The singer Hyeeun the husband Kim and suspicion of swindle penal servitude 10 month court restriction


It was sentenced to the imprisonment in the first trial and the singer Hyeeun charged with the hundreds of millions suspicion of swindle, as to the husband actor Kim (68 and one’s real name Kim Ho nature) was arrested with the court. Seoul Central Court criminal 16 single admitted the hundreds of millions suspicion of swindle of Kim in the sentence hearing opening in the morning on 14th and sentenced to the imprisonment of 10 months. Dong-Hyeon had been receiving the justice from the state of no restraint so far. This day court revealed on the penal servitude pronouncement “it had the excuse which is difficult that defendant accepted and didn’t reflect. The cost of damage was not small, and moreover, it was unable to agree” “only, the dimorphism was taken into consideration in that the loan was not all used”. After getting “if the money will be borrowed, one in Kyonggi-do house of real estate will be provided as the collateral. If the wife at the overseas will return to home country, the joint surety will be accepted” 100 million won, Dong-Hyeon was handed over to the trial to the victim Mr.A according to the charge which it is not to repay this in 2016. Dong-Hyeon is charged with the suspicion of swindle in 2014. Hyeeun was extremely difficult with Kim and appeared in TV shipbuilding ‘the life document myway’ and revealed “all Jyeot the debt of 20 billion won with the business failure of the husband Kim and guarantee of debt” and caused to be unfortunate. At that time, Hyeeun told “whatever it was to the money can be, it finished” “the cash 3 billion won and 5 apartments were repaid through the debt”.
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