The Hye Ri · realization and quadrupole · the action electric conduction… the theater hunting winner?


There is 2 meets the public by the screen after the stage and TV member in girl group. Start the Chuseok theater district violent collision which the group girl is worm-eaten, the member and actor Hye Ri and AOA (AO A) member and actor realization comes. The Hye Ri supports the water in solder heartburnings movie ‘the water is supported’ (the supervision Heojong Ho · manufacture Ttaewonenteotteinmeonteu) on 12th and is the disintegration quadrupole peculiarity talking manner and action scene the steps with the daughter order character of the search party captain Yoon and (the Myungmin Kim). ‘the water is supported’ is the first in South Korea Cree office quadrupole with the work in which the strange animal Mul pig incubating the Phytophthora blight with the heavy breed in 22 shows and which draws the personal strife of the life dry feeds in order to protect the country overwhelmed with the fear. The realization played a role of the troop leader white shrimp character with the movie ‘seasung Ahn’ (the supervision Kim Gwangsik · manufacture movie company excellent) meeting the audience from 19th to put the number of infallibility. ‘seasung Ahn’ is the action blockbuster drawing Seasung Ahn combat, that is offensive and defensive battle which (four years of guarantee king) Goguryo in 645 wages against Tang Dynasty. The realization digested the action scene gone through in the current work. There is the common-point that the Hye Ri and realization challenge the Chuseok theater district scramble and first quadrupoles this time. ‘the water is supported’ Chonghoh Huh director succeeded in the first jobs of on the Hye Ri ” I. There is so much the sense. In our movie, the attitude that it endured this sense of responsibility and tries was shown and it praised. ‘seasung Ahn’ Kim Gwangsik director left on realization “the Jal injury gave the emotion performance in the beyond expectation” the good criticism. It is the Hye Ri and the realization who is the representative member in girl group and actor. As to the Hye Ri, the current work is the screen debut work. The girl was worm-eaten, it was invested in the second opinion single ‘it is nice’ activity in new members in 2010 and made debut. The singer and actor activity was gone side by side beginning with SBS ‘the delicious life’ performance after in 2012. It was given a favorable reception as the character standing the favor in the TvN ‘1988 it answers’ in 2015 and grew into the commonly acknowledged main actor. The realization debutting as AOA first single ‘the Engels story (Angels’ story)’ was engraved on the public with the appearance standing out from the debut early in 2012. The actor hazing was held from the debut Hae with the drama ‘my daughter Seo the soul’. And it appeared after ‘the ugly person watch’ ‘the brave family’ ‘the orange marmalade’ and movie ‘kangnam 1970’ ‘the mnemonic system of the murderer’ etc. majority work. It is the Hye Ri and the realization which fits the actors and breathing getting the love of the audience including Myungmin Kim Enkwon Kim, Cho In sung Sungung Park Sungwoo Bae, and etc. and attempts one jump to stage in the new genre work. The interest of the spare audiences leans if any kind of growth is shown through the current work of 2 people.
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