The end impression “the work which it will be unable to forget” of 5 people including ‘the Miseutteosyeonsya phosphorus’ Lee Byung-hun · Taeri Kim, and etc.

The regretful end impression the lamp which Lee Byung-hun and Taeri Kim, flexibility seat, Minjung Kim, and excrement need was delivered before the TvN drama ‘the Miseutteosyeonsya phosphorus’ final episode broadcasting on 30th. Lee Byung-hun who undertakes Marine Corps caption Eugene Choi station and performs enthusiastically sees before ” end, the numerous moments going through the time called spring and summer fall and winter four seasons and year 1 come into mind. ‘the Miseutteosyeonsya phosphorus’ coming back to the drama filming site after long interval seemed to be the series of the anticipation and tension, “***” has the interest so far and ‘the Miseutteosyeonsya phosphorus’ coming back to the drama filming site after long interval watches enjoyably and thanks really. If the valuable drama which it is memorable to everyone for a long time became to me, it will be good, it told. Because it could engage in the shooting for the period which it shoots “the remembrancer was together accumulated with the pile and the time unawares finishing the 24th long march gets to come, the exquisite feeling gets” to be really happy and be happy, Taeri Kim undertaking the role who is the high child who Joseon was the bornnest in the noble family and who is reborn as the patriotic soldier was so inspected. I was happy. This mind will be delivered to the viewers and it would better appreciate cheerfully till the last episode. The high child specific load Taeri Kim loved so far and it thanked and the high did. The drive love Ae is tied and at the time when sending the art shared ” four seasons, the flexibility seat of the opposite is much a pity. It was one work and the photographic was watched for a long time, seniors and juniors, co-actor/co-actress the director, Jakga, and staff feeling got much. The copper had been being tied because the feeling took out in the same rod very much, it was not easy to leave, It wished to become the character which is like that memorable to the viewers for a long time and “***” imparted the impressions to me. The audience through the lines of ” Hi and expression and consensus it is the Minjung Kim “it is difficult to meet the work which does the life of acting and can have the literary value and degree of box office hit altogether. Because it can do with ‘ Miseutteosyeonsya phosphorus ‘, it is the honor. It is proud and is happy” of the station where there is Kudoh who plays an active part as Cookik Je literary man personnel it is the hotel glory president The Jeom that it could form thanks most. Nam was missed with the character high and art ” to be ardent for a long time. Joget it remained as the work which is good in memory of everyone it thanked all love the Huisung Kim and ‘ Miseutteosyeonsya phosphorus ‘ the Byeonyo 한 “if it remembered that people not to should forget through ‘ Miseutteosyeonsya phosphorus ‘ served, they will be good” adding the feeling of movement to the pole with Joseon richest Jip young master Huisung Kim station so farIt told all. Meantime, ‘the Miseutteosyeonsya phosphorus’ final episode is broadcasted on 30th at night 9 o’clock. It connects the curiosity of the viewers if how It becomes the Eugene early objection end which walks down the street like the patriotic soldier in order to the magnetism to wear the high child turn on.
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The general trend Boy group climbed the first place of ‘pop music’ Gasebeun and four medal holders of music broadcasting

The popularity Boy group Gasebeun recorded the first in ‘pop music’ and it rose to four medal holders of music broadcasting. It was the stern and Ro lap, the back was beat with the new musical composition ‘the Reolleo bi’ in SBS ‘pop music’ broadcasted on 30th and Gasebeun earned 1 trophy. The leading honor was born in ‘pop music’ and Gasebeun achieved 4 medal holders after this week ‘M countdown’ and KBS2 ‘music Bank’ and MBC ‘show Music Core’. Therefore, they got to rise high as the general trend Boy group. ‘the Reolleo bi’ of the Gasebeun is showing the feeling of the love which feels sweet and is happy with the pop tune of the being almost similar DIP house line in which the since sound is the feature in the housekeeping. Gasebeun is getting many loves on this tune as much as the top is occupied in the overseas 26 local Aittyunjeu including not only domestic but also Hong kong, Brazil, Finland, and etc. Meantime, malee Oh girl, Nora team, cut impact, space girl, JungDong Ha, girl of this month, Deurimkaechyeo, Kimyung bureau, Beullangsebeun, Park girl, Jangiseop, Milra Kka, Ruchenteu, Wigeolseu, S.I.S, and etc. appeared in this day ‘pop music’ including Gasebeun and the stage was decorated.
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Is ‘seasung Ahn’ run alone prevented? Open ‘venom’ of Tom Bottom part on October 3rd.

