The first place of star which it would like to get the open confession of wanna circle steel Daniels and concert


The group wanna circle river Daniels climbed the idol daytime rank site ‘the click Star Wars’ individual ranking 6 week series 1 Wi. The steel Daniels, from 3rd until 10th, ‘the star that would like to get the open confession of the concert?’833,300 tickets were gotten from ‘the click Star Wars’ 9 month first week person ranking vote progressing with the theme and it rose per B. Wanna circle lie management learned 123,167 tickets that new yeast W JR learned 132,515 tickets and the later time was closely followed and it arrived safely at the third. If the artist takes care of the first place for 5 weeks in a row in the singer ranking, the click Star Wars ‘ screens 1 congratulation image in the display panel located in Sodaemun-gu and Japan Sinjukku. Especially ‘the click Star Wars’ delivers the trophy to the artist directly if the first place for 10 weeks in a row of is taken care. Moreover, the various privileges are provided such as showing the news of prize winning by the display panel located in Japan, etc. The Daniel ~ concert on stage which it glitters on stage most the nickname ‘♡ Dalnimnyel ♡’ shines always in the personal ranking 1 news of the river Daniels and stage master artisan traditional Korean hat Daniels which makes us of the voice which the splendid dancing skill and stage manner are charming to be and in a state of lull once We imparted to Daniel looking lovingly at the fans as the borrowed and falling eye to get effusively already the confession of love. If even if the river Daniels dances the nice dance to the stage and the nickname ‘Gangdaniereu’ confesses, it is likely to get the feel which it has the world all, it does the ~ idea, it is so happy. It doesn’t have a pain in the steel Daniels and have the Jju ~ Uk a long run. It loved, it congratulated. In ” concert, the moment cannot take the moment eyes off the takes off if the nickname ‘windfate’ gets the present of the mind of the river Daniels. It is drawn by not only concert is good in where but also music and the mind of Daniel is carved into many Sarangpik. Promise in being at Daniel side and love. It rooted to congratulate truly since taking care of the Daniel click Star Wars person ranking 1 Wi with the successive. Meantime, donate wanna circle of which the river Daniels belongs come on October 3rd Asia eulogy festival.
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