It finds and do you spread to the boyfriend “the both parties violence · hacking is not” Truth or Dare?


The singer and actor Koo Hara said be assaulted by the boyfriend A Ssi in advance but it has the shape that has the interview in which A Ssi refutes this and spreads to the Truth or Dare. At last 15th, the Chosun-ilbo opened A Ssi and the interview which it is known with the boyfriend of Koo Hara. A Ssi opened altogether heart from the meeting with Koo Hara till the assault incident recently. A Ssi told that there was to quarrel with Koo Hara in the interview and it was assaulted. Can not ” I not hit him? Koo Hara is the celebrity. It told “there has never been no occasion which I am born and throws a punch against someone and furthermore it has never been so to the woman”. A Ssi refuted the opinion of Koo Hara called the both violence squarely and opened the hurt appearing on the face including the forehead and eye, cheek, and etc. The cause for the assault incident could be said to be due to farewell notification. He explained “the quarrel was waged against on Koo Hara and dress room where the feeling becomes acute after arriving and meanwhile it was assaulted”, saying that it was “the time which does the saying goodbye notification with the letters and when it enters the home twelve o’clocks of dawn”. The domestic production SUV vehicle which on opinion ” (of Koo Hara) the home password of Koo Hara that it broke a house was using the space together as one combining the day which two people of our meets, I rode around with “***” was and registered in this villa and I told. The charge assaulting at last 13th A Ssi that it finds against is hit. It was known to enter at last 14th hospital that it finds after the problem became a subject of discussion. ” boyfriend Mr.A entered password with the dawn Koo Hara of the home and the Koo Hara entered consulate general. Firstly, da”myeo Haet nothing everyone invasion and both parties violence on the scuffle was insisted in the next. Even when finding and revealing the agency contents Y as “the condition where it gets hurt the body and Koo Hara is taken to hospital from this case”, the concrete position is not expressed. Meantime, while the Koo Hara and A Ssi appeared together on one cable broadcasting ‘MI med beauty diary’ coming April to August is broadcasted, the relation was finished. After broadcasting, it was known to contact A Ssi through SNS in advance and Koo Hara is known to develop to the sweetheart.
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