The Hollywood action movie ‘venom’ opens the domestic before the series of holidays separated by one or two workdays including the National Foundation Day of Korea and 10 month on 9th Hangeul Proclamation Day, and etc. on October 3rd. The movie fans are the situation in which it has to worry if they choose any kind of movie along with ‘seasung Ahn’ or ‘negotiation’ etc. domestic work. Mabeul made the villain the own company movie stood ‘venom’ into the hero primally. The energy which the venom (tom Bottom part) which hits against the attack of the extraterrestrial and in which the reporter following the truth is again born in the villain cannot cope is exercised and the caught action is shown. Tom Bottom part melted the mentality acting suffering the identity confusion within the line and ill will boundary up in the movie. It opens on October 3rd but rises already per B and venom of Tom Bottom part starring is heating the theater district. Venom is having the standard booking rate 1 (29.9%) according to Korean Film Council integrated computer network on 30th this day at 1 p.m. After that, Seasung Ahn is recording the later time 23.7%, negotiation 10.3%, and per person 6%. The accumulated number of spectator is 4.221427 million people of Seasung Ahn until last 29th. Presently, it is running but the gone way is far. Seasung Ahn was included in the total production cost 22 billion won including the marketing expense, and etc. 6 million spectators have to be mobilized to collect this. However, not only venom but also the Korean movie ‘female and male murder’ opens on October on 3rd. Female and male murder are the unique investigation program which is developed into the tight psychological warfare of the detective (kim gloss seat) digging up the truth of the killer confessing 7 murders (the general purport Korean translation of Chinese character) and this confession.
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‘gary Player’ OCN highest in history initial chamber eulogy audience rating register and energy of Seongheon Song

‘gary Player’ recorded OCN original highest in history first broadcasting program rating. According to Nielsen Korea, ‘gary Player’ 1 time audience rating broadcasted at last 29th showed the average 4.5% and it put most till 5.3%. The prior OCN, most, the first broadcasting program ratings were 3.9% of ‘the voice 2’. The audience rating of this day Gary Player the first place of time zone like the whole channel including the ground wave was recorded. The player made the top star Seongheon Song stand and the immersion captivated the viewers with the high development. In initial broadcasting, the adhesion relationship of the woman’s unpainted face of the decay power group and public power were revealed and the appearance in which the Gary Player 4 Ibnang Hari Kang (seongheon Song), Aryeong Cha (suchung Chung), Lim Byeongmin (this promise), and Dojinung (wonseok Tae) etc. is mutual understanding was drawn in order to punish this. The president Jahyeong Kwak raising the profit of 20 billion won to the crime which the steel disguising as the prosecutor is stupid was found and the money earned through crime concealment money was freely found out. The Lim Byeongmin sent FALSE text message from this process to the hacking with the bodyguards keeping the hotel room and Dojinung dealt with the group of the president Gwak by the Herculean strength. The next target object of Gary Player is the rich family. The woman whom I acting the intellectual strength rape committed suicide but it was released on the bail. After another women was kidnapped and assaulted, in addition this was shown through the live broadcasting. While the Lim Byeongmin pried into the behind of the intellectual strength outlet, it became to his crime evidence be well known. While the car which this moment players were taking was assailed, this were in the crisis. All Banneun the evaluation that as to player, the acting sly of Seongheon Song changing into the swindler raised the degree of concentration of the audiencesMeantime, two times of player is broadcasted p.m. 10 on 30th in 50 minutes.
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The personal connections showing off “heungmin Sohn comes so that it can see my show” that crush is splendid

It reveals close to be Heungmin Sohn who the singer crush leads the football victory in 2,018 Asian Game and between and his splendid personal connections is catching the lights. The crush opened its own daily life in MBC variety program ‘the battery time of interference’ broadcasted on 29th. ” where?The crush makes the call in the broadcasting to somewhere Indonesia? Do you come in this evening? Was the national athlete called? It threw a question to the opponent. After that, it suffered. ㅇ informed the fact that the relative is Korean national soccer team hand fun Min, saying that it was the fun Min. As to crush, ” Minlee Seong is the gold medal the other next day in the Asian Game. The athlete’s life was done in London and when being lonely, my song said be listened and It says become the comfort much. My show came to be watched 2 years ago. At that time, it appeared and contacted so far and told. Two hands is gathered and it stands in a row in the photo which 2 people takes 2 years ago and the camera at is looked. The crush is suffering the Tottenham Hotspur FC uniform, that is the belonging team of the hand fun Min. The crush did the word which it seems to be jealous “heungmin Sohn seems to meet frequently with the Ryujun ten brother if these days Instagram is watched” in another article talents MBC everyone ‘video star’ and the chisel attempted the attention.
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Eot With the brother, why there, I? ‘jaesuck Yoo similar shape’ which is same even if it sees even if it sees

