The cold eye line which passes ‘the expedition prostitution’ monetary penalty and which it looks at 0 recent conditions


The singer puts that he passes and it opens the recent condition and ‘argument pro and con’ are continued between the netizen. It is the expression of opinion free of the evaluation that it is the inappropriate action in the situation where it stopped the action by the shocking case called ‘the overseas expedition prostitution’ to the entertainment in 2016 and person. The opinion that it shouldn’t condemn ‘witch hunting’ type comes out. ” I am happy along with the photo put over at last 14th Instagram with the acquaintances, thank you You laughed again at me, you wrote. It is due to hash tag which He adds to the relevant placard catalog that return rumor climbs the water surface to the entertainment of the Ji. Actually the message called “when it meets soon (see you soon)” suggests the entertainment world return among the hash tag that it is “#friends #family #GNIS #missyou #loveyou #thankyou #seeyousoon”. Since being handed over to the trial according to the over charge which had sex in U.S.A, and etc. with 2 Korean resident in America entrepreneur previously in 2015 and receives the tens of millions won in this compensation, after all entertainment world activity receiving the judgment of the fine 2 million won against the law breach allegation about the punishment of the action including the arrangement of prostitution, and etc. was stopped last May 2016. He denied the prostitution charge at that time, saying that it was “met the good feeling with the blind date form one”. However, the court didn’t accept this kind of claim. This, as to the first time is not first time that social network service (SNS) action of the Ji climbs the malicious gossip after the expedition prostitution case. Over in last year Instagram is gone through and the writing of the content is uploaded and “it was enveloped in many obstacle and heartaches and rumor which is not stopped but I was trusted and it didn’t give up because of the Ttarajun fans” caused the controversy. At that time, the netizens put to use the expression called ‘rumor’ in the situation where they were over and received the condemnation from the court in connection with the prostitution charge and gets until the fine disposition and they showed “avoid the responsibility without the apology toward the fans and explanation which becomes properly” the cold response. The recent condition opening to the public of this Ji is not different in the atmosphere. In the Portal site and on-line community bulletin board, and etc, it was intelligent of “the problem of the view in which the time can settle is not” “it doesn’t make sense to be again at the front of public in the situation where the monetary penalty is settled” etc. netizens, it followed one after another. On the other hand, the voice that it has to refrain from the blind criticizing comes out. Another netizen shouldn’t blame for ‘witch hunting’ type in the situation which it doesn’t reveal officially that he will return the entertainment world and he showed the reactoin which the concern is mixed.
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