‘the expedition prostitution monetary penalty’ dispute 1 year… activity restart intimation?it is over


The singer passes and the recent condition is told after the expedition prostitution case in the year 1 and it attracts attention and there is. ” I am blessed over on 14th its own Instagram, thank you Everyone laughed again at me and the picture taken with the acquaintances was opened. As to reason, why the recent condition opening to the public of the Ji attracts attention the hash tag suggesting the entertainment world return accounts for the share. The hash tag that it is “#friends #family #GNIS #missyou #loveyou #thankyou #seeyousoon” under the post which it raises over this day was added. The guess in which the message called “when it meets soon (see you soon)” suggests the entertainment world return is raised in the corner. After all entertainment world activity receiving the judgment of the fine 2 million won against the law breach allegation about the punishment of the over and previously over action including on May, 2016 arrangement of prostitution, and etc. was stopped. In the over year 2,015 U.S.A, and etc, it was known to have sex with 2 Korean resident in America entrepreneur and 50 million won is known to be received in this compensation. It explained “the end of A Ssi that it will lend the money was listened at the difficult time and it repays it got. Thankfully it was needless, the end of was given and it held” over at that time “it answered the end comfortably when meeting by the acquaintance of ‘ I and blind date form after A Ssi”. Again, only the Naollyeo for the netizens ” return could be difficult the entertainment world resettability of the Ji was raised It was not early yet but the problem in the dimension in which ” time can settle seemed to be not, ” entertainment world return showed the reactoin which the back is indifferent whether was it one which it didn’t do (prostitution) still, it insists?
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1733110.htm, 2018/09/15 14:24:36]