The Sonmi Song husband contract killer second trial ‘life imprisonment’… netizen “surely it is Sonmi Song encouraged”


The Gwak certain family hiting against the charged with solicitation of murder about the actor Sonmi Song husband was sentenced to the life imprisonment in the second trial after the first trial. The cheer of the netizen toward Sonmi Song and consolation are connected in the Portal and internet community bulletin board, and etc. When the life imprisonment decision news about Gwak will be known, then will the sorrow in which it sends suddenly the man who loves if the sorrow in which it loses ” (sonmi Song) husband be big will be so great. However, this chaff wished to be well made, the message of the comfort was conveyed to the back Sonmi Song? At last 14th, the High Court of Seoul detective 5 part (the Gimhyeongdu head judge) sentenced the Gwak certain seed charged with the charge including the murder instigation, and etc. to the life imprisonment like the first trial. It sentenced the grandmother Ssi committing the murder to the imprisonment year 18. Gwak was charged with the charge which it ordered the grandmother Ssi at August last year while stirring conflict putting a Koh who is the husband of eulogy Ssi when being the cousin fatty liver and grandfather property who is one years old of Korean residents in Japan, and murders high Ssi. Gwak hits against the charge which plots and with the father and judicial scrivener a Kim Ssi and which forges the donation contract or letter of attorney, and etc. and in which the grandfather withdraws the deposit 340 million won in order to embezzle the real estate of it holds in the national about 60 billion won.
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