The boyfriend assault charge… agency “one which it does the presentation of the position after checking” it finds


The official position that the group KARA native actor Koo Hara (27) hit against the assault charge is confirming from the person was revealed. It finds and why “it is contacting the person in charge for the confirmation of fact” ” recent is found in the call on 13th and there is no schedule and It doesn’t become the person in charge and contact and there is the agency contents Y people concerned. As it will check, the position will be announced and it told. The Gangnam Seoul police station revealed that it accepted the declaration that Koo Hara assaulted the boyfriend in the Seoul Gangnam-ku Nonhyon-dong one villa this day around 30 past 0. When the boyfriend who is the hair designer that it finds declared the farewell, then it was enraged and He was assaulted. The both parties violence was known to be asserted. This day police officer told to be “the schedule it makes contact with the person concerned of the case and which decides the attendance days program and which it investigates”. The love which is large in home and abroad that it finds debutting as KARA first mini album was gotten in 2008. The activity is engaged after KARA dismantling with the actor in 2016.
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