The movies which come to mind if it is ‘the legend of the fall’ ‘late fall’ ‘the Lake House’ and autumn


If it walks hastily yet in the daytime, it can sweat but is felt that it becomes chilly through morning and evening fairly now and the fall approaches. If the season of ‘high sky and plump horses’ and autumn on is decided, introduce the movies coming to mind. ◆ in ‘the legend of the fall’, in advance, the movie ‘the legend of the fall’, the fall is included from the title. 1. it is the world war either before or after the story about 3 brother inside of a house with the background. 3 son Alfred lived with rod from colonel (anthony Hopkins) (the queen it scrapes), TRISTAN (raedeu Beu pitt, William Pitt), and Myueol Sae (henry Thomas) which get to love one woman. Janna Su who the woman whom 3 brothers love was the fiancee of Myueol Sae (julia Omeondeu). Janna Su visited Myueol Sae of the home along Myueol Sae. It is entranced by TRISTAN which it is passionate, is the result in that place and it rolls. The first Alfred and TRISTAN pines for Janna Su. While being like that, the first world war breaks out and 3 fights a war altogether. As to Myueol Sae, the transcription and Alfred are discharged to the Germany military by the minor phase. The inner hunting instinct wakes up and TRISTAN it curses the shoes and which takes out the heart of the brother directly and which it sends to the home takes the scalp of the numerous Germany military off. In conclusion, the wandering disease is aggravated and TRISTAN travels the world. The principal seasonal background of the legend ‘ of the fall is the fall. The season when the hero TRISTAN is born and season coming back from the wandering are altogether the autumn. Because of the interesting original title ‘Legends Of The Fall’ is translated into ‘the legend of the fall’ however being ‘The Fall’ in which ‘Fall’ is just not, it be that be right to interpret as the fall or corrupted. About this, the great master Edward Zwick producing the movie didn’t take mention but the author luggage Harrison meant ‘fall’ or ‘fall’ and inherently ‘the legend of the fall’ was known to the will to be right. France, Russia, Vietnam, and etc. that it is Sweden and Ukraina interpreted like Korea as the fall and Germany, Espana, Portugal, Finland, and etc. were opened as the name that ‘the legend of the passion’, Italy, Turkey, Poland, and etc. are ‘the wind of the passion’. ◆ For the movie ‘late fall’ which it became a hot issue, the fall was expressed as the casting of ‘late fall’ Tang Wei in the name. The art center season is the just before Jjeum that it is the winter from the late fall. All Banneun for 3 days vacation with the obituary of the child which is murdering the husband and is putting for 7 years (tang Wei) or the mother While going to Seattle, the carfare is lent to the Korean translation of Chinese character (hyun Bin) gotten in the same bus. The Korean translation of Chinese character which got the money and which it served the escort to the women proposes the date to Aena. 2 sends the comfortable day like the amusement. It is the work of which the soft output unique of Taeyung Kim director debutting as ‘Horror Story in a Girls’ High School’ 2′ stands out. All strings the part which coats and which especially it expresses the lines of the Korean translation of Chinese character and child the action of other man and woman the eyesTaeyung Kim director remarried with this work with Tang Wei. ◆ as to ‘the Lake House’ ‘the Lake House’, the movie about October is not. It is the movie about ‘the love transcending the time’ but just ‘the Lake House’ is the movie in which it matches the fall. The story is like this. The Eunju (geehyun Jeon) moving in to the Ilmare ‘ becomes to believe the fact that the letter which I make goes to 2 years ago. The snow fell heavily “1,998 year on January. The saint (this standing) getting the letter be careful to wind saw what the large snowflakes lowers like the lie and this letter was derived from the future, it finds out. It asks the saint that Eunju who is the dubbing artist finds the lost recorder from the subway for the saint and 2 people are met for the first time. But there was the girlfriend in Eunju. There was the woman promising the marriage to this girlfriend. Eunju who thinks of the past through the saint that it can change asks to move toward the place meeting the boyfriend lastly and asks. The saint love Eunju already is distressing but is trying to listen to this asking. The someone tells in this way. ‘the Lake House’ the major work of Geehyun Jeon is not ‘Kijeoken Yeop she’ Meantime, the English title of ‘the Lake House’ is ‘the Ilmare (Il Mare)’. The sea is meant by Italian.
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