‘condemnation’ Cho Deokje image opening to the public… “I Ban Ki-moon nephew?”(image)


The position in which the Cho Deokje (50) receiving on the actor Minchung Ban (38) charge of sexual harassment final condemnation against feels victimized was expressed and the movie shooting scene which becomes a problem was opened. The Cho Deokje revealed the photographic image of the scene which the movie ‘there is no love’ that time of photographing Minchung Ban calls into question the facebook on 13th. And the text of the palm pattern was published and it insisted ‘it feels victimized’. The Cho Deokje took off the rhyme from the text “the sex maniac of the uncommonness, that it sexually harass the former U.N. Secretary-General nephew Ban Ki-moon among the movie shooting directly, I the word approval”. After that, it drew saying that I made up mind that one acting of was raised an issue at the scene of the problem and I didn’t have the acting in eyes from the first time in order to rape only and ” actress (minchung Ban) mentioned the first scenes in the last interview. With drawing this arraignment was changed, the scene was seen whether I raped the smoke with “***” as me insistence whether it was one and judged and the check complained in the second trial. The Cho Deokje decided on the sexual harassment and Minchung Ban hit previously my shoulder with the fist in fact. It had a pain so and dropped down on in-situ. The smoke was not from this moment and it was the sexual molestation and insists. The scene costing the acting in which the Cho Deokje hits the shoulder of Minchung Ban with the fist in the image whom the Cho Deokje reveals was contained. The Supreme Court 2 part (great and small sizes the soul justice of the Supreme Court) set the original judgment in which the probation sentences the Cho Deokje which the Supreme Court ruling in appeal case this day begining receives the forced indecent act appreciation charge to 40 hours sexual harassment treatment program completion with the imprisonment in 1 in 2 in concrete. The manuscript Minchung Ban maintaining the anonymous holds the press interview after this day Supreme Court judgment so far and does I receiving “if the damage from rape was suffered, it did with the college of law and I was all ones at a loss. The painful time is spent during as much as the idea that dying one will be better is done” ” condemnation against suffer another damage from hims? It was very afraid if the retaliation was not suffered if it was not and told. There has to be and no violence of the name that it is “‘ custom ‘. The sexual harassment making a pretext of the smoke had to disappear and it raised voice.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1733034.htm, 2018/09/14 11:20:47]