‘suspicion on tax evasion’ Ppabningbing and handcuffs photo… originals Vs imitation ‘the opinion divergent’


The handcuffs photo of China famous actor Ppabningbing (37) of which whereabouts is dim was revealed for 3 months and every kind of guess about his recent condition was called. The report of Chinese media that among these revealed photograph is the movie rehearsal site steel comes out and the interest is concentrated in the truth. It reported on 10th “the Ppabningbing handcuffs photo revealed to Internet was confirmed as one, that is the photo shot the movie rehearsal scene” which it sees China media economy observation. The photo center Ppabningbing arousing the dispute is wearing the handcuffs on the hand. And the policewomans are taking the folding one’s hand behind one’s back for his both sides and the deadpan is being made. The medium ET today the second part reported the relevant photograph last month and it explained “2 high netizen is starting the truth of the photo of which the source is indefinite the get heated discussion against”. This was connected by the Ppabning glazing ‘rumor of arrest’ ‘the confinement rumor’ ‘rumor about defection’ etc. many suspicions soon. It was not if the public peace wore the skirt in some people. ‘the photomontage is not’ came out of the suspicion by reason of the back that photo center Ppabningbing face near was awkward. However, while after Ppabningbing didn’t offer the refreshing elucidation, it holds the flames of debate became strong countlessly. Ppabningbing stopped the activity after the tax evasion suspicion which becomes a subject of discussion in last June. At that time, the China central (CC) TV show-host transition cotton flannel comfort opened the Ppabning glazing appearance in a movie contract content to SNS (the social relationship network service). When it insisted to sign the separate contract that it hits against 50 million comfort (the Korean won about 8.3 billion won) besides the contract that Ppabningbing filled out the dual contract document and it decided to hit against 10 million comfort (the Korean won about 1.6 billion won). All.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1732747.htm, 2018/09/10 18:00:53]