = Kangnam, Sublingual gloss ▶ Hanryu Shin performance look = Samuel, diamond ▶ Hanryu Shin teuroteu look = Tae Jin-a, Chinyeong Hong ▶ Hanryu Shin voice look = volatility, and fathom the globe sealing ▶ Hanryu Shin Sosyeol voice look the = the preface the person ▶ Hanryu Shin hip-hop artist look the = Minhoh Song (wiener) ▶ Hanryu Shin icon look the = the Nyu▶ Hanryu Shin woman popularity award = smallpox nothing ▶ Hanryu Shin man popularity award stood the Seutteu W ▶ Hanryu Shin rising Hat the star look = the Hyeongseop X Uiung, YDPP ▶ Hanryu Shin rhythm and blues artist look = thrush ▶ Hanryu Shin music star look =, UNB ▶ the Hanryu Shin overseas entertainment look =7SENSES ▶ Hanryu Shin artist look = the red velvet, and Monstar X ▶ Hanryu Shin OST look = feeling=wanna circle ▶ Hanryu Shin world Sosyeol artist look= the bulletproof Boy Scouts
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‘to the love judge’ Gyeolbang effect? ‘time’ itself highest ratings 4.7% renewal

The Gyeolbang of ‘to the love judge’ is one’s fault. It became ‘time’ among the terrestrial drama with the normal broadcasting uniquely and the audience rating rose the narrow limits. It was the self highest ratings, MBC tree pole ‘time’ broadcasted the day before at 10 p.m. revealed the audience rating of 4.7 % (under whole country charge furniture standard), 31 days TV rating research firm Nielsen Korea revealed. This is figure 1.5%P rising more than the broadcasting last week. In this day ‘time’, the Chunghyun Kim (the stuff protection opposite) confessed the seohyeon (geehyun Seol opposite) house the Chat “it wanted to see and went” its own mind late at night. But the seat was avoided as if the word of Chunghyun Kim was unable to be believed and the seohyeon produced the mind of the audiences painfully. ‘time’ tore down the wall of the highest ratings 4.6% recording at last eighth. The Gyeolbang effect of SBS ‘to the love judge’ recording the first place of tree pole is enjoyed. This day restored the audience rating of 4%daes again. And the self highest ratings was renewed. ‘time’ gets the evaluation that the acting ability of which is true to nature the development where the tension overflows and Chunghyun Kim seohyeon stands out as the sashimi is repeated and there is. Last week, ‘to the love judge’ recorded the audience rating of 7.3%. It was figure 1.0%P falling more than 2 main battery broadcasting. However, the immovable tree pole in the same time first place was constantly protected. However, as to ‘to the love judge’, as to Gyeolbang came because of ‘2,018 Djakarta-Palembang Asian Game’ broadcast of game. In place of ‘to the love judge’ Gyeolbang, it was put on the screen. It owed to the popularity of drama and ‘sheriff’ recorded the unexpectedly high audience rating. 1 part of ‘sheriff’ and 2 parts recorded 4.9% and audience rating of 7.5%. In the meantime, while ‘2,018 Djakarta-Palembang Asian Game’ closes and the broadcasting programmes are normalized, the outcome gets attention if any kind of change arises in the audience rating of ‘to the love judge’ and ‘time’.
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