The idol native celebrities causing the dispute by the Yeeun · shoe · Sunghoon Kang and suspicion of swindle


When while being from WonderGirls, then the Yeeun (the one’s real name Bagyeeun ·29) which is being active as the singer Hat pelt was getting the suspicion of swindle, the official position that Yeeun is ‘groundless’ was put out. However, easily the dispute doesn’t quiet down. The wavelength is bigger because the example debt of gratitude suspicion of swindle has the connection with the father. Moreover, shoe from S.E.S and stops at the middle of the cheating dispute Sunghoon Kang from Jekseukkiseu is getting attention recently. ◆ the fact that the WonderGirls from Yeeun “due to the father” Yeeun is receiving the suspicion of swindle with the father night certain pastor was known as the report of ‘the sports tendency’ to the world in the morning on 11th. The complaint was received to Seoul Suseo police station as the suspicion of swindle in last March and Yeeun participated in the investigation by police with the social position of the accused along with the father Yeonggyun Park pastor. As to the believers of Park pastor, mr. Park insisted “the entertainment business will be promoted” “the investment suited the specific loads was siphoned off”. The believers told that they participated actively such as attending the example silver knife entertainment business fair, that is the daughter of Park pastor, etc. The example debt of gratitude agency amoeba incubation is vigilant in being ” individual private life with the official position. However, it is right once to engage in the investigation by police. It engaged faithfully in the investigation so that Yeeun could prove to be unrelated to the case. It caused anxiety to the father’s duty and was sorry and revealed. The investigation by police doesn’t have decided one additionally yet with on activity to. Firstly, the days program is the policy to be digested as the plan. The album dissipating like the mists was the groundless, “***” beginning time was not determined. It is right to prepare the new album. It told to be the schedule ” which informed and which it digests as the days program if the time to open the further album was decided. The restriction was charged with the charge which the example debt of gratitude father night pastor raises the money 19.7 billion won already over of about 150 at February last year believer. It was sentenced to the imprisonment year 6 in 1 and second trial. Moreover, it was handed over to the trial according to the charge taking 3.1 billion complements against the believer and its own seminar attendants since December in 2014 until July last year and was sentenced to the victim compensation of the imprisonment of 6 years and 680 million won in last Feburary. ◆ S.E. the suspicion of swindle was revealed last month and shoe from S.E.S (the one’s real name Suyeong Yoo) called as shoe from S “one to be repaid… debt due to the curiosity” fairy gave the shock to the publics. Recently, all Badat the prosecution investigation shoe was charged in relation with a large sum of the gambling debt suspicion Shoe accused of the suspicion of swindle was called over in the afternoon on 7th non-disclosure and the Dongbu branch of the Seoul District Public Prosecutors’ Office criminal 2 part (the executive prosecution Sungphil Choi) investigated in accordance with the representative of legal circles on 10th. Shoe attorney revealed as “there was enough the repayment data, it was bright about the fraud related part at that time”. The complaint of the object which didn’t repay the money which shoe borrows for the gambling name last month is accepted and the investigation starts on the investigation. After borrowing 350 million won, 250 million won from one hotel casino of Kwangjin-ku, Seoul from 2 people in last June, shoe is getting the charge which it doesn’t repay according to the prosecution. The native could not enter but shoe was known that relevant casino could enter because there was the Japanese citizenship. All Jyeot the debt shoe is at a loss with “it visited the casino in the hotel which it finds for the rest to the curiosity” ” fortune the case is known to the world The loan will be repaid, the position was put out. ◆ Sunghoon Kang from Jekseukkiseu and icon of the lawsuit? The member Sunghoon Kang of the Jekseukkiseu got involved in the lawsuit once again. Sunghoon Kang took back Taiwan fan meeting, that is 8~9 days (the) prearrangements of holding. Here, because the administrator A Ssi of the person fan club ‘the Huni world’ and the suspicion that it is love passionately against is together hit, there is adverse criticism. The suspicion that the fan club manager of Sunghoon Kang embezzled the profit raised the head. The Huni world formal fan cafe “the rumor is the rumor” spurned the passionate love suspicion but the dispute doesn’t disappear. This is not first time and the disappointment the lawsuit implication of Sunghoon Kang is more given. Sunghoon Kang is accused of the suspicion of swindle in last March. Sunghoon Kang borrowed 140 million won from C Ssi through B Ssi living together at that time on November, 2010. The debt of C Ssi was not repaid after getting the money. At this time, it pleaded to be feel victimized. After Sunghoon Kang borrowed the money of 1 billion cost amounts from the total of 3 people previously from June, 2009 until November 2011th, it was accused of the charge which it is not to repay some. The pronouncement the court was 6 months arrested for this case in the first trial with the penal servitude in 2. In after second trial, it was sentenced to the probation year 2 and the imprisonment was released at 6 months in 1. There was more the complaint of 5 afters. The relevant complaint cases been under the being acquitted of the prosecution.
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