The luxury goods MC Seonghyun Kim took the writing the lyrics (the) right for authorship back in 20 years.


The story in which the entertainment industry ‘the luxury goods MC’ Seonghyun Kim, as to the song writing the lyrics takes the (the) right for authorship back about 20 years was known far later. Seonghyun Kim wrote ‘with Uisa Na and Geu Dae neighborhood’ housekeeping in which the singer Namgung precious stone caused the navy public relation association (the) days of service in 1982 later and which records the hit. It is the pop song housekeeping which He having been doing the etude hires as the poet at the time for the first time. The singer Seongdeok Kim who is the navy public relation association synchronism of Seonghyun Kim composed based upon this housekeeping. It divided into the Seongdeok Kim-Seonghyun Kim which it will cut writing and composing songs on the copyright society and it applied for registration. However, seonghyun Kim whose the name is similar was omitted and the copyright society enrolled as Seongdeok Kim writing and composing songs. The case where writing and composing songs are the same man was abundant at the time, and moreover, the name is unexpectedly similar and it mistakes. (Kim) seongdeok was active as the popular singer after the global. Because of being the originally close between, there was no done reason which is in conflict putting the (the) right for authorship, with me. The singer Namgung precious stone it sings a song after about 20 years flows comes out on ‘harmony’ actively. The person concerned who got the song for the first time and who I am know circumstantially writing and composing songs inside facts from the song recording at the time corrected ‘mistake’ in the point and the Namgung precious stone fancied the role that it hands out to the original place. The Namgung precious stone made Seongdeok Kim and contact live in U.S.A from long time ago and sought for the way. The Namgung precious stone got the permission of Seongdeok Kim and in conclusion, inherently, the writing the lyrics changed the name to Seonghyun Kim who is the owner. With respect to this, it told “seongdeok emigrated with U.S.A. However, seongdeok was the between in which it was altogether 3 on intimate terms since 80’s for a while and there was no conflict in the writing the lyrics right problem at all” “when seongdeok knows as one in which jade powder gets the contact and which it agrees without hesitation”. Seonghyun Kim is receiving the copyright fee about the annual 1 million won under this tune. The royalty part of the past 20 Yeo a year which Seongdeok Kim gets shared the friendship which the before admits as it is. In case the (the) right for authorship is used illegally as the principle or the error appears and the name is changed, the royalty received already has to be altogether returned back. Meantime, seonghyun Kim Namgung precious stone is sharing for 40 years sticky friendship into the entertainment world close friend. Yoonhyeong week Kim Sehwan Hyeeun leads the local musical event that 2 people are ‘socho-dong village friends’ due to the relation living together in the Seoul Seocho-gu along with Haekyong Min recommendation reduction joy, and etc. from last year and it is becoming a hot issue.
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