There is the stern and ‘the click Star Wars’ singer ranking candidate entry… syndrome.


‘the stern and chart all kill Noreen everyone’The singer stern entered the site ‘the click Star Wars’ singer ranking candidate imparting the idol ranking information at last 10th. The song which is in the rank is ‘siren’ (Siren) released on 4th. The sound where there is the tension and vocal, that is dreams and phantasms, are impressive with the tune getting the inspiration in the siren ‘the myth center mermaid’ siren ‘. The sharp voice and base maximizes the mood of the tune because of the latter half. All strings the attention especially the stern is known to take part in the writing the lyrics · composition directly’24 hours are not enough’, ‘full moon’, and hit song of ‘girl’ back are put on sale and the stern gotten previously the large-scale love from the public. ‘girl’ which especially is released at August last year sang the joy of the syndrome class popularity. It is benefited from the popularity and the new musical composition ‘siren’ of the stern is expected if there is the number to open the rank activity in ‘the click Star Wars’ 9 month 2 parking singer ranking vote. Meantime, ‘the click Star Wars’ is the play space of the idol fandom providing the community, event, and etc. beat with the idol ranking information. There is before the beginning of next year song awards ceremony opening.
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