Park bottle “india with the road of the belief Cho In sung existence ‘ Seasung Ahn ‘” burst of laughter


The affection in which the actor Bakbyeongeun steps toward Cho In sung was unsparingly expressed and the smile of the whole assembly was evoked. ‘seasung Ahn’ which it defines as “cho In sung is ‘ Seasung Ahn ‘” after the movie ‘seasung Ahn’ (the supervision Kim Gwangsik · manufacture movie company excellent) press preview which is held in CGV Yongsan child Park mall as the Yongsan gu Han River p.m. 2 on 12th in the press conference and it expressed the sense of presence of Cho In sung at the current work, Bakbyeongeun has 19 days premieres ahead 645 year (stepsIt is the movie which it draws Seasung Ahn combat, that is offensive and defensive battle which king Jang 4 year) Goguryo wages against Tang Dynasty. As to Cho In sung, Bakbyeongeun did the disintegration assisting role with Seasung Ahn castellan Manchun Yang character with the style character severely. In this day press conference, bakbyeongeun expressed jollily the thankful mind about Cho In sung. It spoke to this Cho In sung “it will go out” and the burst of laughter the var to be put the body was induced, saying that the Mollahaet high and Bakbyeongeun were “why the senior be like that”. Bakbyeongeun didn’t stop the praise at the detaining of Cho In sung. He told “cho In sung actor was taking the seat in the passionate scene so much so that there can be the perseverance as the castellan and Manchun Yang” “if when He didn’t stand in the field middle with the solidifying will, there was the number to shake all”. After that, cho In sung was very shy “it will listen till this”. However, the confession of Park bottle didn’t end. Soon after this, his mounting marked out the definite point. The existence and value that Bakbyeongeun is ” both late spring be likely to lead us to the road of the belief. The opinion was expressed it thought like that truly. “if someone saw, I went one in which I know that be the founder of a religion” the waving one’s hand was done and Cho In sung made the field into the scene of boisterous laughter. It is the paragraph of which the teamwork of the performing actors stands out. It tells “it shared in Cho In sung actor and current work and was good. Even by ending the shooting, the mail message was shared and it stayed” and Bakbyeongeun is really happy. The good man seems to meet. This dot was reflected in Manchun Yang character and that be likely to be shown in the work and it added and Cho In sung and sincere relationship of was made a boast.
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