The actor Entae Kim leaving the world… wife Suryeon Baek · son Kim Suhyun ‘the actor family’ attention


The old actor Entae Kim died of the chronic disease on 12th. 88 years olds of one’s age at death All eyes is among others turned to the spouse Suryeon Baek and son Kim Suhyun. The spouse of the deceased and son is altogether the actor. As to 1961, the raw Suryeon Baek, the formality made debut after the play actor activity as the KBS drama ‘road’ in 1981. It appeared after ‘it took the jujube tree love’ ‘the arrogance and prejudice’ ‘the woman robbing Sun which the power is strong’ ‘the small god’s children’ etc. and took an active part. The son Kim Suhyun forming a puddle is the person of real ability actor consolidating the geographical condition at the theatrical world in the raw in 1970. Kim Suhyun met the audience by ‘mother’ ‘yeonaesidae’ ‘the love comes’ ‘two years olds of Richard’ ‘to Picasso steal’ back majority stage constantly. In addition, it appeared in the drama ‘korean peninsula’ etc. Presently, it is having a period ahead. The high Entae Kim fought long against the prostate cancer, Parkinsons disease, adynamia, and etc. This day passed away at Yongin Kyonggi Giheunggu one sanatorium in the morning. And the funeral parlor was prepared in the game Seongnam Bundang-gu Seoul University Hospital.
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