‘the interior of a room 1 Yeol’ Miyeon Kim PD “the movie and social problem and relationship which cannot take off”


“it wanted to be the program for the men who the program for the movie men is not and love the movie.” Miyeon Kim producer made ‘one Yeol of interior of a room’ for the mind in which the public and movie wishes to become close more and more. Furthermore He making the feature program called ‘rated G’ previously, as to the sequel to the story of the movie and breathing was trying to introduce the meaning with one step. It concentrated on the process where it makes the movie when doing “‘ rated G ‘. It thought maybe that the audiences had the curiosity enough. But the men in cinema world see more much. It was different from the thinking intention. Rather, it was more interesting to converse separately and the idea that it would like to share got it of the audience strongly. So, ‘the interior of a room 1 Yeol’ was made. ‘the interior of a room 1 Yeol’ shares the sequel to the story of the movie which we didn’t know and information and sheds light on the movie with the new eye line. The specialist of the director producing the relevant movie or actor or related affair appears and the movie is more and more deeply analyze. One of ones which puts an emphasis in making ” program is to mix appropriately the lively real story listened from the actor and director and the which it listens from the expert and special story. Because there is a lot of the work based on misfire, if the axis comes to two stories, Korea is likely to be more interesting. So, it tends to take care of the professional casting much. As to ‘one Yeol of interior of a room’, there is no classification of genre, the cloth handles the arts which are various from the movie to the low-budget movies. ‘it is not concentrated on the commercial movie’ was finishing the voice of some people but Miyeon Kim PD tried to the utmost for “diversification”. The various opinion many of the people are trying to be listened and collected. Only, the stuff made the movie or commercial movie in order to settle down in the program beginning. The various movies are tried after in order to do. There is a lot of the substantial trouble. It is related to the copyright of a movie, the foreign currency would like to be much made but because it is dirty even in case the copyright is over the production cost, it is difficult. Nevertheless, it is to the utmost various. It is trying in order to listen the opinion of the audiences and select the movie. As to ‘the interior of a room 1 Yeol’, the work in contact with the social problem deals frequently. Miyeon Kim PD told “when selecting the movie, the social mood is trying to be much reflected”. It takes care to the movie is woven so that there can be the time recency, make the worried chance in relation with the social problem It wanted to have the talk about the culture which it will make the first of the ten celestial stems with the time movie ‘ veteran ‘ the door coming to the first of the ten celestial stems quality of the rich families beginning with Korean Air previously. It pulled and broadcasted in order to fit the time recency. The movie and social problem is taken off, and it cannot take off. Because there is a lot of the movie which especially, the South Korean movie makes use of the reality, the viewers seem to have the interest more. If ‘the interior of a room 1 Yeol’ viewer’s bulletin board is seen, the audience suggesting the idea about the program or idea poisonousness stops. The voice was made in the cast various back portions from the selection of movie. Miyeon Kim PD told “it is reading altogether and is reflecting little by little”. It thinks that cultural level of ” South Korean spectator is really high. So, the film review which the tonicity Gyu announcer reads writes down the film review of the general audience who the film critic is not. For the time interpreting the movie and acreages saying a word stingingly, the sympathy goes more. And there is a lot of the opinion which is similar to one which our production crew thinks and there is the time startled all of a sudden. Another points of interest of ‘the interior of a room 1 Yeol’ is the trailer of Ttyubeo Yoo ‘there is nearly no’ and narration. Captivate the audience with the movie story and palatable interpretation come deeply into the ear. Even if it can be said to be the large-scale central axis of the program, the exaggeration is not. Miyeon Kim PD sympathized. There was nearly no ” fact ‘, it had a pain and the other Ttyubeo Yoo had been Buniha just a minute. At that time, it had an uproar really. The respite was given just a minute and as it alit from the program, it became. ‘there is nearly no’ Nim restored the health in one month fortunately and it could do again. In fact, ‘there is nearly no’ Nim is the person faced with the beginning planning the program. The man explaining the movie properly like this person was needed. The person makes the program trailer and interpretation all directly. The question is gotten if the writer installs and entrusts to him. It is much more interesting. The help is much received. Miyeon Kim PD wanted to have the talk which is abundant by the various movies in the future. The various movie including ” history, science, women, politics, and etc. is made and because of being insufficient of me, it is reflecting much. However, it is not that ‘the interior of a room 1 Yeol’ takes care of any kind of solution wind in which we wanted to have the interest in any kind of case or problem and new movie.
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