The cube and string the throwing out…”, that is ·,The reaction which it did well, “vs” is unreasonable, misses


A’s opinion is divided while determining ‘throwing out’ of the singer string child who the cube entertainment (under cube) acts for the project group triple H and group Pentagon member this money. Formal report data were presented on 13th and the cube was revealed “the throwing out of the string child and this money was determined” “the string, After agonizing with the numerous discussion, it judged with connecting 2 artists that trust restoration was impossible”. All strings the contradictory reaction which advocates the agency in this kind of news or and which it scolds the attentionThe netizen had the something which one getting angry the man doesn’t know about that. When at the time when being Geureo, I installed, ” (jjug****) ” business and contract were all fitted to the person, the line was protected. Is the man care done in one’s own way easy? The string, there was the position and if it saw to leave just seat, there seemed to be a lot of the things which it gets old, it is not fault in the cube to fall in love with ” (xkwk****) and it is the fault to recognize one love affair as ‘ groundless ‘ in the beginning company without the company and top cloth. The company showed ” (junj****) back reaction to the man who it believed and who is if it was not to the back of the head be right. On the contrary, it is the man. There is to be the human rights. The string, the cube which the singer affiliated to the agents manage still with the way on has to be reflected, it is unfortunate. The string, Since being kicked out in being the first open love, it is same like one which it leaves the agency well. The new ” (p1p1****) ” love the Joenya it leaves It is unreasonable to do only the accreditation if it meets because 2 is good, ” (park****) back opinion comes out. The passionate love fact of the string child and this money keeping time was known as the early last month triple H. After making the view that the cube is ‘groundless’, the current agar passionate love fact was acknowledged directly and the big stir was brought. After cube canceled the expected triple H constant altogether. After that, ㅇ gave the tentative moratorium news of this money. All Jjigeot the solidarity of the cube with this day throwing out presentation and string- this money the full stop
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