‘high price strategy’ iPhone and the level of 2 million won? When compared with the galaxy note 9, it sees.


While the domestic release of three kinds of new ‘IPhone’ which Apple offers ambitiously is near at hand, together the interest about ‘ransom’ of these products is rising. The observation that the price list which the maximum 2 million won is over can stick to the new product of Apple had been adhere to ‘expensive policy’ it be because come out. The United States sale price of ‘the iPhone XS’ is 999 dollar (about 1.12 million wons)s according to the industry on 15th. ‘the iPhone XS max’ and fundamental form ‘the iPhone XR’, that is the upper model, were appropriated about 1,099 dollar and about 749 dollar. The question is the domestic launch price. If the won-dollar exchange rate and various taxes is added, the price which is sold from the domestic market is most likely to rise suddenly. In fact, Eugene investment stock looked ahead that new style iPhone was sold from the domestic market to the greatest 2.05 million won. It is the analysis that the distribution model price will exceed 1 million won. In the case of the latest smart phone ‘the galaxy note 9’ of Samsung Electronics, although it compares by the domestic standard with one in which 512GB model is 1.353 million won, the difference of the greatest 700,000 won appears. The observation that relatively three kinds of new format of the Apple is released at the expensive price had been being raised from the formal release event. But since the spec of 10 the high new format ‘IPhone’ 3 kinds and price was revealed, it was intelligent, ‘it is more expensive than the expectation’ came for the new product public event from the California United States cupertino Steeve Japseu theater at last 13th. It evaluated in the majority local press including the New York the Times “the iPhone became larger more and it got faster. However, it was more expensive”. According to Apple specialized medium spirit Lummus, in connection with that it was intelligent about ‘expensive policy’, it was not stopped, the team, as to CEO in Apple (CEO) revealed chuckle “we wish to serve the product for all men” “if when it provides, many innovation and worths of is thought that there is the area of the men to pay the master willingly”.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1733115.htm, 2018/09/15 15:38:08]