“the end Daat everyone” burst of laughter in Lee Gwang-soo showing ‘Running Man’ Seongoak Yoo and interest


In spite of being awkward of the first meeting, the model Seongoak Yoo appearing in ‘Running Man’ created Lee Gwang-soo and pink mood, Seongoak Yoo, as to the Korean mattress appeared in SBS variety program ‘Running Man’ broadcasted with 16 with the day afternoon as the lecturer on 1st. The look which Lee Gwang-soo who the flying Korean mattress selects the class when Seongoak Yoo took the hammock and it revealed shape and Chongcook Kim and amount are strong and in which Geehyo Song is surprised was made. Seongoak Yoo is the knockout body star rising to the tower 5 with the Meoseul mania world tournament first Asian. Seongoak Yoo was seen and Sechan Yang was pushed out and his next seat was occupied and Lee Gwang-soo expressed the good feeling. The whole Lee Gwang-soo asked the height and age to Seongoak Yoo to learn the yoga and it was the interest dirty. After that, Lee Gwang-soo was seen and Seongoak Yoo told “it appeared marvelously to it saw in fact, become” “the hair resembled the horse” and inspired the smile to the casts. Lee Gwang-soo “one that it was the first meeting and resembled the horse the moth.”Confused figure was displayed. When the real Korean mattress, as to the class started, then Lee Gwang-soo who is the trunk-deafness gave the smile in the coarse operation. Seongoak Yoo was not shown in the last position and it put hand on the floor and Lee Gwang-soo turned the face. At this time, hung Seongoak Yoo told “it is shameful” shyly and the pink mood got better.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1733174.htm, 2018/09/16 20:31:37]