BJ iron shot “the originals it is the same as X” and excessive abuse, on 7th, the suspension of use


All Badat the correction request of the suspension of use on 7th from BJ iron shot Korea Communications Standards Commission Like this, Korea Communications Standards Commission determined reported on BJ iron shot from the netizens who held the meeting in the broadcasting hall in Mok-dong on 14th and are reported as the excessive abuse in the internet broadcasting. ” corresponding internet broadcasting show-host continued ‘ correction request ‘ 5 case and ‘ the autonomous regulations intensitfication recommendation ‘ 4 case from the committee after 2015 years and the communication deliberation small committee had been receiving. The communication deliberation small committee determined the correction request in that the show-host whose the recognition is high inspired the negative impact to the child · youth by having the excessive abuse, it explained. When previously over 4 month BJ iron shot spoke ill towards the audiences writing on the chat screen and the controversy diffused, then it submitted the idea statement promising “instant anger was unable to be overcome and Haage was the severe abuse” the prevention of recurrence to Korea Communications Standards Commission.
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