The doppelganger (Doppelgenger) is the will called ‘the person going around dually’ with German. It means that man happening equally with me exists in the real world in which the mirror is not. ‘the doppelganger (?)’ exists in the people MC Jaesuck Yoo holding in the domestic top 3. Even Jaesuck Yoo similar shape rolls very in ‘international’. Firstly, the photo embrace the drilling dog breeds heats the internet community hotly. The netizens sent the look of the doubt (?) but the actual ‘jaesuck Yoo is not’ was revealed to have the domestic one animal hospital Park generatrix circle Jang. It became and the sensation which the stumping of election car of one figure is big among Chinese politician. The attached photo center character was due to look exactly like Jaesuck Yoo after the vehicle. All Kkeureot the aspects of one woman which besides is captured by China broadcasting corporation CCTV the attention The relevant women wore till the glasses and made ear eye mouth and nose and atmosphere to come Jaesuck Yoo to mind. The most similar character appears in the movie ‘with the Seuba key forest owner’ of Japan Kuro person opened in 1962 and Kkira A director. The synchronous rate of this actor that smile comes out whenever it sees and Jaesuck Yoo is ‘over 99%’. Moreover, jaesuck Yoo similar shape appeared in the American movie. One female reporter appeared on the movie ‘the step up 2’ and because it looked like Jaesuck Yoo in spite of being the black, the attention was centered. Here, it doesn’t drop out and the actor Shinyang Park the woman’s unpainted face and ‘the vinegar passage’ Pororo is included among in the similar shape in Jaesuck Yoo similar shape category. It appeared on MBC ‘come over of Jaesuck Yoo Kim Wonhui’ in the past and Shinyang Park told “it has been misunderstood by Jaesuck Yoo” and induced the smile.
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The Kim ♥ eulogy Ha Yul, on 29th, the marriage “the happy family will be made”

All Maeeot the fruit of the love after UFC player Kim I the sweetheart eulogy Ha Yul and passionate love in 11 ㅇ the Kim and eulogy Ha Yul rang wedding march in the mid-day Shilla Hotel Seoul on 29th. The broadcaster boom and comedian Yoonse gloss proceeded. The celebrating song was visited annually and Kangnam and Greg caused. The guests, as to about 600 attended. Dong-Hyeon revealed through the agency this buoy NT “all Gamsadeuhin to the attending guests everyone and the congratulating and many person” “when the happy family will be made and in order to will display in the future good figure, it will try”. All Moeun the wedding photo of the opened with the marriage news of 2 people Kim and eulogy Ha Yul the interest 2 people are forming the bright smile in the formal method photo and wedding photo opened through the agency. Especially the wife eulogy Ha Yul having the appearance which the entertainer is no less turns off the attention. 2 people finishes the marriage registration and is the already legal couple. Presently, it appears and the newly-married life is opened.
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The facebook network hacking and 50 million people risk of the personal information exposure

The facebook revealed 28 days (local time)s that it punished with the danger in which the own company network got the hacking attack and about 50 million people of user private information is exposed. In the near future, the New York the Times reported that forcible management decides to logging out in the account was taken against Facebook user more than 90 million this days in security threat. The facebook was known to discover the security penetration which is serious on this week own company on network according to the sidewalk. The facebook notified hacking fact to the related law enforcement agency and requested the immediate management. According to the foreign news including Reuter, and etc, the hackers were known as one overcoming the security fense to the facebook account with the method planting the bug of which the great quantity welfare is possible in ‘the view as’. ‘the view as’ is the function which the user is able to make sure in advance how its own account is seen to the other users. The mark Jeokkeo bug facebook CEO (CEO) said in the group of reporters and conference call about the network hacking attack “this problem is very seriously handled” “in the company level, the main security measures is altogether taken”.
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‘female and male murder’ surviving family “the victim personal rights breach” Vs distributor “the daily meterial”

The surviving families and distributor fought fiery offense and defense placing the showing of the movie ‘female and male murder’. The movie ‘female and male murder’ (the supervision Kim Taegyun) interim injunction banning release trial fixed date progressed to Seoul Central Court civil affairs 50 part mental state on 28th. The harm family of victim receiving ‘female and male murder’ provisional disposition application for the ban of screening Seo and Show Box, that is the distributor, revealed the position about the showing by each one attorney. It avoided and the legal representative “‘ female and male murder ‘ infringed on the personal rights of the victim who It becomes the deceased” of the bereaved family ” this movie did the case occurring actually in Busan in 2007 with the motive and it avoided and 99% reenacted the status light actually equally with the crime method and place and time. It asserted as the interrogation ” whether really this film could consider as the creation. This scene which the bereaved family insists has the attitude in which the shoulder is bumped in the street and the criminal and victim gets into a scuffle. After that, set fire on the corpse after the criminal stabs the neck of the victim, and etc. with the weapon. The bereaved family agent told “Even though the mental stress and of which the surviving families are considerable to undergo the pain, one were enough expected the motion for was never once asked or but Show Box had not conferred before the manufacture”. After that, it insisted to be “one which the surviving families get the phrenalgia without the returned number in case the image is sent as it is”. In the meantime, it added to infringe of the victim ‘the forgotten right’. The attorney in Show Box revealed “when ask, the killer ‘ is the area of the creation generally comprising in the movie with the daily occurring meterial in the society and there is no need that legally it gets the agreement of the surviving family” the position even when being “the apology offers prior to the defense that it doesn’t get the agreement of the surviving family and the film studio shoots”. After that, it emphasized to be “one which ‘ female and male murder ‘ focuses the confession without the believed number in which the criminal victim is not on one criminal and detective who is stupid it is stupid and tactless”. As to court, listening the both sides opinion about 50 minutes turned on the scene which the surviving families call into question in the law court. The movie release date demanded the court from the either side as 3 one people next month to submit the additional written opinion until 29th. The film ban or no is planning to be determined after next month on 1st.
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