The reason… trade show ‘the horse horse’ which the reporter ‘bread’ explodes in ‘per person’ Seongwoo Cho


The attention was concentrated into the cheerful skill at talking, the movie ‘per person’ (the supervision Bakhuigon · manufacture Jupiter film) media distribution trade show took place in the Seoul Gangnam-ku megabox coex with the nap of which ‘per person’ star Seongwoo Cho intellectual strength steam Seong germs is sedate with 11 with the day at 2 p.m. In the press conference after this day trade show, the actor Seongwoo Cho intellectual strength steam Seong germs Yoonsik Baek Jaemyeong Yoo this far and near and Huigon Park director attended. It was all smiles with the outbreak speech of which Seongwoo Cho intellectual strength steam Seong germs is quick-witted in this day press conference progressing to the serious atmosphere continuously. Moreover, the frank impression for the Chung-mu road representative ‘veteran actor’s and breathing was expressed and the impression was left. ‘per person’ is having the unsealing a period ahead with these oppositions that it occupies the universe per person which the king can become with the genius geomancer Park Jae-sang (the Seongwoo Cho) which predicts the tendency of the land and can change the human destiny and work drawing the desire on 19th. ◆ Seongwoo Cho and Jaemyeong Yoo, 3 number breathing… “be good to the elder brother’s wife” Seongwoo Cho and Jaemyeong Yoo figured out the third work breathing by the drama ‘the wood of the secret’ ‘life’ and ‘per person’. Seongwoo Cho is always warm, saying that it is on Jaemyeong Yoo “the existence and emotional prop which has to be always at the side”. The reaction was done well if it talked with the brother (jaemyeong Yoo). It granted well and my talk, acting talk, and etc. expressed the pity. ‘love story’ of “the brother is getting marry soon” Jaemyeong Yoo was pointed out, saying that Seongwoo Cho worrying about the question about the interesting episode which shared with Jaemyeong Yoo and appears for some time was “one which there is too much, comes to mind immediately the love story”. It will fight with the elder brother’s wife one day and He will come and ‘ Seongwoo will be unable to cook and installs him. You fell in love quickly, you installed ‘ Seongwoo after a few days. It came and said go and with doing not know if it will have to fit to where it said and the site was made into the scene of boisterous laughter. Finally, the witty advice was given to Jaemyeong Yoo “be good to the sister-in-law”. ◆ the one’s strength among the steam Seong germs ” Chuseok opening movie? ‘grave site’ story…” The burst of laughter steam Seong germs threw out from time to time interesting speech with the look which this day is serious and did the indispensable role severely. ‘per person’ meets this year Chuseok audience and the outstanding arts and screen competes. The steam Seong germs pointed out on one’s strength ‘grave site’ of ‘per person’ and evoked the burst of laughter. It wanted to be a win-win with the other movie, the idea that it is the movie in which it matches Chuseok most got and “the steam Seong germs taking off the rhyme” our movie revealed the opinion carefully. He, as to ” I can go down to the hometown in this year Chuseok. If the hometown to was gone, the elders talked the grave site always, it was the poem, “***” joined Chuseok most the most in that respect and it might be not the movie where there is the strong point and explained. The interesting speech of the steam Seong germs was not only this. The steam Seong germs played a role of the complicated mental state toward the disintegration father and stress, sense of inferiority, and etc. in the current work with Byungki Kim character. He shook “also the child realized one which it has to raise with the praise than the rod” the chattiness and the smile with was given. ◆ all Ppyeolchyeot the smoke which the impression intellectual strength which the intellectual strength “the impression… on was reflected on seniors and juniors smoke” are frank has the disintegration stereoscopic property with the character acting the royal family Heungseon ruined in ‘per person’ In this day trade show, intellect which watches the production for the first time “it wondered if how the other actors expressed and saw today and it learned much” the frank impression were revealed. He confessed “it was impressed by seniors and juniors smoke” “when I didn’t listen much no more than lacking thought”. After that, I was grown through “the reason why it selects ‘ per person ‘ studies” ” process. It learned much. The acting which is better in the next work will be presented based upon this and it was the humble nap the steps. ◆ ‘the inversion chattiness’ intellectual strength “‘ per person ‘ one’s strength? Suddenly the intelligence which shows the attitude which the consistently is gentle that I came out shook the chattiness and ‘ inversion fascination ‘ was released. After asking a joke to be “sweet one which I come out”, this day intellectual strength laughed shyly at the question asked the one’s strength of ‘per person’. And then, “because Yoonsik Baek teacher, under actor, and direction of the supervisor stood out, it can be loved to many people” the humble mind at were hinted.
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