Heo Young Ran one’s biological older brother death sad news… netizen “if it felt victimized”


While the news that the one’s biological older brother of the actor Heo Young Ran died of the traffic accident is known, the comment consoling Heo Young Ran between the netizens is continued. My friend Heo Young Ran is my brother it is ” my house head of a family its own Instagram is gone through on 14th Our families were feeling our families heart break at the unexpected front of death of our brother so now and the regrettable news of an accident of the one’s biological older brother of was given. The Instagram account of Heo Young Ran is the condition where it turns into the non-disclosure. The hit particularly, Heo Young Ran expresses the feeling feel victimized for “it fights because of the fertilization and doesn’t get hit by the car doing the drowsy driving but while running along the road, it stands in the sideway so that what is far from the truck and it can check and it checks and gets hit by 4.5 ton cars” the fact and different some report detail with the photo capturing the content of news related to the accident of the one’s biological older brotherThe Kka sprout was added. The feeling of the man losing the family due to “it wrote on SNS if it how” “the complained place was likely to be needed” ” traffic accident will cannot express the netizens in the word in the regrettable news of an accident of Heo Young Ran brother. It prayed to heal the hurt of the feeling, the message of the back consolation of was given. In the meantime, it got hit by 4.5 ton trucks which stopped 1 truck which I drove in the dawn Gyeongbu Highway Seoul direction Daejeon semicrista incisiva diverging point nearby sideway at last 13th and which followed and the brother a Huh Ssi died.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1733117.htm, 2018/09/16 00:00:01]