‘the actress it avoids’ Minchung Ban “the painful time” Vs Cho Deokje “ani”


The case which waged the court controversy of 40 months against placing the actress forced indecent act, was finished as the guiltiness of the actor. Minchung Ban who started the legal dispute anonymously when Supreme Court sheltered and it raised the hand of the actress came out on the press directly. The harmer Cho Deokje sentenced to the guiltiness reveals the manner feeling still victimized and the controversy seems to continue in the future. The Supreme Court 2 part (kim So-young justice of the Supreme Court) set the original judgment in which the imprisonment sentences Cho Deokje Ssi handed over to the trial to the sexual harassment treatment program completion of the probation in 2 40 hour in the Supreme Court ruling in appeal case opening p.m. 3 on 13th 10 minute with the forced indecent act appreciation charge in 1 in concrete. When Supreme Court set the original judgment in concrete, then the class Ssi proceeding anonymously with the trial so far revealed shape to the front of press. As to the class Ssi, I am the victim Minchung Ban of the Cho Deokje rape incident called as the actress. The Cho Deokje had to lose the irrevocable verdict of ‘guilty’ due to the crime of the rigid body indecent and false accusation for the Badat everything “***” 40 month now to be very many. It explained that it was classified to the actor who doesn’t need to liaise obstinately by the reason of rising to the malicious gossip and the performance was continued, it was difficult and the lecture was cut off and in spite of being the sexual harassment victim the men left. In the meantime, ” dry strength and will of the life were altogether lost. If the damage from rape was suffered, it did with the college of law and I was all ones at a loss. The painful time was being spent during as much as the idea that dying one will be better was done and I expressed. The half Ssi appeals “I receiving the condemnation against is very afraid if the retaliation is not suffered if another damage is not suffered from hims” and there has to be no violence of the name that it is the custom. ‘the sexual harassment making a pretext of the smoke’ has to disappear. If the rule of the society was destroyed with the name that it is ‘art’, that art didn’t have the value of existence, it emphasized. After that, it is the bar to remain as the good precedent in which ” this judgment can not stop in the rape incident of one person and which can correct the practice of the Korean movie world. The action of the Cho Deokje and that was not smoke and it was the sexual harassment and added. The process and meaning while it appeared in the press directly and the class Ssi passes through this case was explained. However, Cho sentenced to the guiltiness reveals the manner that it cannot accept still. 1 trillion felt victimized through interview with ‘edaily’ right after pronouncement “there was no chance to explain the innocence from the rim of the law any more. However, yet by oneself is not regarded as ‘ forcible assaulter ‘”. He acted in the level which He is right in the directions of ” supervision and scenario Conti. It didn’t exceed. Only the tens staffs are scooping the binocular out of several M futures and it reaches this society as well as movie · cultural circle that it did the forced indecent act it is watching and if It becomes the forcible assaulter in spite of the Ppyeolchyeot sound in a day, however the partner can be the acting in the script and Conti and instruction of the director with the word approval “***” that bad effect is serious. The high existing insistence was repeated. Additionally, it did “the guiltiness came out. However, the words of the deep thank to would like to be asked the people giving the words of the concern and encouragement · cheer so far”. Meantime, it was accused of one suspicion and this case was the sexual molestation known to the world such as the underwear of the half of the actress Ssi was torn and 1 trillion deposited the hand in the pants among the movie shooting last April 2015 and the body part was touched, etc. The first trial court acquitted 1 trillion. The half Ssi complained against. The second trial court broke the original judgment and the penal servitude ordered the sexual harassment treatment program completion of the probation in 2 40 hour to 1 trillion in 1. While the center was confirmed in Supreme Court, the case got to mark the period of the court controversy of 40 months with the both sides of the both parties ancient times disobeying this.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1733008.htm, 2018/09/13 19:12:46]