The old actor Entae Kim one’s age at death 88 years old leaving the world The wife Suryeon Baek “the man who the nature is pretty”


The old actor Entae Kim getting the love as the acting which the line is thick passed away from the chronic disease on 12th. 88 years olds of one’s age at death The life in sick-bed was kept with the complication including the prostate cancer and this day has been being sick in one sanatorium of Yongin Kyonggi Giheunggu in the morning since 2007 Parkinsons disease, adynamia, which and etc. and Entae Kim closed the acting career of about 70 years. The funeral parlor is planning to be prepared in Bundang Seoul University Hospital. After debutting as the actor in 1954, the smoke which the line is thick around the work in which ‘country Diaries’, ‘the fourth republic’, ‘taecho Wanggeon’, ’empress Myongsong’, ‘the unmanned age’ ‘the thing arising in Bali’, ‘proposal of marriage’, and ‘Wangkkot Nyeonim Son’ Deung are various was performed and the dead leaving the Seorabeol school of art with 1,930 formers had been receiving the love of the various age groups. There is the wife Suryeon Baek and son Kim Suhyun who is being the actor active with the surviving family. The wife Suryeon Baek having been doing the nursing revealed the news about fighting against disease of Entae Kim in the variety program channel A ‘the queen of the inner bath’ in 2014 that all efforts were run out in order to find the electric charge the treatment way. As to Suryeon Baek, ” husband Entae Kim alit from the drama with the stroke at that time. The regrettable news of was given it overlapped after the stroke from the Parkinsons disease and the waist was paralyzed and was crooked till 80 degree.
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