Local and foreign reaction to ‘apple ambitious work’ new style iPhone


The new iPhone of Apple which the cosmopolitans pay attention was revealed in 13 days (korean time) dawn California United States at last. The many men wait and the reaction to the waited new iPhone is cold on the whole. The new style iPhone showing in Apple is the IPhoneXS·iPhoneXS Max·iPhoneXR total 3 kind. CEO in Apple (CEO) team was chuckle explained as “the product which is most beautiful and the new format ‘ iPhone ‘ is powerful among the global smart phone”. Apple put an emphasis in making the usability such as increasing the screen of the new style iPhone and capacity and strengthening the processor and camera function, etc. But the design didn’t have the large-scale change. It is the color level to be diversified than the former days. ‘iPhoneXR’, that is the affordable goods, was composed of 6 including the red, yellow, white, Corral, black, blue, and etc. ‘iPhoneXS’ series is released at 3 including gold · silver · space gray, and etc. ‘the iPhone XS’ and ‘the iPhone XS max’ the new style iPhone price is about 999 dollar and about 1,099 dollar with 64GB model standard. ‘the iPhone XR’, that is the affordable product, is sold to a bit cheap 749 dollar (about 850,000 wons)s. The launch price of the previous work ‘the iPhone X’ was 999 dollar (about 1.13 million wons)s. The reaction of local and foreign consumers is how. It published the image of the title and “ten reasons which shouldn’t buy the iPhone” Ttyubeo Yoo who reviewed the iPhone and hold the several follows received the compliance of many netizens against. As to especially, the EverythingApplePro, as to Ttyubeo Yoo, using the account “ten reasons which shouldn’t buy the iPhone” (DON’T Buy The iPhone Xs…10 Reasons Why) published the image of the title. This image recorded the hit which 400,000 cases are over in the day and showed the explosive reactoin. Here, the sympathy was expressed with the comment. “it is the iPhone 6S user. This would better be continuously just written” (pol****), “because there is no to be different from the iPhone X, X has to be just bought” (kki****), “if Steven Japseu was alive, the iPhone was improved and the price was gotten off. However” (Aea****), “the new product without the reform” (adr****), and “the complaint the price is so expensive” (tri**** the negative reaction of the) etc. was the majority. It had to wait, the loyal customer of Apple was yet seen but the domestic reaction was not different from the overseas response as a whole. The opinion which “the iPhone old days version is better” (chl3****) “the phone which the capacity compared with cost is good will be just used saying that it will be 2 million won” (sinl****), “the new product will not come although there will be the Apple store” (rmdu****), and “even if there is a lot of the criticism, if it comes out in reality, it is well the same as 8 reel one” (tkae****) etc. is various was shown. Meantime, the formal three kinds of new ‘IPhone’ is released on 21st. As to the release object, Korea was excluded due to 16 countries including U.S.A · Japan, and etc. from the first release soup this time.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1733123.htm, 2018/09/16 00:00:01]