The old actor Entae Kim leaving the world and ‘the wife Suryeon Baek whom it sits up with the corpse’


While the funeral parlor of the old actor high Entae Kim passing away from the chronic disease is prepared in Kyonggi-do Bundang in Seongnam city Seoul University Hospital funeral hall on 12th, the actor Suryeon Baek who is the wife of the deceased is siting up with the corpse. The long time fought against the prostate cancer, Parkinsons disease, adynamia, and etc. so far and as to Entae Kim, this day passed away in Kyonggi-do Yongin City Giheunggu one sanatorium in the morning. The surviving family of the deceased has the wife Suryeon Baek and son Kim Suhyun who is the actor.
source : [, 2018/09/12 16:07:27]