‘the period of Japanese occupation enforced draft laborer’ terrible sight reillumination that would like to know


SBS ‘that would like to know’ reevaluate the terrible sight of the kana key Gamjeongi enforced draft laborers. Deal ‘the justice transactions’ suspicion of the jurisdiction related to the damage compensation problem about these as well as the hardships in which SBS current affairs program that broadcasted on 15th would like to know and which the enforced draft victims undergo in ‘as to the letter-country broken out at the Hwattae, why the day ㅂ was young. But’ chapter and Blue House. The court determined reversal and returning of the object admitted the responsibility for reparation of the Japanese enterprise in the suit for damages second trial which the thing my feeling enforced draft victims to be 24 propose against the Japanese enterprise last May 2012. While so far knot which the year 5 is past is unable to be made, the relevant trial which the being in mourning is arduous is drifting because of Supreme Court after in 2013. It is not unconnected with one in which the suspicion that the jurisdiction of recently Yangseungtae Chief Justice of the Supreme Court days attempted ‘the justice transactions’ at that time with Park Gun-hye administration for that wanted to know and the side reevaluate the terrible sight of the enforced draft victims, becomes a subject of discussion. The former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Yang is hiting against ‘the jurisdiction monopoly’ suspicion that it did the judge · civilian inspection request as well as the political power and trial transaction, and etc. through the Office of Court Administration. The victims whom how much doesn’t remain as to side, the victims who “subject of transaction ‘ victim of forced draft of Japanese imperialism ‘ became for the men of power interest after the shade of the shocking jurisdiction monopoly which is uncovered every day” ” jurisdiction and Blue House lodges the lawsuit it has the secret transaction differ one after another in the life that would like to know today again the ashIt explained that it was concluded and was waiting.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1733111.htm, 2018/09/15 14:44:18]