“the reform the cost?” The reason why it is Apple and expensive policy possible


The voice of the sense of frustration about the price policy of Apple is coming out while three kinds of iPhone new product is revealed. 13 days (korean time) new style iPhone, 3 clansman iPhone XS (5.8″), iPhone XS max (6.5″), and iPhone XR (6.1″) unpack event was held and American sale price revealed Apple. 999 dollars, 256GB, as to 64GB, as to 1,149 dollars, 512GB the iPhone XS American selling price which Apple reveals are 1,349 dollars. As to the iPhone XS max, 1,099 dollars, 256GB, as to 64GB, as to 1,249 dollars, 512GB are 1,449 dollars. As to the iPhone XR, 749 dollars, 128GB, as to 64GB, as to 799 dollars, 256GB are 899 dollars. It was appropriated for the price which about 100 dollars are high than the market expectation level. The other Eo the iPhone XS max 512GB who is the most expensive model stood the maximum among the new iPhone among the successive generations iPhone. The iPhone X 256GB coming out last year was released at 1,149 dollars and 300 dollars are more expensive than this. If it takes into consideration that domestic factory price of the iPhone X 256GB was 1.63 million won, the analysis that it can close in upon 2 million won is coming out of the iPhone XS max 512GB. In the securities business circles, the performance of Apple preserves the high price strategy on reason previous work in which was pointed out. The deliberation the soul HI Investment & Securities researcher “figure which Apple had the external growth through the IPhone X high price and such strategy is connected to this new model” told. The high researcher could be said to be on reason “the reason the price sensitivity of the iPhone is low” in which Apple can preserve the high price strategy. He is the meaning that ” loyalty is high. The Jeom that relatively the market share of Apple is being steadily maintained in spite of the iPhone X high price dispute proves this. It was confirmed as one of which the loyalty in the advanced country including North America, and etc. is high and especially explained. The on-line is sending the eye line which on high price strategy of Apple is disappointing. As to naver id ‘to s****’, from the beginning, appropriate about 5 million won. Neverthless, the buyer hires. One phone assistant judge will be Zhang and when seeing based on the quite short rotation which the new product of “ID ‘musc****’ it wrote” year 1 I comes out, it pointed out as the expensive price ” very unreasonably. The id ‘pill****’ was sarcastic as “the cost is the reform”. The price increased but the performance comes out of the evaluation that there is no innovation as the level anticipated in the market. As to the Hwang Min nature Samsung Securities researcher, the function robustness trend of the key components including AP, display, camera, battery, and etc. lasted. It judges that there was no reform but there was no disappointing part. The dual sim card for the Chinese market and new appearance of the entry model were spoken as the supply strategy ” of the Apple which the steadiness the late is lukwarm.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1732932.htm, 2018/09/13 10:29:55]