The hair designer boyfriend violence?it finds… the second day contact interruption · police refusal to report


It was booked on the suspicion assaulting the hair designer A (27) in which the group KARA from actor Koo Hara (27) is the boyfriend by the police and at the center of dispute, stood. It has the agency contact that it finds among these and shape don’t respond to the police summon. Why the contents Y people concerned who is the agency of Koo Hara expressed “when It doesn’t become Koo Hara and direct contact and there is” the carefully embarrassing position in the call on 14th. It is ” private life part and has to do the exact confirmation of fact to the person and there is my doctor, and after that, as to He, the presentation of the position is possible. So, any kind of explanation not to will canbe asked as the now, as “***” contact will arrive, it will tell. The understanding was asked and the understanding was found. The Koo Hara and A Ssi are the circumstance where it doesn’t answer the police attendance requirement altogether. With respect to this, it explained “when it gets in touch, and the exact confirm is likely to come to the police attendance plan and is difficult as the now to tell”. The Gangnam Seoul police station received the report that it was assaulted from A Ssi by Koo Hara the day before at 0 a.m. at 30 minutes. ‘the both parties violence’ that it finds was known to be asserted. This day Gangnam Seoul police station people concerned revealed the policy that it is “the Koo Hara and A Ssi are delaying the police attendance altogether” “one which sends the summons if it is unable to finish the appeared middle fixed harmony”. Meantime, because the interest about A Ssi and indiscriminate guess is connected to this day Portal site real time searching Eo such as the keyword called ‘koo Hara hair designer’ climbs the first, etc the secondary damage is worried.
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