‘interest attention’… Park jung-soo in the Jeongeul the soul PD and 10 the year the Jjae the passionate love · Jeong Kyeong-ho part


The interest about the Jeongeul the soul PD who is Jeong Kyeong-ho father leans while the actor Park jung-soo calls Jeong Kyeong-ho ‘son’. Park jung-soo revealed the story donated the special to OCN drama ‘the Maseu visited the life’ which appeared on the cable channel TvN variety program ‘the life bar’ broadcasted on 13th and which it leaves the theater by Jeong Kyeong-ho asking recently. ” our son guard was the last and one scene asked to be donated and He asked. So, the memory was likely to be and it got to appear and confessed. It is love for 10 years passionately since back in 2008 and the cohabitation the Jeongeul the soul PD and Park jung-soo is living. Park jung-soo and Jeong Kyeong-ho is the intimate relationship as much as it calls ‘mother’ ‘son’ usually. As to the Jeongeul the soul PD who is KBS position, ‘the month is gone back to the catabolism’ is the first work in 1986. After ‘the bath house Jip men’ ‘the parent writing a letter to one’s superior’ ‘the mother was angry’ ‘the life is beautiful’ ‘the promise of the cheonil’ ‘no child’ etc. majority hit drama was produced. It worked in one interview the man engaged on the Jeongeul the soul PD ” entertainment industry and Park jung-soo met in the past. If the relationship “***” which becomes the tonic gets married, the assets has to be added together. Then, the reason in which the tax comes out much and it doesn’t get married is revealed.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1733024.htm, 2018/09/14 10:03:21]