The nation MC Jaesuck Yoo and ‘in 18, the article talents the highest’ secret


There is the common-point that it is the grownup apprentice artistes is reigning the artiste world called the broadcaster Kyonggyu Lee Kim-Gu. It debutted both as the comedian but the light was unable to be seen in the comedy program of the rookie days conte center at all. When Shim Hyeongrae or the miss Choi rock the late was long, the brother roe made a long drive taking advantage of victory, these felt out of place like the foreigner. Until the attention was gotten at the front of public and It became the concern, it was quite the long period cheesecloth. As to ‘the article talents godfather’ Kyonggyu Lee, the formality made debut after the play actor in MBC gag contest in 1981. It is active as the sub MC which appears in the debut after ‘visit Bok if it laughs’ ‘the youth Long live’ back and cooks wine and rice cake of ‘in the Sunday night’ at the late 80’s and the light begins to be seen. It is developed into the general trend artiste only after undergoing the being nameless sorrow of the several years of Kim-Gu after SBS comedian debut till the internet broadcasting rough words dispute in 1993. There is no man who says someone to these having ‘the comparison not right artistic talent’ that there is no talent. In spite of being the owners of the quickness excelling above the someone, what is the reason why it is poor to attract the public interest? If it cares obstinately, it has only the crime (?) that it was ahead of the public appetite and trend. The style which stabs the mien with the improvisation ad-lib which is not promised on the previous including the angry scolding and biting remark, and etc. rather than it depends on the script organized well in the prior Ireot. ◆ it was Kyonggyu Lee Kim-Gu who is ahead of the public ‘the appetite and trend’. The grownup apprentice star that artistic talent expression Jaesuck Yoo sees the light far later far later looked like Kyonggyu Lee or Koora Kim in the point. Only, it is the advantage of him to it is soft of the peculiarity, be modest. The concession and consideration is the previous to the peer artistes than the competition. The counterpart is ever oppressed for its own location or it doesn’t drive competitively out. It is about to might name the title that the juniors appearing together are ‘the Yuneu Nim’ (jaesuck Yoo God) if it how. Jaesuck Yoo is from to be KBS first time college gag in 1991. The synchronism Seongkyong Choi and prize for encouragement was gotten and it was barely over the threshold. If the passer-by role of ‘the humor 1 house number’ or ‘the comedy everything in (the) world’ was not, the sense of presence was insignificant as much as it appeared on the child comedy movie of Shim Hyeongrae like ‘the Wuroemae broken out at the outer space’ as the bridesmaid. If it compared with the debut motives which were a success including it makes the steam Guk Suyung Kim, Kim Yong-man, Baksuhong Huiseok Nam, whom and etc., it was indeed shabby. It is ‘sewon Suh show’ causing the talk show wind to the broadcast circles at the late 90’s that chance comes to him who overlaps with the millitary service and goes through the long being nameless that it is the year 10. Jaesuck Yoo disentangled the days as an unknown story of one’s experiences at ‘torque box’, that is the popular corner, with the mounting and skill at talking at that time tastefully. In after ‘- departure dream team the super TV Sunday is happy’, it was Huh, the easily destroyed appearance was imprinted as the character and the interest was derived. ◆ as to jaesuck Yoo fascination, the favorable comment about the extra Jaesuck Yoo the donation preceding angel which ‘the passion-consideration-faithfulness-sacrifice’ and man don’t know is various. The strength of the whole body is still run out even by floating (passion). It is well the extensive reading and the juniors of are taken care and the humanity emits strongly (consideration). When hanging from the broadcasting, take the lead with the attitude which is always truthful and is humble (faithfulness). It is not two faced. The appearance in the broadcasting and actual figure coincides (first intention). When it doesn’t refuse (sacrifice) that I am destroyed in the broadcasting. There is another why the full name that it is Jaesuck Yoo shines. The donation precedence for this summer damage of pouring rain victims is the Allyeo ground Seo. Jaesuck Yoo took care of the victims for the Sewol ferry families of victims and typhoon Chaba in 2,016 and fire on Seomun Market in Daegu City at the time in 2014. In the House of Sharing, 260 million won was delivered for 5 years. It is the paragraph which the phase of Jaesuck Yoo whom it cannot evaluate ever as the popularity stands out anew. Jaesuck Yoo breaks the expectation of the broadcast circles that it is changed with the alternative person at one time. The position of the highest in the artiste world is almost made own with 18 year Jjae ‘the nation MC’. What is the secret which it is not fed up for long? The many men speak as the conduct thanks to good of Jaesuck Yoo who shows by oneself or whom it is not proud of. It is the preparation so that the jealousy can follow by itself as the popularity increases. However, it is the paragraph which why Jaesuck Yoo shows whether it is ‘the fascination other without the anti’.
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