The singer song writer it composes ‘like the birds’ rootless type, on the eleventh of next month in the 30th anniversary, the commemorating concert


The singer meets the debut in the 30th anniversary rootless type holds the solo concert in the Seoul Hongik University West bridge livehall at 8 p.m. on October 11th. The rootless type is the composer composing the Byun Chinseop hit song ‘the one, in which it can inspire to you only, the love only’ and ‘like the birds’ ‘to you’ etc. Moreover, the group song painting was formed along with Kim heartburnings which the Kwangun college monthly account song festival meets Nyeon and prurigo seat given one building and the activity was engaged. The Byun Chinseop which comes to watch the show among the song painting activity likes ‘it was so late’ ‘like the birds’ and it gets to announce to the Byun Chinseop solo 1 album debut album in 1988. At this time, the rootless type was more become famous than the singer with the composer. He was the first class meritorious retainer making the Byun Chinseop with the Bottom maniac Korean translation of Chinese character to the Ballard emperor. As to the rootless type, the blitz came home from American LA in last May in 2 years in order to arrange this concert. Thereafter, the album work was finished in sweltering heat for 3 months. ” this concert Geunsik Gee stopping on stage is the singer the composer using the hit song of the Byeonjipseop is not rootless type the stage which is the steps after long interval. So, the reason why the song ends and it makes a song and story, and etc. entangled in the song is loosened. Moreover, it revealed that Kim Kwang-jin appeared with the guest and one’s song was planning to be played. The reason why the rootless type extends the field of action to the singer song writer combining the composition and song is due to communication with the fans. Its own song is called directly and because of being him know well the fact that the fans and one had mutual understanding are not behind the scenes and it is possible on stage than the someone, the meaning is big. As to this concert, the members in band participate and as the chorus like the concert of the singing group Queen. Also the band ‘village’ is the long friends of the rootless type. If these figure out the rootless type and breathing and it gets to sing a song as the chorus together, the stage seems to become hot more. The song which the rootless type will sing in the stage is 10 tunes included in the album Old & New made in advance. It is ‘under the turmoil sky’ ‘the night remained alone’ ‘I sky is flewn’ ‘the one, which can be inspired to you only, the love only’ ‘to you’ ‘there am well I’ ‘leave’ ‘it will go well’ ‘MI cocoon life’ ‘MI best friend’ etc. In 1989, all Eodeot the rootless the equation the solo 1 the album ‘when everyone is forgotten’ ‘the night remained alone’ ‘blue under the sky’ the popularity Gwangseok Kim remaked to the tune which the Bagyongjun which is active with some day Kim Kwang-jin in the Deo classic writes lyrics and composes and especially, ‘the night remained alone’ was again loved. In the album this time of the rootless type, ‘the night remained alone’ and ‘the sky is flewn’ ‘under the blue sky’ is collected. The other 7 tune gets to meet by the tone color sweet of the rootless type for this stage in one which it writes lyrics and composes newly. He expected through this concert “if when it was the start memorized as the singer eulogy lighter rootless type by the fans, it will be good”. In Interpark, the rootless equation debut, in the 30th anniversary, the solo concert opens the ticket from 14th.
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