The Ppabningbing one’s younger brother board listening clearly and sobbing “dig the protecting family summer depression” in the fan meeting


While on China famous actor Ppabningbing every kind of ‘rumor’ hit against ‘suspicion on tax evasion’ was being rampant, the group poker work paints, that is the brother, was slept and the member board listening clearly showed tears and the state of mind was confessed. The multiple Chinese media reported to the board listening clearly sleep for the proceeding poker work paints in the day before Nanjing in China on 9th and attend the fan meeting and about 2 times sob. As to the board listening clearly, ” recent day was abundant in the fan meeting. To don’t know if it will come to me due to this “***” to be braver but it told to be one ” which can be will met again. ” truth was really cried and He didn’t want Because of meeting with the fans after long interval, if there was the power protecting “***” family, it didn’t want to have this talk, the power will be good the wind was expressed. The interpretation that it is ‘the indirect mention about the Ppabningbing recent condition’ is appearing in this kind of speech. Ppabningbing stopped the activity after the tax evasion suspicion which becomes a subject of discussion in last June. His whose whereabouts is dim ‘the handcuffs photo’ roamed for 3 months and ‘rumor of arrest’ etc. every kind ghost story poured. But the text etc. informed SNS (the social relationship network service) of the pictorial photo and recent condition was published and the board listening clearly was the nap which seems to be peaceful the steps. However, the edge of an eyelid was blushed and the complicated state of mind was hinted in the fan meeting, it took possession and after all, He was the third active in the idol survivor program ‘the idol trainee’ broadcasted in 1 China as nine percent members. And after poker work paints was slept and the official made debut as the member.
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