Was the girl group? … ‘interest’ in the career which ‘the proposing exposure in spon’ white is sweet


The fact that (month Syabetteu at that time, the activity name non-key) that group moon Syabetteu from actor white is sweet receives proposal for the sponsor was opened and the attention was centered. The photo of the leaf is published in Instagram on 10th and there is no Baekdaeun. This one is not sent. I live life to the full and know and be rich. The inconvenient state of mind was expressed. Baekdaeun, as to the received message capture was the suggestion included in the photo with this day from the anonymous person from spon in the morning. The Baekdaeun debutting as the first mini album ‘the wave 2 par DevaneyDevine’ played an active part as the team leader in 2011 month Syabetteu. The next year month Syabetteu from was withdrawn and the single was declared. And it was active as the general programming channels JTBC weather caster in 2013. It converted to the actor after. It became a hot issue with the bed scene which is exceptive in solder heartburnings movie ‘pharisee’ in 2014. Besides, it appeared. In addition, all strings the attention with the fact called the Baekdaeun the Gilseong Sohn SKT honorary president nephew one’s granddaughter Gilseong Sohn honorary president served consecutively as the SK global president, president in SK Telecom, and third shot president in SK Group.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1732774.htm, 2018/09/11 11:25:03]