Girls’ Generation Geegee Oh and singer ranking 28 ‘the popularity is the interior’


Girls’ Generation in group the new the unit 5The support (OhThe GG) ranked 28 Wi of ‘the click Star Wars’ singer ranking. Five Girls’ Generation-The support was held in the site ‘the click Star Wars’ singer ranking candidate imparting the idol ranking information at last 10th. 28 the Ji on 4th risen to the candidate is past Wi of current is recorded. The song which is in the rank is ‘did you don’t know?’ released on 5th. It is the work tempo Ppapgok of which the refrain which the toxicity is strong and organization are impressive. The housekeeping it follows which as if plays tag and in which it seems to be chased adds the tension of the tune. The vocal of which is charming even when being various the members can be enjoyed. The group 5 which it is reborn as the unit which is new in Girls’ GenerationSupport It gets attention if there is the number which moves ahead of the outstanding candidates and spreads the rank activity for the remaining vote period. Meantime, five Girls’ Generation-The support is 5 group groups consisting of the coolness, Yuri, filial duty yeon, Sseoni, and Yoona. The agency and grain bee and its own way to are gone after the contract expiration and there are the Ttippani, swimming, and seohyeon who is Girls’ Generation existing member.
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